K Gopal Krishna

Cinemaphile and TV buff, Gopal has been writing reviews from a while now and with each constructive criticism, he has tried to improve. His favourite movies are Fight Club and Love Exposure. He has a great liking towards The Perks of Being a Wallflower as well. When he’s not watching movies or tv shows, his interests conquer the gadget world. He’s a big fan of Doctor Who and considers David Tennant to be his Doctor.

Why Don’t You Play In Hell? [2013]: An Independent Filmmaker’s Wet Dream!

When Sono’s classic music plays in the background, there’s no looking anywhere else. If you find a dull moment in the film, let me know. Why Don’t You Play in Hell? has an abundance of entertaining moments and more than that, it is packed, punched, pushed and penetrated with spirit. The movie is silly, hilarious and a mess. But thanks to the pulsating background score, enjoying the transcendent high is just the beginning. There’s a mountain, a proper road