Collaborating with the streaming giant Netflix has indeed proved to be a blessing for Adam Sandler, earning him a great fortune. Adam Sandler has made a triumphant return to the top of the Forbes list for the first time in over two decades. Surprisingly, Sandler has even surpassed Margot Robbie’s fortune despite her highest-grossing blockbuster hit, Barbie

Adam Sandler made a surprising entry at the Top Forbes Highest Paid Actors List

According to a report by Forbes Magazine, Adam Sandler has topped Forbes’ list of highest-paid stars in Hollywood for 2023. The major credit to his great grand fortune goes to his ventures with Netflix, including starring in and producing three films in 2023. All these hustles from his TV and movie work have contributed to his annual earnings of $73 million. 

It’s undeniable that his achievements so far indicate his worth to the streaming giant. What comes as a surprise is that he managed to be on top even though many of his movies with the streamer have been critically dismantled. Nevertheless, looking at Sandler’s case, it can be concluded that streaming deals have a major impact on the world of entertainment.

Another name on Forbes’s list of the highest-paid actors is Margot Robbie. She stood second on the list with earnings of $59 million. She gave a massive blockbuster hit last year in 2023, with Greta Gerwig’s directed film “Barbie.” The film was the highest-grossing film of the year, breaking all the records. Robbie’s fortune from the film not only came from her incredible performance as the lead actress, but she is also the producer of the film, which highlights her earnings from the film. 

Her production banner was also behind the acclaimed movie Saltburn, which further extended her earnings. Moreover, Robbie was also the youngest star to make the list and one of just two women to make the Top 10 – the other being Jennifer Aniston.

Like Sandler, Aniston has also benefited from a collaboration with Netflix, appearing alongside Sandler in “Murder Mystery 2” last year. She fills the sixth place in the list, which also includes renowned names in the industry, including Tom Cruise, Ryan Gosling, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Statham, Ben Affleck, and Denzel Washington.

Talking about the chart’s topper, Sandler’s name on top of the list is undeniably the result of hard work and talent and, of course, his relationship with Netflix. Collaboration with the streaming giant has given Sandler a new lease of life and a platform to deliver content directly to huge audiences without any effort at all. 

Sandler, who is prominently known for his comedic roles, pushed himself out of his comfort zone and proved his versatility with projects like  Leo and You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, along with his latest role in Spaceman

While acknowledging his success is necessary, it should also be kept in mind that fortune is never certain and keeps on changing. Last year’s list-topper Tyler Perry and Dwayne Johnson, who held the title for three consecutive years before that, don’t even appear in the Top 10. Hence, adherence to talent is more crucial than fluctuating fortune. 

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