Class of ’09 (Hulu Miniseries) Episode 4: Hulu’s ‘Class of ’09’ attempts to explore the possible effects of A.I. interference on FBI operations. It presents an intriguing drama while often switching between different timelines. The first three episodes of the series presented different viewpoints of its FBI agent characters. Some consider the intrusion of A.I. necessary for a just legal process. While some believe there should be limits to the extent it is used, others swear by it.

The fourth episode continues to contemplate the ramifications of AI intrusion in FBI operations. It deals with the early days of shooting tests that trainees went through. Besides it also shows what Tupirik was planning all this time.

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Class of ’09 (Hulu Miniseries) Episode 4 Recap:

Episode 4: Not Your Girlfriend

The third episode ended with Tupirik (Mark Pellegrino) sitting in the FBI office in front of Tayo Michaels (Brian Tyree Henry) in 2023. On the other hand, in the future, Poet (Kate Mara) and Hour (Sepideh Moafi) drive up to Amos’ (Raul Castillo) place to check what he was trying to communicate. Poet uses the card he threw at her before leaving to learn Amos’ plan against the present legal system using A.I. for its advantage.

What happened to Drew in the past?

The fourth episode begins with an event from 1996. It shows Agent Drew (Brooke Smith) in her earlier days at the FBI, much before she became a counselor. She was on a van duty to catch a criminal. Since her associate walked out, she did as well. Unfortunately, in the gunfire, she ended up getting shot.

Back in 2003, Drew and Gabriel (Jon Jon Briones) were guiding the future agents about firearms. If they can’t fire a gun, they can’t be a part of the FBI. Before their further test, they were told to share their experience of using a gun for the first time. Taye’s answer revealed his need for self-protection. On the other hand, Hour held the gun only then.

Hour had not told her parents about her FBI aspirations until just some time before entering the tests. She also did it knowing she would have to go through a polygraph test. They thought she would use her knowledge and education for something more lucrative than working at a place known for spying on other people. Hour still defended her decision saying she wanted to be a part of something. Her parents wondered whether she did it to get rid of her feeling of loneliness.

Before going through the polygraph test, Hour asks the examiner what the test entails. He explains that the sensors detect her movement, respiration, and blood pressure to check if her answers are valid or not. She asks if there is a centralized database of tests of every trainee who went through the process. Through that, she questions its subjective nature being a cause for possible prejudice.

Why does Poet not shoot the picture of a woman with a firearm?

Later, during the shooting test, the trainees are told to look at the pictures presented to them and shoot them in the head. Taye does not shoot a picture of a woman with a baby. Then, Poet comes in and refuses to shoot the picture of a woman holding a gun. She justifies it, saying that the woman looked professional and might also be trying to defend herself. In that case, killing her would not have made any sense.

The counselors question the need for creating such a backstory. They think she should be quick to take the shot when she is on the field. Poet questions that impulsive way of decision-making since it would result in not looking at people as human beings and killing an innocent person. Is a human life worth nothing?

Later, Lennix tries to impress her by complimenting her for her commendable responses. It doesn’t work as he expected, but he still initiates a conversation. Poet shares that she learned shooting from her mom, who thought one should have that knowledge.

Later, Poet contemplates whether she should go on a date with Lennix or not. She thinks it would jeopardize her ambitions. Hour believes Poet need not feel guilty for prioritizing her emotions over her work.

Class of ’09 (Hulu Miniseries) Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained
A still from Class of ’09 (Hulu Miniseries)

Poet shares a tale of her mother, who never dated anyone because she had to take responsibility. She now thinks her mother should have done so and found love instead of revolving her life just around her daughter. Hour kisses Poet on the cheek to calm her down. She believes Poet should not let that be the reason she remains stuck.

Soon after, Drew knocks on their door and invites Poet to the second round of the Polygraph test. Poet assumes she is the only one who is getting tested again. Drew says that is untrue. The man attaching all the cables to her body first abuses her boundaries and then asks her to relax. Through that, the writing subtly gives an idea about how such behavior goes unrecognized in a system that calls itself just.

During her second round of questioning, Poet changes one of her answers because she started dating Lennix recently. She defends saying that she was truthful both the time. The man asks her if she is concealing something, but we don’t hear the answer. On the contrary, Lennix did not share anything that would reveal their relationship.

Later, Drew asks Poet about her polygraph and about dating someone within their department. She says that it does not end up well with most who fell in love during this time. She only wants Poet to know about it but not panic. Afterward, she shares a story from her own past, where she was shot by her co-worker, even if it was no fault of hers.

In 2023, Taye tries to get some responses out of Tupirik to learn his future plans. He questions Tupirk about Jessa May’s murder. Tupirik says he rescued her from squalor and incites Taye to question himself about his relationship with Vivienne (Rosaline Eleazar). He ridicules Taye’s emphasis on a ‘just cause.’ He thinks it was his way to get away with doing what he did.

Taye counters it by talking about the vicious attack on Vivienne. Tupirik questions how they could come up to their ranch without any proof. Meanwhile, Hour tries to make sense of the truck’s route that Tupirik was hiding in.

In the future, Poet meets Lennix at his place to have a conversation about the present situation. He talks about increasing distrust in the current system. While she decides to work on it on her own, he offers to help. He wants her to at least get someone’s help in her mission. They get emotional thinking about their past and the things that they could not work out together.

Class of ’09 (Hulu Miniseries) Episode 4 Ending, Explained:

What was Tupirik’s plan?

In the present, Hour and Poet keep looking for Tupirik’s big plan. Hour reveals that she lied on her polygraph test. Meanwhile, a man sees TV news related to Tupirik and tells someone on call that the firearm assessment will be that day. A truck enters the FBI basement, and two men walk down, who repeat what the earlier man says.

Taye keeps trying to get some response out of Tupirik. Tupirik starts looking away so that his response won’t get registered. Taye understands his fear and keeps asking about the marine officers. After seeing one of the photos, Hour finds a troubling response from Tupirik’s nerves. Poet sees the face and recalls seeing the man before in a garage.

What happens in Quantico as per Tupirik’s plan?

In Quantico, the earlier caller suddenly starts shooting the trainees who were undergoing their firearms test. He shoots almost everyone, including Drew. She crawls up to a gun and manages to shoot that marine in the head. Hour registers it as an alert from Quantico. So, the FBI officers start evacuating the building.

Poet walks toward the basement to find cracking foundations. She notices the construction worker she recalled seeing before. She fights the two men who were doing the deed. While the walls start cracking down, Poet shoots the other terrorist in the head. Lennix reaches there and takes her outside. In the end, we see the J. Edgar Hoover Building crash down and being turned to smoke and dust.

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