In “Blood Free” episodes 3 and 4, we see Chae Woon continuing his search for the truth about his time in AZORAN. Ja Yoo and Chae Woon find the culprit behind the ransomware and Ms Hong’s accident. They chase the person, but it leads to a dead end. There are growing tensions between Chae Woon and Ja Yoo, but circumstances lead them to trust each other no matter what. Mungyu and Seon-u don’t trust Chae Woon entirely, and Chae Woon sees Ja Yoo for who she is without prejudice.

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Blood Free Episode 3 Recap:

The episode begins with Ja Yoo and Chae Woon meeting Mr. Seo to get details about Blood Free employees. Ja Yoo wants to track all the internal network employees, but that is not ideal for Mr. Seo, and he agrees. She wants to know about transactions and flight or ferry bookings done by employees after the ransom money was transferred. They have a few employees listed, and one of them is Shin Gu. They brush it off, saying he is visiting Phoenix to meet with family since he is retiring soon. Chae Woon tails Mr. Seo as he is the first person to know when anything with hacking or computers happens. Moreover, Ja Yoo realizes that Chae Woon should be suspected as he is smart enough to pull this off.

Ja Yoo confronts Chae Woon

Ja Yoo immediately realizes who Chae Woon is and asks him to meet her. He meets her, and he asks him about the day of the bomb blast. She asks him if he has met Mungyu and Seon-u. He admits to meeting them but lies and says he has met them only once. He also tells her that his former employee knew who he was from the beginning. Chae Woon says he realized much later that she was in the blast after he read about her in the news. Ja Yoo says Mungyu was the worst president for her, and her grandson is now the prime minister. She believes they are capable of planting an informant close to her. Judging by Ja Yoo’s tone, Chae Woon realizes she suspects him of planting the ransomware. He pleads with her to suspect the lab before suspecting him.

The truth behind Ms. Hong’s accident

On San gets a call from the police since he was the last person to talk to Ms. Hong before the accident. Ja Yoo calls him and asks him to meet. Ja Yoo tells On San that ransomware and Ms. Hong’s accident are not coincidences as events are happening one after the other. She realizes that Shin Gu was with Ms. Hong almost until the accident, and the location of the accident didn’t add up either. In a flashback, we see Ms. Hong visit Shin Gu to give him his belongings. But she hears 80 billion won, and it works from inside his apartment.

Shin Gu is acting strange, and Ms. Hong is nervous. She calls On San to tell him about what she heard. However, since he is busy, he hangs up. Shin Gu follows her to the car and pushes her vehicle inside a water body. He also visits her in the hospital and overhears police asking to check the dashcam, but he has taken it away. He looks at Ms. Hong and asks her why she had to visit him that late, as he never intended anyone to get hurt.

Chasing Shin Gu

Shin Gu realizes he will be in trouble and leaves town. Ja Yoo, Chae Woon, and On San visit his house, but he is not at home. On San calls him and asks about his whereabouts, but he is quiet. Ja Yoo talks to him and confronts him about the ransomware. Shin Gu is not afraid and blames everything on Ja Yoo, saying she has blood on her hands as she has killed someone. Ja Yoo says he decided to conduct surgery despite her warning him of the dangers. Shin Gu hangs out and destroys his SIM card.

Ja Yoo takes Seon-u’s help to put Shin Gu on the no-fly list. They learn that Shin Gu was in Vietnam, and the embassy was informed. Ja Yoo asks her people in Vietnam to be present at every departure point and urges Jung to send Shin Gu’s photos to everyone. She requests images of Shin Gu without glasses and with a hat. Through Ja Yoo and Chae Woon’s conversation, they realize Shin Gu did not make a fake passport as he thought he would get away with it if it seemed like he was visiting family after retirement.

Who is Kir?

Blood Free Episodes 3 & 4
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Chae Woon has a soldier friend who worked with him during AZORAN (bomb blast time). He is in prison and is called a terrorist for setting off the bomb that day. But Chae Woon does not believe Kir is capable of doing something like that. He takes Mungyu’s help and sets up a meeting with Kir. Kir tells Chae Woon that he is the one who did everything. Chae Woon asks him if he set off the bomb when he knew the kids he fed would be killed while his family enjoyed their stay abroad. Kir breaks down. Chae Woon asks him if he remembers Ja Yoo. Kir gets restless as Chae Woon mentions he is facing a life sentence, and if he tells the truth, he can be saved. However, Kir cries and walks away from him, saying everything is over.

Chae Woon meets thugs

Chae Woon remembers Mungyu’s words about gaining Ja Yoo’s trust. So, he takes matters into his own hands and decides to meet with some thugs to find Shin Gu. Chae Woon starts to ask them about an undocumented person, but the thugs start running. Chae Woon chases them until they surround him, and their boss appears. He asks Chae Woon if he is a new cop and asks the thugs to beat him up. Chae Woon hits a few of them and threatens to kill them if they don’t cooperate. He shows the boss Shin Gu’s picture, and the boss asks him if he is joking after seeing the image.

Blood Free Episode 4 Recap:

The episode begins with the thugs agreeing to look for Shin Gu. There is a photo session and meeting with the Prime Minister and other top business officials. Chae Woon recognizes the members present during AZORAN. Prime Minister’s father, Geum Seon-u of DOSRAN, wants a private meeting with Ja Yoo. Geum Seon-u makes an offer to Ja Yoo. He offered 32 trillion won for her cultured meat company and promised to let her handle the subsidiary companies. The offer tempts Ja Yoo, but she asks for time to consider it.

