Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 12 Recap & Ending, Explained: In this episode, we get to see some truths about Ji Ye’s actions in the past. Hye Jung tries to lure Jang into giving money in exchange for information. Do Jun seems relaxed as he assumes everything is going as per his plans. Jang is more confused than ever, going around in circles without finding a solid lead. Something is going on with Na Young. We must wait for the next episode to see the mystery.

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Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 12: Recap & Ending, Explained

The episode begins with Do Jun texting someone about them killing Yu Jin. The other person asks Do Jun not to blame them and tells him that nothing matters as Jang has the key. They discussed that there was nothing in the locker. Jang opens the locker to find a small torn piece of drawing. Do Jun warns the other person that he would go after their kid if they pulled such things again. Do Jun calls the detective agency angrily as they have not found much on Jang. He asks them to find every detail about her and another person.

The police question Do Jun so he tells the police that Yu Jin had tried to harm herself, and he had stopped her. He also mentions that Yu Jin had depression, anxiety disorders, and delusions. The police argue that she was not diagnosed with any of these illnesses. Do Jun asks the detectives if one had to be diagnosed to be sick. Jang visits the kindergarten to find out about the drawing, but it is closed.

Jang finds the courier people and enquires about the package, and they tell her that the box was never reported stolen and someone might have taken it by mistake. Jang realizes that the package had arrived the day Yu Jin died and that there must have been someone else around her that day. Jang asks the office about the box, but they cannot help her either. Jang sneaks into the management office and sees the CCTV footage. She is in horror to find Ji Ye walk into the frame.

Do Jun asks Na Young’s husband for how long he will be summoned for questioning. He assures him there is nothing to worry about as there is no evidence that it was a murder. Na Young’s husband leaves the meeting with Do Jun, and Jo calls him. He disconnects and blocks her number. He arrives at a basement, and Jo hops into the car. She asks him to divorce Na Young, and he gives her a reality check. He informs her that Na Young and Jo need him, and he is the one to decide whether he wants to divorce Na Young or not. Na Young had put a bug in her husband’s car, and she hears the entire conversation.

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A still from Happiness Battle (season 1), episode 12.

The police inform Jang that the case might be dismissed unless new evidence comes up. Jang tells him about the package and Ji Ye. Jang visits Ji Ye, but she does not open the door for her. Jung Ah asks someone to do detective work on her husband. Jang contemplates opening Ji Ye’s folder in Pandora’s Box. Jang messages Ji Ye asking if she is free to meet for lunch. Jang visited Ji Ye’s office, but she was away. The receptionist calls Ji Ye, and Ji Ye asks her to describe the person’s appearance. Ji Ye realizes it is Jang and goes away from her workplace. Jang gets to know from the receptionist that Ji Ye has two numbers. She suspects that the message about the deal to give the USB had come from Ji Ye’s other number.

Jang finds Ji Ye, and they go to a café to talk. At first, Ji Ye assumes that Jang has come to blackmail her, but Jang promises she has not seen what is in the folder. Ji Ye tells her that So-won was adopted, and she does not want anybody to find out. Jang asks her about the package and shows her the video. Ji Ye tells her that she was in the video, but she does not know anything about the box. She tells Jang that she had met Su Bin in the elevator that day and heard him say Yu Jin’s name to Do Jun on a call.

Jang calls Na Young to get Su Bin’s contact number. Na Young is at someone’s wedding and indirectly asks the bride for a statement. Jang calls Su Bin, but he is yet to receive the call. She visits his office, but he is not there. She leaves a message asking him to meet her. Jang gets a call from Hye Jung asking her to meet. Jang asks her why and Hye Jung tells her she will tell the details when they meet.

Jung Ah meets the tattooed man and asks him for dirt on Su Bin. He informed her that Su Bin was clean and he had looked into it thoroughly. The tattooed man calls Su Bin, asking for money. Su Bin starts to ask a question and he says that he had an exciting past. The tattooed man also asks why he had met Yu Jin so many times before she died. Su Bin gets angry and yells, saying nothing is happening between him and Yu Jin.

Jung Ah enters the car and listens to his and Su Bin’s conversation. He tells her that Yu Jin and Su Bin had met many times before she died, and there was a chance that Yu Jin had something on him. He also tells her that Su Bin had probably married her with an ulterior motive. He tells Jung Ah that Jung Sik has seen Yu Jin and Su Bin several times. Jung Ah recalls that on the day Yu Jin died, Su Bin was missing from the house for a long time.

Hye Jung asked Jang if she had money as she had information and would need money to open her mouth. Na Young informs Jang that Su Bin is in the elevator with her, and Jang asks her to stall him on the 18th floor for a while. Hye Jung wanted to tell Jang about a third person being involved, but Jang tells her that she already knew it and gets mad at her for trying to make money from her daughter’s death. Hye Jung tries to lure Jang by asking her if she knows why Yu Jin has died, Jang stops to listen, but Hye Jung tells her that she could not get to the bottom of this without her help. Jang gets annoyed and leaves.

Hye Jung calls Do Jun to inform him that Jang knew about the third person involved. Do Jun tells her that it feels like she does not want Jang to give up, and the investigation is closed. Jang confronts Su Bin about the package and his relationship with Yu Jin. In a slip of the tongue, he mentions Do Jun. Jung Ah arrives at that moment and asks Jang to stay away from Su Bin. Jang asks her if she knew where her husband was the day Yu Jin died, but she does not answer.

The episode ends with Jung Ah confronting Su Bin about his whereabouts, but Su Bin yells at her. In a drunken state, Do Jun tells Na Young’s husband that he has stabbed Yu Jin.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 12 Ending, Explained:

The episode ends with what looks like a confession from Do Jun, but it does not seem sincere. Na Young’s husband is shocked to hear this. Jang will never give up on finding the truth. In this episode, many things merge and get closer to reality, yet they still do not seem like complete truths. We now know Su Bin is involved, but not sure if he murdered Yu Jin. Yu Jin may have dirt on him, making him die inside.

Jung Ah is protective of Su Bin despite knowing things are fishy with him. Do Jun is delusional as he thinks the case is shut. Jang’s life is in danger as she is making many enemies by going after all of them and suspecting them of murder. Hye Jung is messing with Jang and Do Jun. Something is going on with Na Young. At first, it was established that she was pretending to be pregnant, but in this episode, we see her being uncomfortable repeatedly. We have to wait and see what mysteries will be unveiled. 

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