Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained – Who is Seung-gil?

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 6, Jang Yeol and Ye-bun investigate the case of the underwear thief. They also deal with the fallout from Jang Yeol’s past as Seung-gil returns to Mujin. This episode is filled with humor but with a lot more loose ends. We slowly see the other side of Sun-woo, and he indeed has his reasons to come to Mujin. Hyun-ok’s love story is improving.

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Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap:

The episode begins with Hyun-ok asking Ye-bun if she had seen her underwear. Simultaneously, many other women realized that their underwear was stolen when they had put it out to dry. All the women went to the police to complain about the underwear thief. Jang Yeol receives a call about a woman who had died from a drug overdose in Seoul. She happened to have a butterfly tattoo and Jang Yeol realized it was Baek’s doing. Unfortunately, the other officer could not do much as the higher-ups supported Baek and asked Jang Yeol to get back to Seoul to solve the issue. Hyun-ok forces Ye-bun to visit Kwang-shik as a cow needs to be treated. Jang Yeol sees her and gives her a lift. Ye-bun immediately messages Ok Hui, informing her of the situation, and it does not mean anything. Ye-bun decides to take a nap and when she wakes up, she sees Lotte Tower and realizes they are in Seoul. She starts yelling at Jang Yeol. He asks her for help and asks her to touch Baek’s buttocks. They do their usual routine of sticking gum and Ye-bun touching buttocks. She tells Jang Yeol that Baek has been buying a lot of boats recently. Jang Yeol lends money to her so she can buy a dress and walks into a building with Baek.

Jang Yeol questions Baek about the girl who had died of an overdose. He also asks about the fishing boats he had bought and asks if it was to be smuggled, but Baek does not answer. After Jang Yeol leaves, he calls in one of his goons, who turns out to be Seung-gil from Jang Yeol’s memories. He tells him that they had to kill Jang Yeol. On the way home, Jang Yeol asks Ye-bun if she has seen anything else, and she tells him she has not. Ye-bun goes home and meets an angry Ok Hui. She threatens to rip Ye-bun’s dress as the dress was bought with Jang Yeol’s money, and she cannot harm Ye-bun. She comes clean and tells her what happened that day and Ok Hui warns her not to interact with Jang Yeol anymore. She returns to find an angry Hyun-ok, who kicks her out and asks her to visit Kwang-shik.

After treating the cows, Kwang-shik asks Ye-bun to use her powers for dating, just like he had done. She asks his permission to see his memories, and he permits. She realizes that she can do the same with Sun-woo. Kwang-shik drops her back home. Jung-muk calls the whole team to investigate disappearances, and as they reach the location, they know it is to investigate disappearances of underwear. Jung-muk orders everybody to stay at the police station until they catch the thief. They wait for the thief outside someone’s house, waiting for him to steal the underwear. As soon as the thief arrives, Jang Yeol chases him but gets hit with a stick on his head. He is angered and does not let anyone go home as he is determined to catch the thief. They stake out again, and the same thing happens, but Jang Yeol is hit with a dog bowl this time.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending, Explained
A still from Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 6

Jung Muk and Jang Yeol are eating at a convenience store and see a man wearing a woman’s underwear. They question him, but he does not admit to the crimes. Jang Yeol asks him to run, and he chases him down but seeing his speed, Jang Yeol tells Jung Muk that he isn’t fast enough to be the real culprit. But the man tells them that Mr. Park had given him the underwear. They visit Mr. Park, and he tells them that he has used the underwear and given it to the man to balance yin and yang energy. Someone announces on the speaker the tragedy that Jang Yeol had faced while trying to catch the underwear thief. The man also announces that if they see Jang Yeol, they should ask about his whereabouts and Jang Yeol is annoyed and embarrassed. Hyun-ok asks Ye-bun if her underwear was stolen, and she tells her that it is fine. But she suddenly rushes out, and so does Ok Hui. They realize they need to buy good underwear so that it will not be embarrassing once it’s found. They go shopping for good underwear.

Ok Hui tries to talk to Jang Yeol, but he is preoccupied and overlooks Ok Hui. She decides to help Jang Yeol and calls her group to train to run. Da-eun’s brother turns out to be the fastest and Ok Hui is impressed. Jang Yeol questions Sun-woo if he knew any outsiders in town and Sun-woo tells him it was him. Ye-bun wants to try and touch Sun-woo’s butt, but Jang Yeol embarrasses her. Jang Yeol drags Ye-bun to the police station and asks her to touch his butt to see the culprit better. He only asks her to see the underwear thief’s memory but she breaks her promise. Ye-bun sees the memory because of which he had to transfer to Mujin. She sees Seung-gil in his memory. He was a bully as a teenager, but Jang Yeol cared for him. She sees Jang Yeol and Seung-gil eventually developing a bond and Seung-gil not committing any crimes. But the next memory she sees is the first memory where Seung-Gil was part of a gang and Jang Yeol was hit. She finally sees the underwear thief and tells him she knows the man. She had sold a dog bowl to him. Jang Yeol enters the culprit’s house, but the culprit flees the area. The police catch him with the help of Ok Hui and Da-eun’s brother.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending, Explained:

Who is Seung-gil?

While Jang Yeol chases the pervert from another direction, he happens to see a shadow. He goes ahead to see who it is and it is Seung-Gil. He asks him what he is doing in Mujin, but he stabs Jang Yeol. Ye-bun sees this and rushes to help him, but Jang Yeol asks her not to mention anything to the police or anyone. Jang Yeol was in the hospital for surgery, and she did not tell the police anything. The whole neighborhood visits Jang Yeol. Sun-woo is leaving the hospital and Ye-bun meets Mr. Cha and decides to go with him to see Jang Yeol. Sun-woo looks at Mr. Cha weirdly when they exchange introductions. Ye-bun notices Seung-gil visiting the hospital and follows him while informing Jung Muk to get there soon. Ye-bun touches Seung-gil’s buttocks and realizes that Seung-gil has tried to save Jang Yeol. In his memories, he sees Baek blackmailing Seung-gil and Seung-gil knows that if he stabbed Jang Yeol near the spleen, he would not die because he had had it removed after Baek had stabbed him.

Jung Muk reaches the hospital, but Ye bun tells him she is mistaken. She rushes to Jang Yeol and tells him everything, but Jang Yeol calls Seung-gil a criminal. Seung-gil comes inside the hospital room bleeding, and Jang Yeol tries to help him, but he dies. Before he died, Ye-bun tried to see his memories, but she could not see anything new. In this episode, the anticipation was to see more development on Sia’s case, but there was nothing about her in this episode. But we see Jang Yeol’s past coming ahead, and his life is in danger hereon. There is a closure for the memories we saw in episode one regarding Seung-gil. This episode had many more humorous scenes, primarily because of the underwear thief. Sun-woo’s character is slowly getting suspicious. The way he looked at Mr. Cha seemed like he had some grudge or hurt from Mr. Cha. Could he be his father? Maybe if Ye-bun can touch his butt, she will discover the truth about him. Hyun-ok’s love story is gradually improving, but Ok Hui’s is going nowhere.

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