“Alienoid 2: Return to the Future” is a 2024 film written and directed by Dong-hoon Choi. It features a talented cast, including Ryu Jun-yeol as Murek, Kim Tae-ri as Lee Ahn, Kim Woo-bin as Guard, Kim Eui-sung, Lee Hanee as Min-kae, Yoon Kyung-ho as Sam-sik-i, and more.  The story picks up where the first film left off, with Lee Ahn stuck in the past. She needs to find the divine sword, which is critical for her to return to her original timeline and save the human civilization from being eradicated.

Alienoid 2: Return to the Future (2024) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

If you have watched the first film, you know that many years ago, aliens imprisoned their prisoners inside human beings. The Controller and the Guard were trusted to keep these prisoners in check and prevent them from escaping and causing chaos. But one day, the leader of the prisoners, called “Designer,” broke free and unleashed “Haba,” a red gas that terraforms the planet to make it habitable for aliens. People started dying one by one, and the aliens inside them began to awaken.

Just before Haba could completely destroy Earth’s atmosphere, the Guard and Thunder managed to haul the Designer back in time. Unfortunately, during this, Lee Ahn was also trapped in the past, and the divine sword was lost. As for the Designer, he took refuge in the body of a young magician named Murek, biding his time to reemerge. Ten years later, Lee Ahn finally finds the divine sword and is on a mission to locate the ship and return to her original timeline. But this won’t be easy. The entire army is hunting her down, aiming to kill her and capture the divine sword.

How Does Murek Find Lee Ahn?

Lee Ahn’s only shot at returning to the future is finding the ship, but she’s determined not to leave without her father and Thunder. So, she seeks help from Gaedong, asking him to check with the villagers living on the riverbank if they’ve seen a strange machine resembling the Controller. Her friend comes back with good news that one of the villagers has indeed spotted the mysterious machine.

Lee Ahn isn’t the only one after the divine sword. It has many seekers, including Ja-Jang and the Blind Monk, each with their own motives. The Blind Monk wants it to restore his eyesight, which he lost in a beating by Ja-Jang. Ja-Jang, on the other hand, needs the sword to track down the Designer, who’s hiding inside a human body. Fortunately, Lee Ahn isn’t alone. She’s found by Right King and Left King, two humans who can transform into cats. These men have been following her since she left the castle, claiming they were sent by her husband, Murek.

One night, while Lee Ahn is resting at a traveler’s inn, she’s ambushed by monks working for Ja-Jang. If it weren’t for Nong-Pa, Lee Ahn would have been overwhelmed and killed by Ja-Jang’s men. Murek also arrives at the inn, having followed the cats, and with his quick thinking, helps Lee Ahn escape. Later, Murek reveals to Lee Ahn that he is the same boy who saved her from drowning ten years ago. He also discloses that the Designer has been hiding inside his body for the past decade. Murek leads Lee Ahn to Thunder, which has been disabled because it’s out of juice. Here’s where the audience is told that the Left King and the Right King aren’t humans but programs created by Thunder to protect and help Lee Ahn.

Who is the Designer Really Using as his Host?

Ja-Jang and his men kidnap Gaedong, using him to lure Murek into a trap. Lee Ahn also arrives, having heard that Ja-Jang’s men have seized the spaceship needed to reactivate Thunder. In the ensuing struggle, the aliens stab Murek with the divine sword, expecting him to transform. However, nothing happens, revealing that the Designer was never in Murek’s body to begin with.

Alienoid 2: Return to the Future (2024) Movie Ending Explained
A still from “Alienoid 2: Return to the Future” (2024)

Actually, ten years ago, the Guard killed the human the Designer was using as a vessel, leaving the alien desperate to find another host. The Designer then entered Lee Ahn’s body, laying dormant for years, waiting for the right moment to use her to find the divine sword. As for Murek, the Guard, before his death, gave him part of his power ten years ago so he could protect Lee Ahn when the time came.  When the Designer finally gets his hands on the divine sword, he takes full control of Lee Ahn and uses an energy surge to open a portal, crossing over to the present.

How is Nong-pa Connected to Min-kae?

In case you missed it, Nong-Pa is the same blind warrior monk who lost his sight after being attacked by Ja-Jang. Also, Nong-pa is an ancestor of Min-Kae, who is the aunt of Min-sun, Lee Ahn’s friend. In the present, Min-Kae, after seeing a video taken by Lee Ahn, suspects that the chaos unfolding in the city is somehow connected to Lee Ahn’s father. While following one of her suspects who escaped from the hospital, Min-Kae arrives at an abandoned factory and witnesses Lee Ahn’s father making a time jump with the alien atop his car.

As you know, time behaves differently in both the past and present, so spending years in the past would mean only a few minutes have transpired in the future. Min-Kae tries to tell the police that the red cloud is the work of evil aliens, but no one believes her. Later, she crosses paths with Mr. Blue and Madame Black and finally gets the full picture. Not only that, but Nong-Pa also transported his signature sword to the future so his descendant (Min-Kae) could use it to defend the world from aliens.

Alienoid 2: Return to the Future (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Was Lee Ahn Able to Save the World?

Thunder and Murek travel to the present to free Lee Ahn from the alien’s control and stop the red cloud from engulfing the world. Murek, using his armor from Thunder, forces the alien out of Lee Ahn’s body. Afterward, warriors from both the past and present team up to take down the Designer and his alien crew for good. While Thunder, Murek, Madame Black, Mr. Blue, and Min-Kae are busy fighting the aliens, Lee Ahn seizes the chance and pierces the ship with the divine sword, halting the spread of the red cloud and saving the Earth.

Designer, enraged by his defeat, tries to possess Murek’s body, but Lee Ahn intervenes and saves him. Designer is then trapped inside a red crystal, but Thunder warns that this is just a temporary solution as the alien will eventually break free and threaten Earth again. Therefore, Thunder decides to sacrifice himself by exploding the crystal into space, believing it’s the only way to save Earth and everyone on it. As the film approaches its end, the portal reappears, pulling Madame Black, Mr Blue, and Murek to their original timeline.

Do Lee Ahn & Murek Get their Happy Ending?

As the credits roll, one burning question still lingers in our minds. Will Murek and Lee Ahn finally get their happily ever after? Despite being pulled into the past by the portal, Murek manages to cross back into the future when the time portal reopens. This unexpected turn of events occurs because the earlier energy surge has created a permanent link between the past and present, allowing anyone to travel between the timelines using either of the time vortexes. In the closing scenes, as the portal opens once more, Murek steps into the future and hails a taxi to reunite with Lee Ahn.

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