Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 4: Ending, Explained

Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 4: Ending, Explained

Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 4: Weren’t we all waiting for the two sets of detectives to work together? Our wish comes true in episode 4 of Will Trent, where Angie, Will, Faith, and Oakmede work together to solve a dark case. There is a sudden tonal shift in what the detectives deal with from the other episodes. The present mystery is overshadowed by religious inclinations and themes of penance, torture, and cult-like spiritual fanaticism that might make many uncomfortable.

Episode 4 also answers many questions we have about Will and Angie. They share a complex relationship that regularly swings from one extreme of the spectrum to another. Let us see what episode 4 of ABC’s Will Trent (Season 1) has in store with this recap and ending explainer.

Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap:

“My Stupid Detective Brain”

Stone Mountain State Park is where we open this episode. We see a couple recording a podcast about the “howling man,” something that we will discover later in the story. Simultaneously, a badly injured man with bloodied wounds stumbles through the woods as if running from something. The two converge when the couple hears twin noises of a gunshot and something loud like a car crash. The couple who recorded the podcast immediately runs to investigate. They discover that the man is lying motionless and that Judith and Henry, an elderly couple, are to blame. The man’s eyes suddenly turn blue.

Faith visits the ER with a wound on the top of her forehead. Will is with her and explains the cause as fainting, which Faith resists. She insists she fell when the doctor innocuously asks if they are “expecting.” Faith offers a snarky reaction but undergoes tests. Will waits and receives a call from Amanda. She directs him to reach the hospital – where he already is – and asks him to meet up with Angie about the Park case. Angie briefs him about the man who has no ID or clothes. However, one thing is sure – he has been tortured.

The man weakly says “Timothy” before flatlining. Tom, the old couple’s son, arrives at the hospital. Ormewood stays with them and tries to get more information about the case. He sees Will with Angie and calls him a “vampire vulture,” clearly not willing to work with him. Angie persuades him to do so; otherwise, they will lose the case. Faith’s results are back okay, as she explains, and the four head off to gather the evidence before the storm washes it away. While interviewing the podcaster duo, it is revealed that another car — a green pickup truck — almost ran the duo over.

They might have recorded the whole thing, and the police can get a number plate. Next, Will and Faith look for a bullet casing as the podcasters tell them a shot was fired. But the dead man did not have any wounds. A bloodied rope and a driver’s license are found. The latter belongs to Phineas Lathrop. Despite seeing the name, Will professes he cannot see anything and stalls the others. And then we discover him ourselves.

Right where the license is found, they discover another body with similarly cloudy blue eyes like the previous victim. Will has a dream about the night Angie and Ormewood slept together and woke up right next to her. He briefly discusses the issue with Angie, but she seems relaxed and confident that nothing will happen. The first victim’s name is Arthur Tealy, while the second one is Phineas. “Abducted, held, and tortured by the same perp” is what Will concludes, for now. The coroner reveals that the men ingested a jequirity seed, which turned their insides black. This substance is also what caused the blinding in their eyes.

Ormewood suggests perhaps the blinding was to punish them for something they saw. They discover that both men have the exact same wounds on their bodies. The perp was conducting a ritual of some sort. Meanwhile, Faith and Angie interview the victim’s next of kin. Talking to Arthur’s daughter does not reveal much to Faith except that he is abusive. Phineas’ wife reveals she divorced him after she found him drinking and driving with their kids. One thing is for sure – both men had made mistakes in their lives and were lousy fathers/husbands. They both could not fulfill their obligation to their families.

Faith is struggling with something. We do not know what yet. The perp is commonly referred to as the “howling man,” as the podcasters were recording. The next task for the police is to find where the men are being held and who is behind this urban legend. Ormwewood keeps mentioning the green truck when Will notices a stream of water trickling underground. Ormewood moves and collapses on the trap door, where the victims are kept. Will’s suspicions are confirmed as he investigates the bunker. The man was conducting some ritual on the dead men as a form of penance for their inactions.

Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 4: Ending, Explained

Faith even discovers a diary that confirms the intentions of the howling man. They trace a kneeler from the room to a specific church and speak with a pastor at the church. He is dismissive of Will’s allegations that someone connected to the church might be doing this. Faith finds a work ad for men “looking to turn their lives around” on the bulletin board. The bottom of the flyer contains the bible verse — 1 Timothy 3:8. It’s clear that the killer used the ad to lure his victims. We then see another man, Duke, meeting with the howling man for a job.

Will listens to the recording once again to find clues. Faith does not find too much to work on with the advertisement. Angie and Ormweood reveal they have a lead on Duke but do not want Will to investigate it. Nevertheless, he invokes his superiority, and the two men almost come to blows. Will struggles with “obsessive looping thoughts” and cannot “switch off his stupid detective brain” when he sees Faith fall.

She reveals she has diabetes and is upset about contracting it early in her life. Will extends a helping hand, and Faith takes it. Will administers her an insulin shot, signifying the partners trust one another. The pair discovers confetti on Faith’s jacket. When a taser is fired, it releases AFIDS, which can be traced to the buyer. It leads them to the pastor they saw. He seems to be out of answers, and everything points fingers toward the pastor.

Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 4 Ending Explained:

How does Will solve the case, and why was the perp torturing the men?

Ormewood talks to a young woman who points him toward Paul, whose ideological description matches that of the perp. He takes down his address and goes alone. Ormewood discovers the beads, and as he is about to call the police, he is tased. The perpetrator kidnaps the detective, who may have also harmed Paul. Will listens to the recordings again and cannot get over the fact that the Coldfield’s – the older couple – did not give a horn or any indication to Arthur to get out of the way. They wanted to kill him.

Will immediately rushes to the pastor and asks if the couple is connected to his church. Judith stayed with the church after the death of her first husband, whom the pastor describes as a monster. Faith and Will call in the couple for questioning. It is clear that they are involved, but Will believes that there might be more to this. Judith accepts the charges and confesses to killing the two men. The confession surprises Henry a bit. It suddenly strikes Will: who shot the man in the tree? It was not this couple but someone else who Travis hurt.

Judith has been protecting her son all this time, and when Will mentions his name, she breaks down, confirming his theory. Amanda informs them that Ormweood has gone missing, and they track him down using his last known location. Tom is next torturing Duke, taking out his anger on Travis and abusing the negligent fathers like he was. He does the same to Ormewood. Using his experience, the detective tries to turn the table on Tom by comparing him with Travis. He asks him when will the time for Tom to repent come.

Tom is visibly rattled. Ormewood overpowers Tom when he comes at him with a weapon. He brings out Duke with him, and Tom follows in close pursuit. The police have also reached the spot. Angie, Will, and Faith surround Tom, who is forced to disarm himself and is taken into custody. Will and Ormewood have a moment where perhaps they might not be enemies anymore. Will accepts he made a mistake ignoring the green truck, and they laugh about it.

Even though people carry their traumas in different ways, it is never an excuse; it can be a reason. Faith talks to Will about his own secret that he has been hiding from everyone. Only Amanda knows. Will talks about how he learned hope to navigate the world without words. He was bullied for being dyslexic, and people always made fun of him. He says he will not let anyone else see him as “broken” again. Faith and Will have a tender moment, where she calls him “partner.” She further tells Will he is having trouble because he fears Angie hurting him again. But it is just a part of being human.

Will assures Angie he is there for her when she suggests Will fears she might start using drugs again. Will confides in her that he has a unique connection to Betty because of how similar those two are: abandoned, underestimated, and misunderstood.

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