Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 7 is fast-paced and suspenseful, leaving viewers with many questions. In this episode, Jang Yeol and Ye-bun investigate the murders of Seung-gil and Sia, and they soon realize that there is a serial killer on the loose in Mujin. The ending of the episode is particularly shocking, as Mr.Park seems to be possessed by the spirits of the victims.

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Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap:

The episode begins where the previous episode left off. Seung-gil had died in the hospital in Jang Yeol’s arms. Jang Yeol wants revenge and rushes out of the hospital. Ye-bun tries to stop him, but he refuses to listen to her. Ye-bun gets inside the car and tells him she won’t let him go alone as he is still recovering. They drive to Baek’s place, and Jang Yeol starts hitting him. Ye-bun successfully stops him, touches Baek’s butt, and sees that he had ordered Seung-gil to kill Jang Yeol, but Baek has not killed Seung-gil. At that moment, Seoul’s police arrive, and Jang Yeol is briefly happy to see his friend and asks him to arrest Baek, but his friend handcuffs him along with the other goons and Baek. He informs Jang Yeol that they have a report and he must arrest them all. Meanwhile, Jang Yeol is put in a cell, and Jung Muk visits him. He yells at Jang Yeol for impatience and shows the stab wounds on Seung-gil’s body. He tells him he will do anything to get him out of prison.

Jang Yeol’s Seoul friend (police officer) asks Jang Yeol how he knew about Baek’s fishing boats, and Jang Yeol looks at Ye-bun, who was sleeping on the sofa, and says that he had an informant. The friend informs him that Baek was using the fishing boats for smuggling. Jung Muk gives Ye-bun a ride home, and as she is leaving, he asks her if she and Jang Yeol are dating. She is taken aback by the question and profusely refuses, but Jung Muk smiles and leaves. Ye-bun wonders why she would be linked with a nutcase like Jang Yeol. That night, Ye-bun finds herself looking at Jang Yeol’s roof but convinces herself she doesn’t care and goes to bed. Ok Hui cooks fried tofu the following day as Jang Yeol cannot eat raw tofu. She sends over some to Ye-bun’s house. Dr. Jung struggles to lift the tofu with his chopstick. Ok Hui informs Ye-bun that Jang Yeol is getting released that day. Ye-bun asks Ok Hui why she likes Jang Yeol, and she tells her that he is a rare man who isn’t afraid of her. Jang Yeol rushes towards Ye-bun’s clinic, ignoring Ok Hui, and asks Ye-bun to help him catch the killer.

Jang Yeol takes Ye-bun to the crime scene, but she couldn’t find anything to touch to know what had happened. The only thing she could touch was snakes. As she touches one of the snakes, she sees that the man wore a raincoat and stabbed Seung-gil with a particular knife. They visit a store, and Ye-bun points out the raincoat she saw in her vision. At the police station, Jung Muk tells Jang Yeol that everyone in Mujin had similar raincoats, but they do realize that the day the murder took place, it wasn’t raining. Ye-bun sees Hyun-ok chopping kimchi with a decorated knife and remembers Seung-gil was murdered with a similar knife and rushes to the police station. Still, Jang Yeol and Ye-bun are disappointed when Jung Muk points out that everyone in Mujin had that knife, as it was a fad at one point. Meanwhile, Ok Hui visits Mr. Park and asks him to help her make Jang Yeol like her. He gives her a talisman and asks her to put it in his underwear. Jang Yeol enters his house while Ok Hui is sneakily putting the talisman. She climbs out the window in time, but her family watches her behavior from below and indirectly teases her but doesn’t help her down.

