Time travel is a fun thing, but a small change can result in too many alterations. The movies on the subject have taught us this, with some examples being ‘Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban’, ‘The Flash, and ‘Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny’. There are many more and ‘Back to 15’ (Season 2) is no exception. When Anita kept returning to the present, she realized that some things were not meant to be changed, as it sets off a domino effect.

Season 1 saw Joel discover Anita’s secret and learn he could go back in time himself. Meanwhile, after trying to alter her own life, Anita also needed to go back in time to fix her sister, Luiza’s life. However, she was not able to, right at the start.

Back to 15 (Season 2) Netflix Recap:

Episode 1

Anita tries logging into the Photoblog, but cannot as Joel is logged into her account. This results in a glitch and she returns to 2006 with purple highlights. Things feel a little different and Luiza is missing and she has come ahead by two months. It is the day of the fifth Festival of Culture and Anita has to give a speech and dance to a version of The Ketchup Song. Anita runs into Henrique, Fabricio, and a mime, but keeps trying to figure out how she has jumped forward by this much.

Meanwhile, Joel looks a tad confused about how he has traveled back in time. He believes he is drunk, but understands the truth when he sees Fabricio. He then understands that he has come back to this day to fix his embarrassing moment, i.e. the day he fainted while doing a magic trick at the Festival of Culture. He changes his act to a poem and Anita sees through it quickly. It is from the future. She connects the dots and confronts Joel. He reveals the reason for signing into Anita’s Photoblog account. It is as he gets mad that Anita has stood him up to go to Paris with Henrique. He just wants to go back to the present day, but Anita refuses as she has to fix things. Joel then gets furious and destroys Henrique’s guitar before dissing a school official. He then tells Anita that he wants to delete the last picture of his from her account. Anita offers to help him return, and posts a new picture. This causes them to return to a different reality. Anita has moved from Paris to Sao Paulo and her fiance is Fabricio.

Episode 2

Anita’s life, and the lives of the ones around her, has changed quite a bit. Henrique is in a rock band, Camilla has stopped writing, and she is getting married in South America. Anita cannot take it and runs out where she sees Joel in a minivan. They realise that they are tied together and travel in time. Anita and Joel are not even aware of how this would work – would they return to where they were or be together for the jumps?

One thing they do realize is that they need to return and fix things around the time the Festival of Culture was held. When deciding what to fix, they decide to get Luiza back to Imperatriz first.

They get Luiza’s work address and boxes of snacks from her aunt’s house. At the mall, they find Luiza who does not want to come back as the city offers experiences a small town could not. She offers to show them why she does not want to go back to Imperatriz.

Luiza comes clean with Fabricio, telling him that she needs the change and he is not the reason she left. She even urges him to not be afraid of change. Anita understands why her sister does not want to go back, but suggests that she can return for a visit. Luiza does admit that the city is not always nice and says that living with her aunt is not always fun. However, she also admits that she misses the people from home. Joel and Anita are happy that they convinced Luiza to return and kiss.

Episode 3

Luiza returns home and is bickering with her family. Anita then tells Joel that their kiss is just okay and rates it a six. They then look to fix their next target after Luiza.

Anita kisses Henrique and then asks her cousin to walk with her. Carol begins crushing on Henrique, talking about how he held his guitar.

Joel decides to wager on the 2006 FIFA World Cup to become rich. He takes his notebook and lists out France eliminating Brazil, Italy winning the event, and even Zidane’s headbutt on Materazzi. When he goes to sit, the music group asks him to not break their instruments. This is because he had shattered Henrique’s guitar in episode 1. To make peace, he offers to make them a music video. If it is bad, they will never see him again. However, if it is good, they will have to forgive him. Henrique adds a condition that Joel will have to give him a new guitar if the video sucks.

A few bullies break Joel’s camera, needing Anita, Luiza and co. to save the day. As Bruna is injured and cannot skateboard, Anita has to fill in. Joel convinces her that it is necessary for their task. As the video turns out to be amazing, Henrique and Joel mend fences.

Carol and Douglas share a moment. Anita and her father camp in their front garden, with her saying that she will take him fishing later. Meanwhile, Luiz and her mother mend fences as they watch Anita and her father camping. In her chat with her father, Anita receives valuable advice that causes her to just pause with a look of knowing.

A still from Back to 15 Season 2.
A still from Back to 15 Season 2.

Episode 4

The episode begins with the Interscholastic Games day at SISET school. Anita photographs her father playing the guitar just before he has a checkup due. When the sisters reach school, they see Joel dressed as a meerkat. This is a deal that sees him be able to get good grades while skipping PE. Meanwhile, Henrique receives a lot of attention as the school students recognise him from his music video.

As the interschool competitors arrive, Cé gets a lot of second looks due to his skirt. He even finds the boys dorm a tad too notorious, opting to shift to the girls dorm for the night.

The focus is on the handball game. Douglas gives Carol a good luck pre-game gift but gets upset when a condom falls out of her bag. Merit school’s mascot, Eduardo, taunts her. He even kicks off a chant that puts Carol off her game. As she gets subbed off, Anita asks Joel to do something as teenagers cannot deal with such chants. He then dons the meerkat outfit and concocts a response with the ‘Bella Ciao’ tune. This spurs the team and helps them get to the finals. However, Carol looks dejected as she is on the bench.  When Douglas tries to mend fences at night, Carol refuses to talk. She then consents but let her friends also be part of the conversation.

