What We Do in the Shadows (Season 5) Episode 8: Recap & Ending Explained – Does Baron kill Guillermo?

What We Do In The Shadows (Season 5) Episode 8: In the previous episode of ‘What We Do in the Shadows’, we saw the results of Laszlo’s scientific experiments regarding Gizmo, aka Guillermo! He ended up creating several mutant creatures and asked Guillermo to kill them. But the kind-hearted familiar felt pity for them. So instead, he sent them to an old age home. On the other hand, Nadja tried to give back to her community to reverse her hex. She planned to teach Antipaxons how to assimilate in the US.

Now the eighth episode of season 5 shows the vampires trying to cheer up bummed-out Laszlo by holding his roast. Surprisingly, this event ends up revealing some dark secrets.

*Spoilers ahead*

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 5) Episode 8 Recap:

Episode 8: The Roast

Laszlo’s Misery

The new episode shows Laszlo (Matt Berry) in a zone. No matter what the other vampires ask or tell him, he only replies with a monotonous phrase – ‘Yes, yes, very good. Thank you.’ As always, others end up making his issue about themselves. Nadja (Natasia Demetriou) thinks that Laszlo is depressed because of her hex. Nandor (Kayvan Novak) believes Laszlo is not his usual self because he is jealous that he is in a good place. Colin’s (Mark Proksch) reason is the only one that has some truth to it. He sees dreams where he is a baby and Laszlo is his daddy. Anyhow, everyone tries to bring a reaction out of Laszlo but fails in every attempt.

The Roast 

Since none of them can understand why Laszlo is gloomy, they ask Guillermo (Harvey Guillen) and the guide (Kristen Schaal) to decode his misery. They want to get their friend out of a rut. The guide suggests throwing a roast to cheer him up. Everyone ignores her. Moments after, Colin Robinson suggests the exact thing and suddenly Nadja and Nandor love it! The guide feels ignored, as Guillermo always does. Soon after, they hold the roast and invite a bunch of guests. The crowd includes all the people who love him, from Baron Afanas (Doug Jones) to their neighbour Sean Rinaldi (Anthony Atamanuik). Apparently, Nandor made sure that this neighbour would not remember a thing about their chat the next day. 

Nandor offers an introduction to the guests. He says that Baron looks as if George Hamilton had had sex with some pork rinds. Also, he calls other guests a bunch of ‘randos’. Eventually, they start roasting their beloved Laszlo. As expected, Nadja brings up sexual jokes related to Laszlo. There are plenty of jokes based on her shared experiences with him. Sean remarks that ‘women can be funny’ and thinks that’s funny. No one laughs at his heckling. Then, Colin tries to take the mic and fumbles on his way there. Eventually, he tries to make a joke about Laszlo being a man of ‘art and culture’ but ends up messing up his punchline. Later, he also ends up ruining his other jokes and boring other people. So overall, he stays true to his reputation as an energy vampire.

Baron’s Frustration

Guillermo also comes to the mic and makes a joke about Laszlo being ‘Cravens-worthless’. He attracts a few laughs but gets pulled down when Baron plans to speak. Afanas takes the stage and talks about his dissatisfaction at their festive assembly. He starts off on a note that makes people feel like he is praising them. But his insults soon reveal that he genuinely means them – that he is genuinely frustrated at how they are mocking each other. He thinks vampires have ‘gone soft’ and are steering away from their reputations as threatening. According to him, they are supposed to have blood orgies and slaughter circles. Instead, their gathering seems like a foolish affair to him. 

Eventually, Baron proclaims that others are holding some dark secrets from him. He says that a vampire killer tried to kill him. Soon after, he directly addresses Guillermo and questions him about it. Guillermo starts running, trying to save himself. While Nandor and Nadja attempt to help him, Laszlo still stays in his ‘Yes, yes, very good. Thank you’ zone! Turns out, the guide revealed the secret about the former familiar. Even if Guillermo barely hangs on to his life, Nandor and Nadja discuss how the death of Baron would badly impact them – since they are all direct descendants of Baron’s vampiric line. Besides, they discuss how Guillermo might kill Baron since he is a vampire killer. 

A still from What We Do in the Shadows (Season 5) Episode 8.
A still from What We Do in the Shadows (Season 5) Episode 8.

How do Nadja and Nandor save Laszlo from the Baron?

After her brief conversation with Nandor, Nadja thinks of a plan to save their lives. She tells Guillermo that he should apologise to Baron so that he might consider forgiveness. They capture Colin in a bag and make Guillermo open it, thinking Baron’s inside. Instead, Colin tasers him and kidnaps him. Then, they con Baron into thinking Guillermo is inside the same bag. That’s how they trick them both into having no other option but to have a discussion about their troubling predicament. Nandor acts as a mediator to get them to work out their differences. 

Once Nandor leaves the room, Guillermo says he has renounced his vampire killer lineage for being turned into a vampire. Baron learns this perverse betrayal of his own kind. He plans to speak with Nandor about this transformation. Guillermo reveals that Nandor has no knowledge of this. Baron calls it a betrayal of a master of the highest kind. He says that he and Guillermo are good and plan to leave. Once Nandor returns, Baron says they have called a truce. But he does not disclose Guillermo’s secret to his master. Then, he has a moment alone with Guillermo and tells him to inform Nandor personally about this. 

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 5) Episode 8 Ending Explained:

Does Baron kill Guillermo?

Baron roots for Guillermo to not get killed once he tells Nandor about his transformation behind his back. But right after they end their chat, Guillermo opens the door and burns Baron almost to death. Once the sun sets down, Nadja thinks that a burned-out Baron will kill Guillermo. Laszlo still continues with his monotone response. Eventually, when Baron returns to trace down Guillermo, Nandor asks for mercy for his ‘friend’. Suddenly, Laszlo breaks his monotone and reveals where Guillermo might be. Thanks to his suggestion, Baron brings Guillermo’s dead body to the hall. But Laszlo realises that the body is not Guillermo’s, but of a mutant that he created. That was an amphibian with gills. 

Where was the actual Guillermo hiding?

After all the ordeal, Baron says that he will let Guillermo live. He also accepts that it is he, who has gone soft. Baron notes how he lives a miserable life in the suburbs of New Jersey where none of his neighbours are scared of him. Suddenly, a baby creature emerges out of amphibian Guillermo’s body, which spooks everyone. On the other hand, Nandor feels sad that he may never meet his familiar. He walks back to his resting coffin to find Guillermo inside. Then, we see a tender moment unfold between them. Guillermo recounts what he wrote in a card addressed to Nandor. He called being Nandor’s familiar to be his honour. 

Anyhow, Nandor does not realise that Guillermo is a vampire. So, his secret is still safe. Baron returns to his New Jersey residence with his half-burned body and a bunch of strange-looking mutant creatures. Now, the neighbours also get scared of him. On the other hand, we finally learn Laszlo what he was so lost in thought about. Turns out, it was nothing that deep. He was just thinking about how to order the books from his bookshelf!

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