Acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker Paul Thomas Andreson is currently working on his next project, which has an ensemble cast. Joining the cast is Benicio Del Toro, who appeared in a cameo role in PTA’s Thomas Pynchon adaptation, “Inherent Vice.” The news was buried deep in a THR which mentioned: “Clients Benicio del Toro and Leonardo DiCaprio will co-star in Paul Thomas Anderson’s next film—after del Toro finishes work on Wes Anderson’s The Phoenician Scheme.” ‘

 What can be expected from Paul Thomas Anderson’s next film featuring Benicio del Toro?

Given his illustrious directorial career and his undeniable talent, Paul Thomas Anderson’s name attached to a project is enough to ignite the anticipation for the film. The Oscar-nominated actor is often associated with making psychological dramas characterized by depictions of flawed, desperate characters, explorations of dysfunctional families, alienation, loneliness, and redemption, and a bold visual style that uses constantly moving camera shots and long takes. His most notable directorial credits include movies like “There Will Be Blood” (2007), “The Master” (2012), “Inherent Vice” (2014), “Phantom Thread” (2017), and “Licorice Pizza” (2021).

His upcoming movie, which hasn’t been titled yet, encompasses huge star power, including A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio and Sean Penn. Recently, the two were spotted in the northeast of San Diego at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in scenes featuring high-speed cars, crashes, and gunplay. The untitled project is close to wrapping up production in California and will, again, be taking a small break from shooting before heading into Texas, Mexico, and Colorado later in the fall.

The project’s production began in January and has been on a loop of pause and resume, given the chaotic post-strike schedules of some of the actors. This may lead to a prolonged duration for the film to be finally ready. The budget of the film has been reported to be $100 million, but Jeff Sneider recently stated that it might be closer to $175 million.

The film, set for release on August 8, 2025, has action movie elements and incorporates “the biggest stunts of PTA’s career.” PTA is shooting it all on 35mm and in VistaVision. Meanwhile, Michael Bauman is being credited as the DP on the project, which is currently under the working title “BC Project,” a.k.a. “Baktin Cross Project.”

The rest of the star cast of the film includes Hall, Teyana Taylor, Wood Harris, Alana Haim, and Chase Infiniti, along with a score by Jonny Greenwood. While nothing much has been revealed about the movie yet, it has been speculated that Anderson is indeed adapting Thomas Pynchon’s “Vineland.” However, evidence suggests it might be a loose, modern interpretation of the 1990 novel.

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