In episode 8 of Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Ok-hui develops feelings for Da-eun’s brother. Ye-bun is shocked as she finds out that there is another person who may have psychic abilities, and the true intentions of Dr. Jung are yet to be revealed. This episode leaves us with a lot of questions, but it also sets up the next few episodes in a suspenseful way. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 8 Recap:

This episode begins where it was left off. Mr. Park is possessed and announces that the killer was present in the crowd and immediately faints. Sun-woo helps him by carrying him on his back to his house. Jung-muk tries to rush behind the crowd but twists his ankle. Kwang-shik takes the chance and tries to touch Jung-muk’s leg. Sun-woo cares for Mr. Park by keeping a water rag on his forehead. Mr Park regains consciousness but does not remember anything he said or how he got home after the ritual. Ok-hui struggled to lift a crate of bottles, and Da-eun’s brother came to her rescue. We see Ok-hui slowly starting to fall for him. Jang Yeol comes to the store to buy something, but Ok-hui sees a weird squid on his face. But when she looks at Da-eun’s brother, she sees him glowing.

Ok-hui gets paranoid and rushes to seek clarity from Ye-bun. Ye-bun sees that Ok-hui is attracted to Da-eun’s brother and declares that she surely is unwell. But upon checking her temperature, they can’t decide what is wrong. They talk about the serial killings in Mujin, and Ye-bun is suddenly afraid of being the victim as she participates in the investigation. Jang Yeol calls her to go on an investigation, but she lies to him by saying that she has lost her powers. He tells her he is coming inside the clinic, but Ye-bun panics and tries to escape through the window, and Jang Yeol is waiting for her.

She tells Jang Yeol that since she was seen investigating, the killer might try to come after her and kill her. Jang Yeol tells Ye-bun that he wouldn’t let anyone kill her, which makes her happy, but her fear prevails. She decides to help with a helmet on the whole time so the killer cannot recognize her. Dr Jung is helping with Ju-man’s campaign, and his former son-in-law arrives. Dr. Jung takes him to his house, and the son-in-law asks why he was helping Ju-man because they were enemies. Dr. Jung asks him to leave and never return to Mujin. Hyun-ok comes home and asks him to escape them as she likes someone else.

The townspeople follow Mr. Park to learn more about what had happened during the ritual, and everyone believes everything he says. He tells the people there will be another victim, which is true. Meanwhile, a girl named Ae-ran, who worked in the coffee shop, is missing. Ae-ran’s co-worker informed Jang Yeol that it didn’t seem like Ae-ran would have run away as she had a tough life. When she was young, her brother had gone missing, and her parents had died, and all they did was look for him; hence, she would donate money to different children’s homes, hoping her brother would be in one of them. Ye-bun takes her helmet off, starts crying, and promises to help her.

Ye-bun spots Sun-woo riding a bicycle and asks him where he is going. Sun-woo is discrete and tells her he has an embarrassing hobby, but she asks to join him, and he takes her to a shed. Inside, he reveals woodworking is his habit. She gets a call from Jang Yeol as she is not where he wants her to be, but she makes an excuse, saying she is getting ready and is about to leave. But Jang Yeol had followed her to the shed, and she gets caught lying. He doesn’t let her say goodbye to Sun-woo and drags her out.

Jung-muk sees Hyun-ok’s ex-husband trying to force her inside a car to take her somewhere to talk, but he runs as fast as he can, takes the car keys, and rescues her. They hold hands and run. Jang Yeol asks Ye-bun to be careful with Sun-woo, but she defends him by saying that he is a nice person and especially people who are that good-looking are always nice. But Jang Yeol thinks otherwise. He tells her that the people you least expect are serial killers.

Behind Your Touch Season 1 Episode 8
A still from Behind Your Touch, Season 1 – Episode 8

They visit the coffee shop, and Ye-bun touches the owner’s butt and finds out that she had not been treating Ae-ran that well and lied about her leaving her hometown. The owner thinks if Jang Yeol had touched her butt. Ye-bun laughs and has the time of her life seeing this exchange. She also tells him that she had seen two high schoolers riding Ae-ran’s motorbike in a particular direction, and these were the teenagers who had sold Sun-woo second-hand laptops. They take Ok-hui’s help so Ye-bun can touch Da-eun’s brother’s butt to find out who the boy is.

After discovering the boy’s name, Jang Yeol asks for the details, but Da-eun’s brother asks him to handle the teenager independently, and he will help find the stolen motorcycle. Ok-hui and Da-eun’s brother chase the kid; Da-eun’s brother gives him the deserved punishment and informs Jang Yeol of the motorcycle’s location. Ok-hui tells him that if she had a teacher like him, she would have become a better person, and Da-eun’s brother touches her head in compassion. Ok-hui is attracted to him again, and she asks him to walk home.

They investigate the crime scene and find blood trails, but Jang Yeol notices a CCTV camera. The next day, a man in a raincoat attacks Ae-ran and is caught on camera. They visit Kwang-sik, and he lies to them that he has only seen Ae-ran when he visits the coffee shop. They leave, and Ye-bun tells Jang Yeol that Kwang-sik was lying as she had seen in his memories that Ae-ran and he often met, and she liked him. She also reveals that Kwang-sik is a psychic.

Mr. Park tells the townspeople that there is going to be another victim. Kwang-sik leaves the building, and they follow him. He is seen purchasing items in a market, but they lose sight of him at one point. They decide to split and look for him, and Ye-bun spots him leaving towards an industrial area and follows while being on call with Jang Yeol. She enters a warehouse, and her phone battery dies. She tries to fix the phone but is startled to see Kwang-sik in front of her.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 8 Ending, Explained:

What’s Kwang-sik’s Secret?

Ye-bun asks him why he had lied, and he tells her that since the situation in Mujin was so tense if he did reveal the truth, everyone would doubt him. Ye-bun asks to touch his butt, and once his innocence is proven, she will protect him. But he tries to touch her leg and she his butt. This dance goes on, and Jang Yeol appears; for a second, Ye-bun is happy to see him, but he walks past them and calls out to Ae-ran in another room. She gets up and walks out while Ye-bun and Kwang-sik do the touch dance. Ye-bun is distracted, and Kwang-sik touches her leg.

Kwang-sik tells Jang Yeol that Ae-ran had a lot of debts, and her boss was not ready to accept money from him as it was an excuse to keep her around. Jang Yeol tells them that what they had done was serious and they had to visit the police station with him. Later, Ye-bun tells Kwang-sik that she had told Jang Yeol about his psychic powers, and he tells her that he was a nice man and that since they were a couple, he would be trustworthy. Ye-bun denies these claims, but he also tells her that the day a meteor shower happened, another person was in the shed with them, and he had seen it in her memories.

In this episode, we see Ok-hui having feelings for Da-eun’s brother, and she cannot process it. It is going to be interesting to see how this love story is going to develop. Ye-bun is shocked as she finds out there is another person who may have psychic abilities, and now this changes things as that unknown person may use this power to do wrong things. The true intentions of Dr. Jung are yet to be revealed, but we now know that he used to not like Ju-man, and it makes sense that he had stolen the donor document as he probably had other intentions.

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