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Toronto International Film Festival

Our exclusive coverage of the Toronto International Film Festivals.

Silent Land

Silent Land TIFF Review: “Vacations gone wrong” is one of my favorite sub-genres in cinema. Midsommar, The Ritual, The Hangover, Jurassic Park, The Ruins, The Descent, The Evil Dead, The …
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the odd-job men image 1

The Odd-Job Men follows three blue-collar workers, Moha, Valero, and Pep, tasked with the responsibility of repairing systems and equipment. Moha is the youngest to join the force while Pep …
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Gaza Mon Amour - highonfilms

Arab and Tarzan Nasser are twin brother filmmakers from Gaza. Their sophomore film is a sweet-natured romance within a conservative regime. Funny, charming, and above all quietly tender and simplistic …
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Enemies of the State

Movies about hackers have often untwisted some obnoxious truths. The 2014 documentary Citizenfour saw Laura Poitras investigate the incredible story of Edward Snowden, winning the Best Documentary Feature at the …
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Get the Hell Out Movie Review - highonfilms (2)

“A wrong movie makes you suffer for 90 minutes,” declares the opening title card, without caution. “A wrong government makes you suffer for four years.” That sets the tone for …
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I don’t buy into the rape-revenge drama as a genre. I feel it is a genre that is about a woman but isn’t feminist enough. Having said that, I actually …
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