Your Place Or Mine Soundtrack: Every Song Featured In The Movie

Your Place or Mine Soundtrack

Your Place Or Mine Soundtrack: Every Song Featured In The Movie: Rom-com genre’s flag bearers, Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, are back with a film on Netflix, and the romcom audience can’t cheer more. In this directorial debut by Aline Brosh McKenna, who also wrote the film, we see the story of two long-distance best friends. It showcases how these two become closer as they get to experience a bit of each other’s lives. Also starring are Zoë Chao as Minka, Jesse Williams as Theo Martin, and Wesley Kimmel as Jack.

The film created a buzz as soon as it was announced, and for a long time, the audience has been waiting for it. After its release on Netflix on February 10, 2023, it has been subjected to mixed reviews, with 31% of 98 reviews being positive on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie follows Debbie and Peter, who have been best friends for a long after an intimate encounter years ago. Now Debbie has a son named Jack, and Peter lives in LA as a successful businessman. Their lives collide again when Debbie has to go to LA and Peter volunteers to babysit Jack. They exchange homes for a week and hence begin encroaching into each other’s lives, leading to them realizing their true feelings for each other.

Your Place Or Mine Soundtrack: Every Song Featured In The Movie

This sweet story is paired with befitting music, enhancing the experience. Music plays an important role in the story of Peter, and the soundtrack represents it. In the film 80s rock band “The Cars” and hence the soundtrack is filled with BOPs from The Cars discography. Along with it is a collection of songs that makes one feel nostalgic. The Album also consists of a background score by Siddhartha Khosla to top it off. Siddharth is previously known for his work in TV shows like “This is Us” and “Only Murders in the Building”.


“The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani ft. Akon
“Let’s Go” by The Cars
“Bye Bye Love” by The Cars
“Good Times Roll” by The Cars
“Magic” by The Cars
“Safe Travels” by The Cars
“Shake It Up” by The Cars
“Just What I Needed” by The Cars
“Right Time” by The Minitel
“Liz” by Remi Wolf
“Sick!” by Anna Shoemaker
“Feel The Way I Want” by Caroline Rose
“Nothing Else I Could Do” by Ella Jane

“Remind Me” by Emily King
“Heartbeat City” by The Cars
“Back Pocket” by Vulfpeck
“Debbie” by Your Smith
“Drive” by The Cars
“You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” by The Cars
“Animal Spirits” by Vulfpeck
“You Might Think” by The Cars
“Embers” by Tiny Habits

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