Bad Sisters (Season 1), Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained

Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 4

Bad Sisters (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Though not exactly weak, the fourth episode of ‘Bad Sisters, titled ‘Baby Becka’, is the first where its otherwise tight plotting seems a little scatterbrained, where the elements seem to branch out in too many directions. But given that we’re only halfway along and how strong the writing has been, it’s no reason to panic. In fact, Anne-Marie Duff’s febrile Grace has one of her most revealing scenes in this episode in a short moment where she gives a marvellous little performance while Claes Bang continues to live up to the nickname the sisters have christened him with.


Oscar’s death has no effect on Bibi, who continues to plot JP’s death. The sisters gift a kitten to Blanaid, who is unaware that they’re behind Oscar’s death. Around this time, Becka pitches her business plan to JP about the massage parlour and uncharacteristically, JP states that he’s on board. This creates a dilemma for Eva, Ursula, and Bibi, who realize that should they murder JP, they’ll be preventing Becka’s realization of her dream. JP, on the other hand, is continuously trying to reach Donal to expose Ursula’s infidelity but Donal remains uninterested. When Roger, Grace and JP’s neighbor, suggests that Grace should help out Becka at the massage parlor, JP dismisses it as undermining her role as a housewife. Roger’s statement about going on a trip with his church group makes JP join his church group’s messaging platform where he pretends to be a 10-year-old boy named Oscar, after Blanaid’s deceased pet, showing how little he cared for the dog or his daughter’s heartbreak.

At Minna, JP’s mother’s place, Becka discovers that JP’s been a sadistic person ever since he was a child. JP doesn’t like their proximity and soon after this, tells Grace that he never promised Becka that he would fund Becka’s plans. All he did was advise her. Like a tool, Grace delivers this message to Becka who’s distraught at the prospect of going broke, given that she had already paid the first installment of the lease on the property she was planning to turn into her parlor, using money she didn’t have. When Becka runs into Ursula and the latter tells her about her affair, it hurts Becka to know that among the sisters, she was the last one to find out.

Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 4

Grace is snubbed by Blanaid in the streets, who later tells her that she did so because she’s embarrassed by how spineless her mother is. At the office pub quiz, her and JP’s team lose after he can’t figure out a song she’s humming, despite it being a song that was played at their wedding. Eva and Bibi’s team wins and when Eva’s celebrating with Gabriel, a colleague she’s just started dating, JP uses her drunkenness to slander her before their boss as a way of hurting her chances of getting a promotion. Becka comes over to the pub to confront JP, who almost hits her in the washroom but is then saved by Bibi and Eva.

In the present day, Matt and Becka discover their unpleasant connection when the former goes over to her place with Thomas to interrogate her. This creates a rift between the two of them. Thomas, on finding out about them, tries to exploit the connection after finding out that JP is the possible family member who let her down, therefore, giving her the motive to murder him. Detective Fergal, the one who is to sanction the exhuming of JP’s body, refuses to cooperate with Thomas because he believes Thomas has nothing concrete to go ahead with such a procedure that’ll only aggravate the grieving family’s agony. With his back against the wall, Thomas begs Matt to help him out by using his connection with Becka to give him something that will help him prove JP’s death being a murder.

BAD SISTERS (SEASON 1), EPISODE 4 “Baby Becka” Ending, Explained:

At Eva’s place following the debacle at the pub, Ursula tells everyone about what went down during Easter between her and JP. The sisters are disgusted at it and Eva abruptly leaves the congregation. She goes to JP’s house and breaks his phone in anger, hoping that’ll make him lose Ursula’s nude picture. By the time she returns, Bibi has convinced Becka into joining them in murdering JP, who’s now acting on her anger against him owing to his lying.

In the present day, Becka comes to visit Matt secretly at Thomas’s office/house. They confront the fact that they’ve mutually withheld information and make-up. As she’s leaving, both ruminate over the possible consequences of their relationship for their families.


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