Netflix’s latest Thai series, “Analog Squad,” has captured the spotlight thanks to its captivating plot, talented cast, and promising narrative that warms the heart. If you’re as curious as we are, here’s everything we’ve gathered about Season 1 of “Analog Squad” so far.

Analog Squad Cast & Characters Explained:

The cast of Analog Squad includes:

  • Nopachai Chaiyanam as Pond
  • Namfon Kullanat Preeyawat as Lily
  • Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram as Keg
  • Wipawee Patnasiri as Bung
  • Greg Garcia as Michael

Release Date:

Analog Squd made its debut on December 7, 2023

Where can you watch Analog Squad?

This is a Thai Netflix original, so the only way you can stream the series is if you have a Netflix subscription.

Analog Squad Series Summary:

In the heartwarming tale of Pond, a man at the crossroads of life, he embarks on a poignant journey to craft an unconventional family unit on the canvas of his estranged father’s final moments. Fueled by a desperate desire to garner paternal pride one last time, Pond ingeniously assembles a motley crew of individuals in an era where unearthing true identities remains a challenging feat.

The charismatic Pond strategically enlists the talents of his former flame, the enchanting Lily, to assume the roles of both his devoted wife and the nurturing matriarch of their makeshift clan. The carefully chosen companions in this intricate charade include Keg, a spirited teenager from a pager company, and Bung, a spirited and tomboyish owner of a video rental shop.

As this unlikely quartet navigates the delicate dance of familial bonds, they discover the profound meaning of kinship while wrapped in the fabric of pretense. In the midst of the poignant facade, genuine connections blossom, and the lines between make-believe and reality blur. Together, Pond, Lily, Keg, and Bung embark on a soul-stirring odyssey, unraveling the essence of family and the transformative power of shared moments, all while striving to make a lasting impression on Pond’s ailing father.

Analog Squad Series Ending Explained:

Analog Squad. (L to R) Gasab Jumpadib(กษาปณ์ จําปาดิบ) as Rak, Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram(กฤษณภูมิ พิบูลสงคราม) as Keg in Analog Squad. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

In the poignant ending of the Analog Squad series, the makeshift family, forged through a web of secrets and unforeseen connections, comes together to celebrate Meg’s wedding. The characters, each scarred by the imperfections of their real families, find solace and belonging in this unconventional alliance. Bung, after discovering the painful truth about her father’s double life, extends a tentative acceptance to her newfound stepbrother. Despite the shattered illusions of her perfect family, she realizes that her father’s intentions were rooted in love and protection. The tragedy serves as a catalyst for understanding, and Bung, torn between betrayal and compassion, emerges with a complex but begrudging acceptance of her father’s flawed humanity. The Analog Squad’s journey becomes a testament to the power of chosen families, demonstrating that bonds formed in the most unexpected circumstances can heal wounds and offer redemption.

Meanwhile, Lily, grappling with a diagnosis of breast cancer, finds unwavering support in her unlikely companions, Pond, Kew, and Sodsai. As she confronts the challenges of her illness, the façade of their pretend family transforms into a genuine source of strength. Pond, burdened by a troubled past and financial ruin, discovers redemption through unexpected connections and reconciles with his estranged father. Analog Squad’s concluding chapters paint a picture of resilience, forgiveness, and the transformative power of shared adversity. The series culminates in a poignant reminder that true family transcends blood ties, and in their shared struggles, the Analog Squad members unearth a profound sense of belonging and acceptance.

Will there be an Analog Squad Season 2?

Netflix has not announced the official renewal of Analog Squad Season 2 yet, but lets keep our fingers crossed about it.

Is Analog Squad worth watching?: Series Review

While there aren’t many reviews out for the show, Decider has recommended to Stream it for its fresh take on a familiar story. In their review, they say, “The idea is that Analog Squad is taking place just before Y2K, when we didn’t know whether the world was going to end due to computers thinking it was 1900 instead of 2000, and that people are still communicating “the old fashioned way,” i.e. via payphones and good-old-face-to-face talking. However, that feels like a bit of a smokescreen for what’s essentially a found family story, where these four people posing as a family end up bonding into something resembling a real one.”

Episodes Listing:

There are a total of 8 episodes, and their titles are as follows:

  • Episode 1: There’s no turning back
  • Episode 2: Let’s make a trip
  • Episode 3: Some kind of secrets
  • Episode 4: Thinking of you
  • Episode 5: Bonds and connections
  • Episode 6: On the way home
  • Episode 7: Classic
  • Episode 8: It goes on

Watch the trailer here:

Where to watch Analog Squad

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