Bad Sisters (Season 1), Episode 9: Recap & Ending Explained

Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 9 Recap Ending Explained

Bad Sisters (Season 1), Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: The timelines have finally merged. We still know little about how JP died though we have a little more information to feed our curiosities with. Roger and Ben’s involvement remains a nice, little mystery in the grand scheme of things. Matt now has found enough agency to stop getting pushed around desperately. The ninth episode of ‘Bad Sisters’ is also the first episode driven entirely by a plot, with no breathers, and in fact, an attempt to somewhat humanize JP as we head towards the conclusion.


On Saturday morning, the Garvey sisters convene at Eva’s place for lunch. Grace hasn’t called and is late, which is peculiar. Eva is worried about what might have transpired while Becka is chirpy, confident that she has killed JP once and for all. Suddenly, JP appears at the door, accompanying Grace. This mortifies the sisters, especially Becka, whose mind instantly thinks that it’s probably Minna she locked in the freezer room. She instantly decides to leave the party and check up on her. JP, with black eyes, is at the lunch to give Ursula an idea about what Ben did to him the previous night, though without explicitly mentioning it. JP then states how because of the assault, he couldn’t get Minna her groceries the previous night. Eva tries to give Becka a heads up on JP going to Minna’s place but she doesn’t pick up the call.

At Minna’s, Becka tries to get her to open the door but there’s no answer and all the entrances are locked from the inside. As she’s trying to come up with a way, JP arrives. He too can’t find Minna anywhere in the house and automatically goes to the basement. He is unable to find the key to the freezer room and sees that the door is open, only to discover a dead Minna inside, sitting next to George’s body. JP is shaken at this when an anxious Becka rings the doorbell, asking JP if she can meet her but he turns her away. JP then proceeds to make Minna’s death appear like it took place in her sleep, though he is clearly disturbed and upset by it.

At Eva’s place, they get the dreaded phone call from Grace, announcing Minna’s death, apparently in her sleep. This crushes Becka and she plans to give herself up to the police but everyone is against that. Eva decides to head to Minna’s house and get a picture of George’s corpse should they need to threaten JP someday. In the freezer room, George’s body has gone missing and JP comes across the two of them lurking around there. Having managed to escape, Eva is certain that JP knows about their involvement in her death. That night, JP puts George’s body in a trolley bag and dumps it in the pond in Minna’s estate.

Ursula asks Ben about what he did to JP, and he admits beating him up, stating he’ll do anything to keep her. At Minna’s funeral, Becka is a drunken mess while JP is clearly onto something. He decides to take Grace back to the rebuilt cabin on her birthday. Grace has always celebrated the day with her sisters so she asks them to meet her there. Roger arrives to offer his condolences but leaves upon coming across Oscar’s grave (Blanaid’s dog), realizing that it must be JP who tried to trap him in the past, by pretending to be an adolescent and using that name. At work, JP tightens his grip on Eva. She is humiliated at having her past as an alcoholic exploited in front of Gerald. As she’s leaving the office, JP follows her, enumerating the assumptions as to why he believes Becka to be behind Minna’s death.

Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 9 Recap Ending Explained
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A drunk Becka is picked up by the police from Minna’s grave, which she had turned into a makeshift residence. They drive her to Eva as she’s rambling on about how she killed Minna. The police thankfully dismiss it as drunken prattle. Eva is seriously concerned about what JP might end up doing to them, given he’s put the pieces together on the murder attempts. She suggests killing JP with pentobarbital on Grace’s birthday but Bibi is vehemently opposed to such a rushed plan.

In the present day, Matt and Becka again have a fight over uncertainties he has about her but they make their peace. Thomas has lost all hope about coming up with a murder case. He tells Theresa everything about his father’s fraudulence and his complicity in the matter. He then leaves to meet his lawyer, at which point Theresa goes down to his office to see what she can do to help him. She manages to open his drawer and get Becka Garvey’s address but before she can proceed, she has a seizure. Thomas takes her to the hospital where he’s told that he might end up losing both, Theresa and his child.


At Wicklow, Roger goes to JP’s cabin to inform him that he knows that JP gave him up to the police. The sisters arrive and Bibi finds out that Eva has made Ursula bring the pentobarbital with her. Ursula meets with Ben for their supposed final rendezvous. There, she tells him how she wishes JP would leave the two of them alone so things could go back to normal. On the eve of Grace’s birthday, Becka unwittingly goes for a drink at the same bar where JP was right before his accident. The following morning, Ursula wakes up to find Ben not there before rushing to meet Grace as she’s late. At the cabin, the sisters see police vehicles and a weeping Grace informs them that JP is dead.

Spurred on by his sister-in-law’s condition and wishing to help his brother, Matt goes to the bar where JP went before his accident to double-check whether he was there that night or not. He also pulls out a picture of the Garvey sisters to ask the bartender about the presence of any of them there that night. She points to Becka as having been there that night getting sloshed. This falsifies Eva’s statement about the sisters having been together that night. He calls Thomas to inform him that he knows the sisters were lying.


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