Meanwhile, coach Lucia has given Anita a CD, containing a motivational video, which she takes to the library to check. Anita, and Henrique, who is in the library to check his own music CD, watches the video together. Then, when he tries to kiss her, she refuses. He seems upset and asks her what her deal is as he has seen her whiteboard. Henrique storms out with what he thought was his CD, but it turns out to be the coach’s motivational CD.

Henrique then stays with Carol and they almost kiss before Miss Beth walks in and orders them to leave separately. The next morning sees trouble as the handball team cannot take to the field. As someone has mutilated their jerseys, the game seems off. However, Fabricio borrows a few yellow t-shirts and provides the team with new uniforms. In the interim, Henrique realizes that he has sent out the wrong CD as coach Lucia’s motivational video turns out to be his music video for the band.

Eduardo starts off a new chant during the game that sees Carol throw the ball straight at his face and get ejected.  SISET go on to win the game, but there is one thing that causes problems. Eduardo and his cronies attack Joel, stealing his costume and notebook. It is in this notebook that Joel has written the FIFA World Cup results from the future.

As SISET celebrate their win, Anita sees Luiza’s face as she takes a phone call. She puts things together and understands that her father is no more. This sees her try to save her future by posting yet another picture on the photoblog.

Episode 5

Adult Anita ends up in Buenos Aires where she meets Camilla, who never stopped writing. However, she functions as a ghost writer. Camilla informs Anita that Imperatriz is up for sale, prompting her conscience (young Anita) to get her to move back to save her house. Once back home, Anita learns that her mother has rented out a few rooms and practises Yoga.

Later, Anita finds Joel and learns that he has traveled as well. However, he has waited to meet her for six months in Imperatriz. Anita does not want to travel again, but Joel shows her why she has to.

SISET in in a state of neglect and Carol is the school’s gym teacher. She works with Douglas, but appears to be glad that the school is about to shut down. Upon asking why Imperatriz is in such a state, the group suggests that she ask Henrique.

Henrique speaks about how he gave up music after mailing the wrong CD. He now works with a consortium from Belo Horizonte that wants to turn Imperatriz into Paris.

The group (Luiza, Carol, Douglas, Anita, Joel, Fabricio) meets at Luiza’s cafe and has tequila shots before deciding to do something wild. They decide to destroy the mini Eiffel Tower planted in their city. With Joel’s van, they pull it down and get taken in for vandalism. At the police station, the group learns that Eduardo is the consortium and has earned his wealth via a series of lucky bets. These came from Joel’s book.

Anita, however, refuses to go back, but Joel tells her that certain events are canon. He urges her to save the city and changes the lives of their friends. Joel punches Eduardo, who had initially decided to let the group off for destroying his property. However, he changes his mind as Joel and Anita flee. The rest of the group get into a brawl with Eduardo to buy the duo time.

Episode 6

St. John’s Festival celebrations are on when Joel and Anita return. Joel shows up to chat with the sisters, asking them if they have seen Eduardo. Anita plans to steal the raffle ball, ensure that Eduardo does not win a notebook, and causes him to think it worthless. Fabricio and Cé finally have a moment where the latter accepts the former for their choice.

Eduardo waits outside and volunteers to participate in the raffle as he is feeling lucky. Miss Beth spots Joel trying to rig the raffle and takes him away. Joel then shuts Miss Beth in a storage room. As he is fleeing the scene, Eduardo and his friends catch him and take him away. They tape him to a tree, from where Anita rescues him.

Anita gets away from her own detour when Carol shuts her and Henrique in a structure, refusing to let them out until they air their issues. Anita gives Henrique her father’s guitar and apologizes for leading him on. He replies that he does not want to stop talking to her, or stop being friends, and offers his apologies for thinking there is something between them.

Joel, Anita, and Fabricio reach the main stage just as Eduardo wins the laptop. He then informs the trio that he will memorize the notebook. As the group uses violence to snatch it from him, he takes off.

Back to 15 (Season 2) Netflix Ending Explained:

Did Anita get Joel’s book back from Eduardo?

Eduardo sprinted out of the fair, got on a cycle and pedalled away. Anita kept the chase until Eduardo fell off. Joel caught up with them and picked up the notebook. Eduardo grabbed Joel by the collar as he assisted him and asked him why there was none when SISET expelled him. Eduardo did not fight Anita and Joel for the book and just left the scene.

Did Anita and Joel destroy the book?

After initially thinking of giving the book to their friends, Joel and Anita elected to destroy it. Anita tossed it into the campfire where it turned to ash.

What solution did Anita come up with to stop messing people’s lives?

Anita decided to delete the photoblog to ensure she did not travel back and forth to change people’s lives.

Did anyone learn that they were time travelers?

Joel admitted that the book had things from the future; things he and Anita knew about as they had already lived it. At the moment, Anita passed it off as humor. She passed off Joel’s confession as the reason why Eduardo wanted to steal the book. However, Fabricio noticed that she seemed scared when Joel made that revelation. His only question was whether they ended up together in his future. She gave a standard timeline reply and did not provide a definite answer.

Did Anita restore the correct timeline and save her friends?

Camilla is back to writing Witch stories, Anita has reunited with her cat, and Henrique is off the band. Only temporarily, due to a minor injury. Hence, things seem more or less back to square one.

What did Anita do at the end of Season 2?

Anita decides to navigate her 30s by herself and deactivates her photoblog account.

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