City on Fire Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Previously, ‘City on Fire’ explored the Hamilton-Sweeney family’s twisted past that shaped a majority of their lives. We also saw the incident that distanced Regan and William for over fifteen years. William discovered that Amory maintained a series of documents on every member of their family. He also finds evidence linking Nicky Chaos to his uncle. On the other hand, Charlie got scared by Ex Nihilo’s plans of bombing and decided to alert the feds about it.  

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City on Fire Episode 7 Recap:

Episode 7:  The Demon Brother

The penultimate episode of City on Fire begins with an Ex Post Facto performance. It happens to be Sam’s (Chase Sui Wonders) vision while still in a coma during her recovery. Despite the doctors’ belief that Sam may not recover, her father (Michael Tow) still believes that she will. 

Due to Charlie’s (Wyatt Oleff) earlier call, a team of NYPD officials reach the site he mentioned. Detective Parsa (Omid Abtahi) and Detective McFadden (Kathleen Munroe) reach there to assess the situation. By that time, the Ex Nihilo members had fled the scene. The detectives look for signs of the bomb that Charlie warned about. 

Detective Parsa wonders how the band is connected to a businessman like Amory Gould (John Cameron Mitchell). They eventually stumble upon the bomb’s preparations. Meanwhile, the bandmates gear up for their next mission – to bomb the building where Amory works. 

Sewer Girl (Alexandra Doke) opposes this plan since many innocent working-class people will lose their lives besides the evil executives they are up against. But Nicky (Max Milner) does not pay heed to her concerns. Sol (Alexander Pineiro) thinks she is getting needlessly sentimental and thus, tells her to stay back in the van. 

On the other hand, Charlie manages to sneak into Sam’s hospital room. He starts talking about all the details he learnt recently about the bomb and about the photo he found in her reel. He says that it may be the last time that they are seeing each other. The next morning, a nurse walks into that room. So, Charlie hides behind a cupboard.

Mercer (Xavier Clyde) wakes up in Regan’s house to be greeted with a kiss from William (Nico Tortorella). Mercer is happy that his partner is alive and well – also that he now gets a chance to reunite with his family. William soon meets Regan’s kids and enjoys some time bonding with them. Then, he goes to have a word with Regan herself about the baby.

Regan reveals that she could not abort the baby because it was past that window. So, she had to cancel her education plans in Italy and move to a nunnery to give birth to that child. Soon after, someone adopted the baby. But she decided to not know any details about the parents. Despite her reluctance to know the details, William keeps the details about the parents in her room in case she changes her mind. 

Keith (Ashley Zukerman) sees the news about Sam’s worsening condition. So, he decides to go meet her in person. Like Charlie, he also walks into Sam’s room without the staff noticing. He feels sorry for her and apologizes for not being transparent with her before. When he approaches to hold her hand, Charlie gets out of his hiding spot to stop him. 

Keith recalls that Charlie is the same kid that the feds are looking for. They both start accusing each other of shooting Sam. Charlie thinks Nicky was working for Keith whereas Keith realises the Amory-Nicky connection. Since they start fighting in the room, security hands them both over to the police. At the station, Detective McFadden notices both and decides to hold them in separate rooms. Keith informs her about a bomb that Charlie told him about. 

Bill Sr. (Geoff Pierson) decides to not go along with the deal that Amory offered him before. Since that goes against his plans, Amory gets in touch with Bill to try to change his mind. Amory implies that it is the best and only course of action. Felicia (Beth Malone) doubles down on Amory’s plan, but Bill does not accept it right away. Instead of accepting, Bill walks out of the house, saying that he wants to make a phone call.  

They all think that he is acting out because of his memory loss. Felicia calls Regan to complain about it while knowing that Regan will try to get hold of her father in one way or the other. Regan, who had just dropped off her kids at school, decides to go find Bill, with Mercer and William. Regan suddenly gets a call from Bill, who informs her about his location. They reach there and William walks out of the car to bring Bill back. The father and the son have an emotional moment for being face-to-face after years of being distanced. 

Wyatt Oleff in "City on Fire," Episode 7, now streaming on Apple TV+.
Wyatt Oleff in “City on Fire,” Episode 7, now streaming on Apple TV+.

Then they all get in touch with Detective Parsa to talk about Amory’s plans. William shows his research based on Samantha’s drawings and photographs to explain how Nicky and Amory are connected. Nicky’s original name is Nicholas McKay. 

Amory gets in touch with Nicky since he is a part of William’s band. Amory offers Nicky money to support his pseudo-intellectual operation in exchange for burning buildings in the Bronx. Bill affirms this hunch about Nicky and Amory’s connection.  

They conclude that the fires will help his business plans of LH i.e., the Liberty Heights project, to acquire a vast piece of land for a lesser price. Bill then hands over a document of blight decree signed by Amory. It solidifies their case against the greedy man. 

William also figures out that Keith was Amory’s bagman. Keith, who walks into the room after his talk with Detective McFadden, admits to having helped Amory transfer some packages whenever asked. Keith confirms that he met Sam during one of his meetings. He says that he agreed to deliver packages for Amory since he helped him in the past, to get a job, after he flunked out of his course. Keith kept it a secret from Regan because he could not think of when or how to tell her. 

Meanwhile, the Ex Nihilo bandmates walk out of their van for their mission and leave Sewer Girl behind. She gets restless thinking of the repercussions and gets down herself. While Sol plans to find her, Nicky tells him to let her leave since her thoughts are not aligned with their vision.

By that time, Detective Parsa learns about the bomb threat. He drives Charlie to Amory’s office building and tells him to stay back in the car. Charlie notices Sewer Girl wandering outside. So, he decides to get out of the car himself. While she keeps running inside the building, Charlie follows her. Parsa notices the kid running away and follows them. So now, in the cat-and-mouse chase, Charlie follows Sewer Girl while Parsa follows Charlie.  

City on Fire Episode 7 Ending Explained:

Bill returns home with Regan, William, and Mercer. Felicia fakes her concern for his well-being and says she is happy that he is back. William accuses Amory of trying to get him killed. He shares his knowledge about Amory’s wrongdoings. While Felicia tries to defend her brother, Bill supports his son’s claims against Amory. 

Since he sees the family members firmly in opposition, Amory gets angry. William approaches to attack Amory since he realises Amory will find a way to get out of any accusation. Suddenly, Mathes (Bernard Bygott) walks in and stabs William to save Amory. So, Mathes was working for Amory all this time despite standing in as security for Bill. 

Meanwhile, Charlie reaches up to Sewer Girl, aka Loraine, and learns that she was trying to end her life. He stops her from committing suicide and asks where the bomb is. She shows him outside the window, and he decides to jump towards it. We do not know whether he manages to reach the bomb or just falls down. 

At the same time, power around the city goes off. Since the traffic signals are also out of work, a car ends up crashing into Amory’s. Meanwhile, a nurse rushes up to Sam’s hospital room to provide her temporary oxygen support while she struggles for life.

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