The follow-up to the 1996 cult film “Twister” is set to hit theaters, but it comes with a more intense warning than the original movie. Based on the title of the prequel film, the upcoming sequel film “Twisters” has received its official rating, promising even more intense and disastrous sequences. The original cult classic, directed by Jan de Bont, followed a group of amateur but spirited storm chasers trying to deploy a tornado research device during a severe outbreak in Oklahoma. The film featured an ensemble cast including Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Jami Gertz, and Cary Elwes.

Now, the follow-up film, “Twisters,” comes as a breath of fresh air with a new team of storm chasers. While actor Glen Powell has confirmed that no actors from the original are returning, it’s rumored that Daisy Edgar-Jones’s character Kate is the daughter of Helen Hunt’s Jo.

 According to Film Ratings, the upcoming film is suggested to have more intense destruction sequences. Adhering to the premise and genre of the film, such scenes are necessary. Even the original film, also rated PG-13, was rated so for “intense depictions of bad weather.” Now, its follow-up is rated PG-13 for “intense action and peril, some language and injury images.”

 Will Twisters be Able to Outshine the Original Film?

Undoubtedly, the original 1996 “Twister” had all the elements that helped it achieve cult status over the years. Now, with the 2024 sequel film, the legacy shall continue. But is it that easy to fill the big shoe? Well, that could be figured once the film hits the theater, but being the sequel to the cult film, the hopes are already high for Twisters.

Though the prequel film opened to mediocre reviews, it managed to make almost $500 million at the box office. The movie then went on to garner Oscar nominations for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound. Even though it couldn’t win the Academy Award, its VFX has aged well over the years. Apart from its great visuals, a major credit also goes to the great performances that contributed heavily to the movie’s longstanding success.

The original film currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 63% from critics and 58% from audiences. Meanwhile, “Twisters” looks all set to witness similar success as its prequel film. Two trailers for the upcoming film are already out, giving viewers a peek at what can be expected from the film. Both the trailers depict a good look at the upcoming disaster film and its talented leads, and they promise more mayhem and destruction with convincing visual effects.

Moreover, Twisters’ PG-13 rating description suggests that this time, the stakes are going to be really high, which could increase interest among moviegoers.

What adds a layer of excitement and anticipation for the film is the talented star power attached to it. Fans will get to witness the arrival of stars like Powell and Edgar-Jones. The cast also includes a brand-new roster of characters, which includes fresh talent like Anthony Ramos and Brandon Perea.

“Twisters” is scheduled to be released by Universal Pictures on July 19, 2024.

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