At Ye-bun’s clinic, she treats a puppy and sees Sia’s body in the dog’s memories. She rushes to the crime scene and calls the police immediately. Jang Yeol observes that the stab wounds are identical to the ones on Seung-gil’s body. Jang Yeol investigates the case and talks to everyone who had contact with Sia before she was murdered. Her manager told him he hadn’t seen her for two weeks, which was her normal behavior. Her boyfriend tells Jang Yeol that he wants to break up with her. Jang Yeol gets his clue from the convenience store when Sun-woo tells him she bought beer the night she died. Mr Park shows the video he had taken with her and sees the car she drove in. The auto repair shop owner tells Jang Yeol that nobody was in the car when they arrived. Jung Muk investigates the hospital, and the nurse tells him that Sia has got into a fight with Hyun-ok, but Jung Muk defends her. Hyun-ok is listening to this conversation from afar. Her heart is filled with joy after listening to this. Deok-hee gets a lead that Assemblyman Cha had given Sia money for doing a promotional video. Still, upon asking for the money, Cha tells the police that Sia had demanded it.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 7
A still from Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 7

Once the police leave, Cha tells his assistant to keep the reporters away from the news. Deok-hee looks at comments on her livestream to find a lead, and Mi-ran deletes her comments. Ye-bun tells Jang Yeol that she had seen Kwang-Shik the day Sia died. Jang Yeol visits him, and tells him what happened that day. Kwang-shik tries to touch Jang Yeol’s leg, but Jang Yeol stops him. Jang Yeol tells his colleagues that he thinks the killer who killed Sia may be the same person who had killed Seung-gil. Jung Muk gets annoyed as this means a serial killer was in Mujin. The townspeople are discussing what must be done, and Mr. Park sneakily mentions performing rituals and rites to save Mujin from the serial killer. They decide to have a meeting to come to a decision. Meanwhile, Sun-woo walks Ye-bun home and asks her not to go alone at night, but when Hyun-Ok walks by, he says the same thing to her, bursting Ye-bun’s imagination that Sun-woo probably liked her.

In the meeting with the townspeople, they are conflicted about whether they should perform a ritual or install CCTV cameras. Assemblyman Cha promises to install more CCTV cameras if he wins the election. Sun-woo gets annoyed as Cha uses this as an opportunity to win votes. Dr. Jung takes Cha’s side by saying outsiders’ opinions are unwelcome. After much back and forth, it is decided that the ritual will be held. Ye-bun is walking alone at night to visit an animal in pain and Jang Yeol worries about her. He tells her he needs her, and Ye-bun starts imagining he likes her, but Jang Yeol tells Ye-bun that he needs her help, and her bubble bursts again. Ye-bun touches a lot of thugs’ butts, but none of them are murderers. Ok Hui asks Mr. Park for another talisman to ensure nothing happens between Ye-bun and Jang Yeol. She places it under Ye-bun’s pillow.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

Is the Real Serial Killer Hidden Among the Townspeople?

That night, Ok Hui and Hyun Ok have a conversation, and after that, Ok Hui realizes what she had done was wrong. She throws away the talisman, but one of them falls on Da-eun’s brother’s car, and it crashes. He gets out and slips, but Ok Hui catches it. The other talisman touches her, and it seems like they are falling in love with each other. The next day the ritual is held, and Jang Yeol takes Ye-bun to it so she can touch everyone’s butt. But suddenly, he stops dancing and seems possessed by the hurting souls of Sia and Seung-gil. He tells the group that the murderer was present between them.

In the end, among the townspeople, Assemblyman Cha, Kwang-shik, Dr.Jung, and Sun-woo seem suspicious of the murders or something sly and cunning. Assemblyman Cha’s behavior and expression in the last scene make him feel like he would get in trouble if the murders were investigated correctly. Kwang-shik found the need to touch Jang Yeol’s leg to find out how far the investigation had come, showing us he was hiding something. Dr. Jung was at first caught stealing the donor list; next, in one scene, he couldn’t use the chopsticks but later, he was using a tea cup normally and his being defensive about Cha all seem like there is more to the story. Sun-woo is somehow linked to everyone dying and has something against Cha.

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