Bank of Dave (2023) Movie Review & Ending Explained

Bank of Dave (2023) Ending Explained

Bank of Dave (2023) Review & Ending Explained: Have you ever seen a movie that felt like a warm hug? Yes, Bank of Dave will embrace you with its warm and feel-good human interest story. It is mellow and genial, and it will make you believe that there are still good people out there in the world. It is based on Dave Fishwick’s true story, with a few fictional touches to make it more humorous and heartwarming.

Bank of Dave is the most streamed movie in the UK currently. After the 2008 financial crisis in the UK, Dave decided to set up a community bank to help his people grow financially who are living in the cozy town of Burnley. Dave, played by Rory Kinnear, is a generous businessman who runs a minibus company with his wife. He lends money to those in need with reduced interest rates. None of the people he lent money cheated him and paid the money back in due time.

One of Dave’s friends suggests that he should start a bank since he loves to help people out. Dave and his wife, upon deliberating this idea, decide to give it a go. They agree to start a bank that will benefit just the town. Any profit incurred will be given to charity. Bank of Dave is a feel-good story that will tug at your heartstrings. This rags-to-riches story tells its viewers how important it is to have an altruistic attitude.

The movie talks about how kindness, patience, good intentions, and resilience can help people achieve their dreams. The storyline is simple. All of the other characters are pleasant but lack substance. They are all here to support and cheer for the main protagonist, Dave, whose down-to-earth and amusing personality is enough for the audience to root for his success.

Bank of Dave (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

In this light-hearted movie, you get to witness an underdog’s fight with the higher authorities and the complicated legalities of opening a bank. In fact, Dave already has a successful business, and he isn’t greedy enough to open a bank and become wealthy from it. He wants his townspeople to flourish as well. That’s his main intent behind starting a bank. Since everyone in this town knows who Dave is, they don’t have any malicious intent of scamming him either.

Dave and his wife approach a law firm to help them out. The law firm assigns Hugh to visit the town of Burnley and meet up with Dave. Hugh meets the people Dave has helped start their own businesses. However, he informs him that he probably won’t be able to start a bank because the Federal Reserve Board would have a lot of suspicion regarding a man who isn’t qualified enough to start such a serious financial institution.

Hugh and his boss, Clarence, know that banking is a proper business where a bank owner’s main aim is to make a profit. Furthermore, such bank owners don’t really have any good intentions to serve the people. As a matter of fact, it’s why they have a hard time believing in Dave and in his ideas of helping his townspeople flourish in their respective businesses.

Bank of Dave (2023) Ending Explained

In the town of Burnley, a doctor shares the same views as Dave. Alexandra is played by the beautiful Phoebe Dynevor, who also plays Daphne in Netflix’s popular show Bridgerton. She proposes a walk-in clinic where patients don’t have to wait for 11 days to get an appointment with the doctor. Alas, she has difficulty gathering funds to open a walk-in clinic. Just like Dave, Alexandra also wants to do something good for the people of this town.

Dave wants to make his money-lending business legitimate and needs Hugh’s help. Meanwhile, Hugh is genuinely impressed with Dave’s vision and his altruistic nature. Once his dream comes to life, the first thing Dave wants to do is to fund Alexandra’s walk-in clinic. Hugh is smitten with both Alexandra and her clinic concept.

Bank of Dave (2023) Ending, Explained:

Does Dave get to start his own bank?

Hugh and his boss Clarance are mighty impressed and favor Dave’s idea. They nudge Dave to reach out to Sir Charles, who holds a higher position in the banking circle. Sir Charles doesn’t think Dave isn’t educated enough to run a banking business and rejects the idea. Hugh supports Dave despite the discouragement they receive from Sir Charles.

During this time, Hugh runs into Hen, an old friend. He spends the night drinking at the pub with her. She happens to be working at the FRB and complains about her ex becoming her boss. While Hugh has submitted all the required paperwork at the FRB to establish Dave’s bank, he gets arrested for shark-loaning people.

Hugh supports Dave, and as Dave pleads not guilty, Hugh clarifies that this is just an attempt to tarnish Dave’s image. We soon find out that Sir Charles did this. Hugh even proves Sir Charles’ involvement in this matter, and thus the case gets dismissed. Later, Hugh takes Alexandra out on a date, and they have a good time.

The FRB invites Hugh and Dave to London; surprisingly, their proposal is accepted. However, Dave has to have 12 million pounds to start his bank business, which means he will have to mortgage everything he has earned. Hugh finds out this was all done by Hen. When he confronts her, she admits it and says she had to do it to save her job. She got a raise after giving away Dave’s details to Sir Charles.

Hugh realizes that Sir Charles has once again set up this 12 million technicality to watch Dave fail. Dave approaches his friend Rick and asks if they could bring the band Def Leppard to do a concert in Burnley. The concert’s success is critical to the future of his bank. Unfortunately, he is one million short of opening a bank. Hugh borrows some money from his boss Clarence. He even gives his apartment as collateral.

Movie Review:

Thankfully, the audience gets a happy ending. Dave has the money to start his bank, and Alexandra confesses her love for Hugh when he decides to move to Burnley. Bank of Dave is a movie that teaches people never to lose hope. It’s all about being optimistic and hard work. If you have good intentions, you will accomplish your dreams regardless of their size.

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