Films and casinos are really a deadly combo. When the chips are on the table even on the screen, it is an adrenaline-rising to watch your favorite character winning or losing in the game. Now if you are feeling what we want to see here then you will be interested in the following list of some Hollywood films that show some spectacular casino sequences. These films are from the point of view of crooks, secret agents, and tricksters. The genre variety is practically as large as the number of betting tips you can get at various trusted betting sites. So, we have listed only the best (from our perspective).


This is one of the great films from Martin Scorsese. The film starts with an explosion. Sam Rothstein “Ace” falls victim to a car bomb in 1983. Then the story starts with a flashback of the last several years of his life. Sam is a professional player and is appointed head of a new casino. Of course, the action takes place in the City of Lights, Las Vegas. Because of his criminal history, a straw man has to be used as a manager.

The mafia, the FBI, and of course love is taking on further roles. Because Ace is one-sidedly shot in a noble prostitute, to whom he even hands over the key to his bank locker with 2 million US dollars. Does that work out?

Ocean’s Eleven

This Hollywood movie was also an inspiration for a real heist. Danny Ocean gathers a group of specialists. A pickpocket, a pyrotechnician, an electronics freak, a friend, and a croupier, together with an acrobat and experience, form a homogeneous gang of criminals. The goal is safe in the Casino Hotel Bellagio. The MGM Grand and The Mirage income will continue to be held there.

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More than $ 160 million is said to be stolen. The problem: The security systems are so sophisticated that the money can only be transported to the outside world through the casino. No problem for Danny Ocean, who had a lot of time in prison to work out a perfect plan. The title film series continues with Oceans 12 and Oceans 13.

Casino Royale

First, the first bond with Daniel Craig shows how he gets his double-zero status by erasing a traitor. 007 also liquidate an assassin in Madagascar who was supposed to be arrested. M pulls him off the case, which does not prevent Bond from investigating further. The failed assassination attempt left the speculator Le Chiffre with a large amount. This sum should be collected again when playing at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. 007 is instructed to prevent this.

Despite the wide range of blackjack, roulette, and slot games, success in a game of Texas Hold’em is decided in poker. The grandiose finale of the film finally takes place in Venice. Bond against the terrorists, an exciting case with a very good 007.


As a professional poker player, Mike McDermott has long since withdrawn. Because in the game against the Russian Teddy KGB he lost his fortune. With the help of his girlfriend Jo, he makes the leap into a regulated life. His buddy Lester Murphy, called Worm, comes out of jail and seduces Mike into his old life. Because Lester still has gambling debts of $ 15,000 and only a few days to pay them.

The only solution to getting the requested money so quickly is that both friends see the game of poker. Mike uses his talent and Lester relies on trickery. There is tension and the big player finale between McDermott and Teddy KGB.


This casino movie is available on Netflix and it’s really worth watching. Ben Campbell studies at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). However, his goal is to study medicine at Harvard. He has to show corresponding curriculum vitae, but not the necessary change. As a professor of mathematics, Micky Rosa gathers talented students to work out a perfect blackjack system.

Every weekend there is a trip to Las Vegas, where the group earns nice pocket money with card counting and sign language. Check-in is of course under false identities. When there is a break between Ben and Micky and security also becomes aware, the story picks up speed. Title 21 is derived from the French and refers to the card game blackjack.

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