Netflix recently released the Saudi Arabian psychological thriller “The Matchmaker,” which follows the story of a married IT worker who finds himself deeply attracted to a stunning intern at his office. The story takes a thrilling turn as he embarks on a dangerous journey that violates various cultural and societal norms.

Netflix, which is completely aware of the sensitive nature of the content, has remained committed to presenting an authentic and thought-provoking narrative that challenges social conventions and encourages discussion.

What is ‘The Matchmaker’ movie on Netflix about? 

In “The Matchmaker,” Hussam Alharthy, who plays the movie’s protagonist, finds himself captivated by Nour Alkhadra, an intern at his workplace, leading him on a thrilling journey to an eerie desert resort. There, they encounter Reem Alhabib, a matchmaker who promises to pair men with their ideal bride. 

The film, produced by Telfaz 11, aims to delve into the practice of “misyar,” a type of no-strings-attached marriage that is often kept secret in Saudi society. “Misyar” marriages are legal in the conservative Muslim kingdom and waive conventional marriage rights such as cohabitation and financial support. 

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Where was the movie shot? 

The Matchmaker was shot in the breathtakingly beautiful AlUla region, which boasts a sprawling desert area and an ancient city. This marks one of the first times that a psychological thriller of this caliber has been produced in Saudi Arabia, showcasing the country’s vibrant and diverse film industry.

Who is in the cast of The Matchmaker? 

Husam AlHarthi, who you may remember from “The Fates Hotel” and “The Office,” is at the center of the movie. 

Rahaf Ibrahim, who also stars in the film, has appeared in two other movies, including “Jameel Jeddan,” a really interesting movie where she played a teenage girl who awakens from a five-year coma and returns to school to complete her final year. 

Jubran Al Jubran, another talented member of the ensemble, is known for his memorable performances in the 2018 films “Asouf” and “Old Phone Number.” 

When and Where can I stream ‘The Matchmaker’? 

Since this is a Netflix Original Film, you will be able to watch it for free with a Netflix subscription. The release date for The Matchmaker was set for 27th April 2023 so you can now watch the movie here.

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