“Beautiful Wedding” (2024) is a sequel to Roger Kumble’s 2023 rom-com “Beautiful Disaster.” The story continues with Travis and Abby’s love story. The film starts with the couple seeking counsel from Father Miguel after a series of heated arguments, revealing the rocky foundation of their relationship. Travis and Abby make a drunken mistake, fly to Mexico, and ponder over big decisions while also trying to understand each other.

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Beautiful Wedding (2024) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

“Beautiful Wedding” begins with a narration about a couple who are madly in love and so in love that they make each other go wild. Travis and Abby are having a couple of counseling sessions with Father Miguel. Travis and Abby fight, complaining about what each of them did to make the other bad. The sister in the church is angry, and Miguel apologizes. Travis starts to tell Father Miguel about their love story.

Travis used to fight in the rink, where he first saw Abby, and it was love at first sight. Abby narrates her side of the story. At first, she thinks Travis is a player and is not that attracted to him. But one day, while Abby is on a date with Parker, Travis scares the man. Eventually, she falls in love with Travis when he saves her after being abducted by someone, as she is excellent at playing poker.

We see a flashback to Travis and Abby’s story. Abby, Travis, and their friends Shepley and America (aka Mare) are in Vegas. They wake up one morning to realize Travis and Abby are married, which is a drunken mistake. Benny calls Travis and Abby and asks for the money Abby owes, but Abby yells at him and makes him shut up. The four of them decide to go to Mexico illegally. On the helicopter, Abby books an expensive resort and tells Travis it is her honeymoon; they can afford to spend that money.

The couples reach the resort and meet a peculiar host, Sancho, who is over-enthusiastic and talkative.  Abby seems happy. Despite being married, she has an eye on a man with a six-pack and shirtless walking in her direction. Travis does not notice and takes her inside the building. Travis and Abby want to have an intimate time, but they realize they don’t have condoms. However, hormones overwhelm them, and they end up having sex.

That night, Travis and Abby have a date night where Abby gives Travis a card, and the pros and cons of the marriage are in it. Abby suggests they can make a list by keeping points for everything good or bad in their marriage, or they can decide and get an annulment. Travis constantly says he is not feeling well and goes inside the building, but he meets Shepley to watch the basketball game. Abby, however, catches him lying and reduces points in their relationship. Travis makes it up to her by planning the next two days with her.

In a couple of days, at night, it starts to pour, and the four of them decide to play indoor games. Abby walks out abruptly and asks Travis if their marriage makes sense, as they don’t know much about each other. Travis convinces her to give their marriage a chance. The following day, Travis wakes up to see Abby watching a man juggle. He starts to get insecure and gets naked, which scares the man.

Travis and Abby are arguing, and she asks him to overcome his fear of other men touching her. They lose their friend Mare and try to ask a couple of girls if they have seen her. They don’t speak English, and hearing Travis talk in Spanish, they start coming on to him. Moreover, they go topless, and this makes Abby insecure. Travis defends himself, saying it is a topless beach, and Abby goes topless as well. One thing leads to another, and the group creates havoc and is arrested.

Beautiful Wedding (2024) Movie
A still from “Beautiful Wedding” (2024)

Sancho gets them out of jail, but Travis and Abby continue to fight. Abby walks away, and Sancho stops Travis from going after her. He tells him she is running away from him and Miguel will take care of her. On their walkout, Abby learns Miguel is training to be a priest, and he convinces her and takes her inside the church. Meanwhile, Travis is leaving angry voicemails to Abby. Mare hears this and asks him to stop being rude. She explains that Abby has a history of running away from problems.

They have an open conversation, but Shepley is spying on them, and Mare is annoyed. Abby comes back, and she discusses with Travis that they need some time off to do things, and to blow some steam off. Travis says he always wanted a bachelor party, and Abby agrees for him to do what he wants. He calls his brothers to Mexico immediately. The boys are having a wonderful time with booze, food, and beach, and for the single boys, the women.

Abby is with Mare having a spinster party when they meet an older woman named Vivian. She asks them where the rest of her group is, and Abby says it’s just the two of them. Vivian seems like a feminist, and this inspires Abby. Vivian takes them out, and they get drunk. Mare and Vivian are at the rink when a young girl comes inside and challenges anyone from the audience to fight her. Abby thinks she’s a cute girl and volunteers but starts getting beaten up. Travis hears Abby scream and enters the place to find her in a horrible space. He guides her to defeat the little girl.

Travis goes back to the party, and the girls from the beach try to convince Travis to have sex with them, but he declines the offer. However, they swipe his phone and check his photos. Meanwhile, Mare and Abby are drunk, and Abby realizes Vivian is the mother of her ex-boyfriend Parker. She video calls Travis, and the girl receives and shows their breasts. In her drunken state, Abby thinks about taking revenge, enters Parker’s bedroom, and starts to take selfies with him.

Beautiful Wedding (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Will Abby and Travis remain married?

The following day, Abby is still asleep next to Parker and does not realize and starts giving him a hand job. Travis is looking for Abby, sees her last location, and follows the directions on his phone. He gets there to find Abby with Parker, and without knowing anything, she screams that Abby slept with Parker. There is chaos and everyone’s fighting. At present, Travis and Abby are discussing everything that took place with Father Miguel.

Travis tells Abby that he had nothing to do with the woman, and Abby agrees and tells him he believes her, but they don’t want to proceed with the marriage. Abby meets Benny and fights him, but listening to him talk about love makes her want to give her marriage another chance. Travis’s brothers talk to Travis about the same. Eventually, Travis and Abby decide to keep their marriage. Mare and Shepley also get back together.

The story is about a typical Vegas drunk marriage and the aftermath of it. Travis and Abby are teenagers, and the film is about figuring out if they should stay in the union. America and Shepley were just the side characters who could have had a better story, but except for Abby and Travis, there wasn’t much of a point to the other people in the film. It felt like the other characters were there just for the sake of it. Ultimately, they decide to stay in the married relationship as the biggest pro is that they love each other, and that’s all that matters.

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