In “Blood Free” episodes 5 and 6, Chae Woon is severely injured, and Blood Free’s secret is revealed as they save Chae Woon from dying. There are also power struggles in Blood Free. Chae Woon learns how Blood Free began, questions his role, and tries to piece together the puzzle of AZORAN and Blood Free. Mingyu, Seon-u, and Geum Seon-u want different things. There is a clue to Shin Gu’s changed behavior and his death.

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Blood Free Episode 5 Recap:

The episode begins from where it left off. The goons are attacking Ja Yoo and the group, and Chae Woon is shot. On San gets to know about it and sends the cops to their rescue. He arrives at the scene, and the group takes Chae Woon. Chae Woon is losing Blood, and his heartbeat is low. Ja Yoo takes him inside the basement of Blood Free headquarters. They are performing surgery on their own using cultured tissue. Chae Woon responds well to the treatment. Ja Yoo calls it a first success.

Chae Woon finds out about Blood Free’s secret

Ja Yoo has nightmares because this is her second time being around grenades and firing. Every slight sound is scaring her. She returns to Chae Woon’s house to care for his cat and leaves On San to take care of Chae Woon. Jung is kept in the dark about what goes on in the basement, but she is curious and tries to find more information. On San falls asleep on the job, and Chae Woon wakes up.

He explores the lab and is shocked to see organs and blood everywhere. Geum Seon-u thinks Seon-u sent the thugs to harm Ja Yoo, but he refuses any such thing had happened. Geum Seon-u is thrilled that Chae Woon is injured and that they can find out if Blood Free is ready with the product. If Chae Woon does not recover, they haven’t made progress, but if he recovers, then Blood Free has found a cure.

Chae Woon confronts Seon-u and Ja Yoo

Seon-u asks to meet Chae Woon and is surprised to see him well and fit. Chae Woon has a slight problem, as he can hear even small noises loudly in one of his ears. Seon-u asks him to entertain Mungyu, as he had accepted the terrorist as Kir until a delusional soldier like him appeared. Chae Woon asks him if he can bring evidence of who the real terrorist is and if he will handle it. Seon-u asks him to get the proof, and he will show what he can.

Chae Woon asks Ja Yoo if they have inserted pig organs and Blood into him, but she refuses to do any such thing and asks him to rest. They meet in the basement, and she explains that it is cultured organs and tissues, and they don’t know about its side effects. On San treats Chae Woon’s ear without Ja Yoo’s permission, and she is mad. Chae Woon can now hear a noise that is beyond human hearing capacity. Chae Woon gets angry and calls Ja Yoo as a human only hungry for money and then leaves.

Geum Seon-u’s desire

Geum Seon-u and Seon-u meet for breakfast, and he is angry with his researchers as their cloning technology failed, but Blood Free’s technology is working. In a flashback, we see Geum Seon-u talking to an NBA player about not wanting to age. He wants to lead a youthful life longer and has a desire to make a technology that allows people to live for over 1000 years. In the present, Geum Seon-u is hasty to buy Blood Free, but Seon-u asks him not to be reckless and watch what plays out. Meanwhile, Ja Yoo, after hearing Chae Woon’s words, goes into the lab and opens a door.

Blood Free Episode 6 Recap:

The episode begins with Ho-seung trying to get more information on Chae Woon’s recovery. They get into an argument that leads to a fight. Ja Yoo has a conversation with Ms. Hong about Shin Gu. She wonders if he always resented her and wanted to take revenge. Ms. Hong tells her that in the last year, Shin Gu was part of a group for the bereaved families, and he had changed quite a bit.

Blood Free Episodes 5 & 6: Recap & Ending Explained
A still from “Blood Free.”

Ja Yoo asks Chae Woon to visit the place for more information. Mr. Seo gives Ho-Seung and Chae Woon new bodysuits that do not harm them, and Ho-Seung is amazed. Chae Woon keeps the address private from Ho-Seung; he gets mad, which is one reason for their fight. Jung is also afraid to lose her job as she is in the dark about what is happening in the basement.

Chae Woon confronts Mungyu, and Ja Yoo visits Seon-u

Seon-u has invited Ja Yoo to check if she is doing fine after the attack and is glad to see she is doing okay. He treats her to a meal at his house outside the city. He asks her if she suspects anybody, but Ja Yoo says she is more baffled by the timing of the attack than by the attack itself. The goons were updated about the current affairs, and she suspects the ex-convicts to be spies. Geum Seon-u is mad at Seon-u for inviting them to a location where his son does not let him come. Geum Seon-u wonders if Seon-u has feelings for Ja Yoo.

Chae Woon visits Mungyu’s hospital and asks how he got into Blood Free and if he has anything to do with it. Mungyu tells him he was called because of his competence. Chae Woon suspects the Prime Minister. Chae Woon clarifies that he is working for him and not Seon-u. He also tells him that he seems to be the small fry in a giant puzzle. He asks if the person who terrorized AZORAN is just a terrorist or wants the downfall of Blood Free.

How was Blood Free formed?

Ja Yoo has PTSD because of all the violence she has witnessed. Chae Woon tells her a story about a soldier who had trained all his life for such things, but he still went through the same trauma. But she is brave as she took the bull’s horn and survived. He tells her what On San told him about Blood Free. On San tells Chae Woon that Shin Gu took all his students to the place where they slaughtered pigs. After that incident, everyone felt nauseated by pork. Ja Yoo left university and returned after two semesters with the idea of being a perfect dominant species.

He tells her that people have two misconceptions about Blood Free; the first is that they are hungry for money. He explains that if that were true, she would have sold the company and lived comfortably. The second misconception is that cultured meat stops animal slaughtering and protects the environment, but Ja Yoo changed that. Ja Yoo expresses how she lost her sister because of mad cow disease, and she could not do anything about it. She wants to make death less painful for people. If there is technology to kill, then there should also be technology to save people.

Blood Free Episode 6 Ending Explained:

What is Blood Free’s goal?

Ho-seung and Chae Woon visit the welfare center Shin Gu used to visit. Ho-seung pretends to be Shin Gu’s son and asks about Shin Gu’s behavior to the counselor. Chae Woon is pretending to be Ho-seung’s maternal uncle. Ho-seung asks about his friend in the welfare center, and the counselor does not give the number, but they persuade her. The person is not receiving it, but the duo gets his address.

They pay a visit to Park Sangmin’s building. People there do not recognize anyone by that name, but Chae Woon notices a car and realizes it was the same car in front of his house the day Ja Yoo visited. They chase him, and the traffic cops follow them as well. There is a roadblock, and Park Sangmin runs through it. Ho-seung catches up to him, and they fight. Park Sangmin stabs Ho-seung near his tail bone. Chae Woon rushes to him and calls the ambulance. The traffic cops catch Chae Woon. Ho-seung has lost a lot of blood and is on the ground.

The ending introduces us to a new person who may be behind the downfall of Blood Free. The person might also be working on orders from the Prime Minister or Mingyu himself. In the next few episodes, we will uncover those secrets. Chae Woon only partially trusts Mingyu now as he understands Ja Yoo and how Blood Free began. Ja Yoo also doubts that a spy amongst them is looking to take her down.

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The Cast of Blood Free Episodes 5 & 6: Ju Ji-hoon, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Hee-joon, Lee Moo-saeng, Park Ji-yeon
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