Since its inception, the Batman saga has presented us with various malicious villains, like The Joker, Harley Quinn, the Penguin, Scarecrow, Two-Face, etc. While some were gleefully irredeemable, the rest fell into the category of tragic ones. But it’s Two-Faced who has shown both aspects in his characteristics, as he’s two minds in one.

For a quick recap, Two-Face, originally called Harvey Dent, was once a bright and upstanding district attorney of Gotham City dedicated to ridding its streets of crime and corruption. In a horrific incident, he is hideously scarred on the left side of his face after mob boss Sal Maroni throws acidic chemicals at him during a court trial. He is subsequently consumed by madness and adopts the “Two-Face” persona, becoming a criminal obsessed with the concept of duality and the conflict between good and evil. Two-Face obsessively makes all important decisions by flipping a two-headed coin.

Now, with the upcoming series “Batman: Caped Crusader,” fans will get to see Two-Face in a different manner. Vanity Fair recently published a deep dive into the soon-arriving Prime Video cartoon, revealing the ensemble star cast and story details.

What can be expected from the upcoming ‘Batman: Caped Crusader’?

The animated series “Batman: Caped Crusader” is set to debut on Amazon Prime Video on August 1, 2024. Creator Bruce Timm, most famous for co-creating 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series, discussed how Caped Crusader will portray Harvey as a corrupt district attorney who is an adversary for Batman even before he becomes a supervillain. He explained, “And then when he gets his face disfigured, for the first time in his life, he actually feels empathy for other people.

In this version, Two-Face’s scarred side will represent his good side. Diedrich Bader will portray Harvey Dent, who previously voiced Batman several times in films like “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.”

Matt Reeves, director of “The Batman,” and J.J. Abrams have signed on as executive producers, and Ed Brubaker, the writer behind “Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Westworld” (2016), will serve as the head writer for the DC animated series.

When Warner Bros. Discovery altered the slate and canceled several projects in August 2022, the show was canceled before it saw the light of day. However, Amazon Prime has stepped in to revive the series, committing to at least two seasons (as reported by Empire). The show is poised to serve as a spiritual sequel to 1992’s “Batman: The Animated Series.” While the cast is entirely new, the series promises to showcase many of the most iconic and beloved characters from the Batman comics.

The ensemble cast of the show includes Hamish Linklater as the voice behind the titular character Batman. Meanwhile, Jamie Chung will be playing a reimagined Harley Quinn, and Christina Ricci will voice Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Other cast members (in unconfirmed roles) include John DiMaggio, Minnie Driver, Haley Joel Osment, Gary Anthony Williams, David Krumholtz, and more. Other confirmed villains who will be showing up in “Caped Crusader” season 1 include Clayface, Nocturna, Firebug, and the Gentleman Ghost.

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