Geum Seon-u and his son chat and ask why Chae Woon is working with Ja Yoo. Seon-u says it was Mungyu’s idea to put a trusted mole beside their enemy. Geum Seon-u asks him if Chae Woon has discovered anything. But Seon-u says Chae Woon has not yet won Ja Yoo’s trust. They discuss that they will find good use for him if he fails at this job.

Search for Shin Gu

Chae Woon gets a message and leaves abruptly without informing Ja Yoo. Ja Yoo drives back home thinking about Geum Seon-u’s offer and is unhappy with Chae Woon’s disappearance. She takes On San’s advice about selling the company without DORSAN knowing its tangible assets. On San asks what the offer is since she is considering it. Ja Yoo hangs up on him as she gets a photo of Shin Gu from Chae Woon. He calls and informs her that Shin Gu flew to Cambodia and made a fake Thai passport. They get to know from Seon-u that Shin Gu is flying to France. We see Shin Gu enjoying drinks on the flight, but news breaks out that Shin Gu is dead while on the flight.

Tensions between Ja Yoo and Chae Woon

Ja Yoo gives Chae Woon a watch and tells him that once he turns it on, it will be synched to the app on her phone. Chae Woon asks if he has done something wrong, and she expresses how her bodyguard seemed to be at the right place at the right time, even before he joined Blood Free. She wonders how he tracked down Shin Gu. Chae Woon decides to be honest with her and tells her that he used brokers who know about undocumented people to find Shin Gu, and he went to such lengths as to be desperate to see him.

He also told her he was a NIC Captain and was held accountable. Chae Woon volunteered to go abroad as it was better money. He could save up a lot more as there wasn’t a lot of spending overseas. Chae Woon also mentioned that he had paid the reward and hadn’t asked her, as he would have come across as uncool. Ja Yoo asks him to promise her that he will never work for any other company if he leaves Blood Free, but he refuses to do that, and she puts the watch on his hand.

Threat to Ja Yoo’s life

Blood Free
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Ms. Hong is discharged from the hospital, and she sees the news about Shin Gu’s death and people speculating if it is Ja Yoo’s doing. The protests start to grow, and the people believe Ja Yoo killed Shin Gu as he revealed the information about toxic fluids in their cultured meat. The reporters ask her about it, and she tells them killing someone who has fled while on air in an airplane is something that happens in films.

Jung calls Ja Yoo and asks her not to visit the Seoul office, where the protestors are prominent in number and are calling her a murderer. She decides to visit the headquarters, but Chae Woon is against it as there is a threat to her life, and they will find her in either of the offices. The hotels are completely booked because of New Year’s Eve. Chae Woon decides to take her home as it is the safest bet.

Ja Yoo and Chae Woon bond

Chae Woon comes home and finds a car parked, which he finds strange. Before their arrival, some man attempts to break into his house, but after hearing the vehicle, he runs away. Chae Woon and the driver decide to take turns to patrol the house. Chae Woon feeds his cat and tells Ja Yoo that he is a stray and does not like men. He also tells her he grew up in that house and his parents live abroad. Ja Yoo tells Chae Woon that they were meant to doubt each other as she questioned him about his motives for joining Blood Free, and he now doubts her hand in Shin Gu’s death.

Chae Woon assures her that he knows that she does not have anything to do with Shin Gu’s death. Subsequently, Chae Woon feels uneasy as Ja Yoo does not seem upset about the protests and the names people call her. Chae Woon tells her he trusts that she will never kill someone for personal reasons but asks if she would for her company and brings up Shin Gu’s wife. She dismisses him and asks Jung to come inside the house. She brings them a lot of weapons to help protect Ja Yoo. Chae Woon deletes information about her from his phone.

Blood Free Episode 4 Ending Explained:

Is Ja Yoo’s life in danger?

Geum Seon-u informs his son that Ja Yoo has asked for time about his offer and that Chae Woon has taken Ja Yoo to his house for protection. He asks if Mungyu knows about it and if Chae Woon has informed him. Seon-u calls Mungyu and tells him about the offer, saying that Geum won’t make any more offers. Mungyu understands that the company is like a child to her, and she won’t abandon it, but he wonders if she will give up if it means her life is at risk. Mungyu looks through pictures of Blood Free’s lab and knows something he is searching for is hidden there.

The following day, Seon-u calls Ja Yoo to meet, but upon arrival, he apologizes and leaves as some weapons are missing and he needs to visit the police station. Ja Yoo, the driver, Chae Woon, and Mr. Seo are on their way but are asked to take a different route because of construction. Chae Woon notices something odd, but a black van stops their car before he can think further. Thugs come out and start firing. The driver and Chae Woon fight them. The four of them run, and the thugs chase them. They take cover, and Ja Yoo is panicking as she is reminded of the day of the blast. Chae Woon promises to protect her and be by her side. In the last scene, Chae Woon is hurt, and Ja Yoo is crying and asking him to breathe and wake up.

The last scene indicates that there is a high chance that Chae Woon is severely injured or maybe dead. If that is the case, Mungyu, Seon-u, and Geum Seon-u may have sent the thugs to take down both Chae Woon and Ja Yoo. The trio may start to realize that Chae Woon is not entirely on their side and decides to take him down before he reveals any information to Ja Yoo. It will be interesting to see what will happen to Ja Yoo. Whether she will survive or not? If she does, will she give up on Blood Free? We also don’t know what Mungyu is looking for, which he is sure is hidden in Blood Free’s lab.

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