Rocco Thompson

Rocco Thompson is a Chicago-based writer and cineaste with an appetite for the weird and outrageous. He provided the cover story for the first ever LGBTQ-focused edition of a horror film/culture magazine (RUE MORGUE #189 JULY/AUGUST 2019) and is a frequent contributor to websites such as High on Films and Screen Rant.

Erica 38 [2019]: ‘Japan Cuts’ Review – A Shallow Con

Crafting a character study about an objectively “bad” person is a tough row to hoe. On one hand, pathology can help an audience understand a character’s behavior as having a root cause,…

midsommar 1

Midsommar [2019] Review: A Voluptuous Day Terror

The term “waking nightmare” has rarely been better suited to a film than Ari Aster’s Midsommar, an experience bathed in chilly midnight sun that seems to last for mesmeric ages as it…