Little Men [2016]: Of lost innocence amidst mature folks

Ira Sachs has a knack for telling extremely personal and immensely moving New York stories about an average, everyday guy. This film is no exception either, a complex family drama shrouded by a heartwarmingly delicate coming-of-age story about two polar opposite yet eminently ambitious teenagers. Little Men delves into the psyche of two families dealing with the ever-so-evolving dilemma of the gentrification in the New York suburbs.

Atlanta: Of Mighty Ambitions and Mediocre Lives

If you want something that not as happy-go-lucky as Master of None but surely not as bleak as Louie, Atlanta sits somewhere right in between. It brilliantly reflects on the struggles, vexations and doleful lives of the black Americans, but not without giving a slight glimmer of hope for a better future in upcoming seasons.

Room [2015]: When a Mother is your Whole World

Room is an achievement in film-making. It is a movie that delves with every emotion known to man. It delves in the psyche of a kid, for whom, earth in an alien planet; for whom, his world was a small cramped up wooden garden shed; for whom, a wardrobe was his bedroom, his imaginary dog was his pet and his mother was his everything. At the same time, the movie skillfully showcases a mother deep anguish and constant struggles