When you are speaking of Bollywood, there are a lot of movies in different genres released every year. But few movies create a huge impact on society with their unique storyline. They are listed below.

3 Idiots 

The movie starring Aamir Khan, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, KareenaKapoor, BomanIrani, and Omi Vaidya in lead roles was directed by RajkumarHirani. The movie is a perfect blend of love, friendship, dedication, and comedy. The storyline of the movie revolves around the three friends, Aamir, Madhavan, and Sharman who have met in an engineering college, but all have their fears, dreams, and ambitions. Aamir plays the role of Rancho who is passionate about engineering and tops the exams. He plays a vital role in helping both of his friends realize their passion and follow their heart despite all the pressure they had faced within the college and outside the college. The movie struck a huge chord with all the engineering students.

Taare Zameen Par 

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The movie starring Aamir Khan and child artiste DarsheelSafary was directed by Aamir Khan himself. The movie speaks about a dyslexic child who is unable to perform well in his studies but is very imaginative, the creative whose skills remain unknown to the world. Due to his inability to perform well in studies, he is sent by his parents to a boarding school where he suffers from depression and tries to commit suicide. He is saved by his physically challenged topper friend and later discovered by Aamir for his skills and he helps Darsheel realize his potential, reinstalls confidence in him which makes him shine in his studies. This film speaks of how each child is special and it takes an Aamir to find it.


Swades, a film released in the year 2004 speaks on the various ills that faced our society in the newly globalized India. The film stares, the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role who works for NASA and he wants to come to India to meet a nanny who had raised him when his mother had passed away in his childhood. On one side, when the world was progressing at such a rapid pace, there was another side to the world which was reeling under extreme poverty conditions. He helps to build a hydroelectric project in his village and after completing the project in the USA, he comes back to India to work towards its progress.


Many sports-based movies are released in India every year, but there was something special about Dangal when it released back in the year 2016. The movie spoke about the woman wrestling champion GeetaPhogat who is India’s world-class wrestling champion. Being born in a village where women being educated in itself is a huge deal. The father of the two girls, despite facing criticism from the village decides to make his daughter’s champions. This is a movie that truly speaks of women empowerment.

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