The age-old saying that there are no shortcuts to success does hold a lot of truth for most of us. Consistency and hard work are usually the keys to achieving one’s goals. However, Amir, a young man in his mid-twenties, decided to throw caution to the wind in his quest for quick riches. He went against the advice of his father, determined to find a faster path to financial freedom, and ultimately, he paid the price for it. This concept of chasing shortcuts and taking risks at any cost is at the heart of Shady El-Hamus’ aptly titled film, “Crypto Boy (2023).”

The movie delves deep into the shadowy world of financial trading, exposing the uncharted territories that often remain unchecked. It centers around a protagonist who firmly believes that it’s better to leap three stories in a single bound rather than patiently climb the stairs. What makes this film truly captivating is its stellar ensemble cast, featuring well-known actors like Shahine El-Hamus, Sabri Saad El-Hamus, and Minne Koole. Their performances and on-screen chemistry make “Crypto Boy” a must-watch, as they bring to life the intricate and risky world of financial shortcuts and the consequences that follow.

Crypto Boy (2023) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

The story kicks off with Amir (Shahine El-Hamus), a young man who can’t help but feel a twinge of envy when he sees people wallowing in their extravagant lifestyles. Meanwhile, he’s grinding away at his father’s humble, small-scale eatery. Amir’s dad, Omar ( Sabri Saad El-Hamus), is a humble man who arrived in Amsterdam with almost nothing to his name. Through relentless toil, he managed to carve out a niche for himself by opening a cozy little restaurant in the neighborhood. For a while, things were flourishing, but eventually, the tide turned. The question is, why?  People had developed a penchant for the more upscale dining experience, where wine flows as freely as the conversation.

This left local eateries like Omar’s with a dwindling number of regular patrons. Omar’s restaurant, though, boasts a history spanning over a decade, but it’s in dire need of a makeover. But he’s been putting it off because the revenue isn’t exactly pouring in. The kitchen wears a shabby look, the faucets leak persistently, and the ambiance feels outdated. Adding to the challenge, Omar staunchly refuses to deviate from the traditional Mexican authenticity that his menu represents. In a world rapidly changing and evolving, he’s determined to hold onto the soul of his restaurant despite the need for some modern quirks to attract new customers.

Amir, on the other hand, yearns for a way out of his current life, dreaming of living in a spacious home and driving a luxurious car. However, for the sake of a job, he’s stuck with a job as a delivery boy in his father’s restaurant. While he manages to earn a bit more by selling products to tourists and passersby on the streets, it’s still not enough to fulfill his aspirations. One day, he attends a presentation by Roy (Minne Koole), an engaging trader who runs his own trading company.

Roy is a fervent advocate for cryptocurrencies, firmly believing that traditional paper money will soon become obsolete and digital currency is the way of the future. With his opulent lifestyle and persuasive speaking skills, Roy has successfully convinced countless individuals to invest their hard-earned money for promising returns. Amir, too, is captivated by Roy’s speech and sees him as a potential means to escape his current financial struggles.

What Happens to Omar?

Amir manages to convince a man to invest in Roy’s company by portraying Roy as the best investment opportunity in the industry, promising much higher returns than anyone else. Amir’s pitch convinces the man, and he decides to sign the deal, ultimately leading Roy to offer Amir a job within his company. As Amir begins working with Roy, he eagerly absorbs all the knowledge and skills Roy has to offer. He quickly proves himself, even bringing in new clients, including some of his friends, to invest in Roy’s company. Amir was so engrossed in his new life that he almost completely forgot about his father and the restaurant. Meanwhile, his father was left with no other choice but to manage the restaurant and handle deliveries on his own, come rain or shine.

A still from Crypto Boy (2023).
A still from Crypto Boy (2023).

Tragically, one day, while delivering food, Omar gets into a serious road accident. However, this unfortunate incident brings Amir and Roy closer together as Amir realizes the importance of family and the sacrifices his father has made. Roy decides to give back to his father and takes on the burden of renovating his father’s restaurant, adding new wallpapers, modern kitchen equipment, and all the essentials to turn it into a thriving restaurant. Thanks to his earnings with Roy’s company, Amir was now in a position to support his father and give the restaurant a fresh start.

Crypto Boy (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

How Did Amir Lose His Money?

In time, the truth about Roy’s illegal methods begins to unravel. It turns out that Roy is no financial virtuoso but a cunning scam artist running an elaborate Ponzi scheme. His promises of enormous returns are nothing but empty lies crafted to lure in more unsuspecting clients. In reality, Roy would take their investments, place them into their digital wallets, and display forged results to keep them hopeful. Greed took hold of his clients, causing them to abstain from withdrawing their funds in the hope of even greater profits. Roy then uses his employees’ accounts, including Amir’s, to transfer these funds to his offshore accounts.

This led to Amir receiving a call from the bank, questioning these unusual financial activities. For a while, Roy attempts to deceive his clients, labeling the discrepancies as nothing but mere technical malfunctions. However, his crimes couldn’t remain hidden forever. As the news made headlines, angry clients, realizing they had been swindled, started storming Roy’s hospital, demanding their money back.

Despite the mounting pressure, Roy tries to convince them that he’s working with his lawyers and technical team to rectify the error. Unfortunately, Amir has also invested his salary and his father’s savings into cryptocurrency, and now he, too, is unable to get it out. For a while, Amir tries to convince himself that Roy is hard at work trying to fix the issue but soon realizes that he, too, has been conned.

After pulling off this massive con job, Roy somehow manages to slip through the police’s radar, thanks to his dad bailing him out. Meanwhile, Amir is left with nothing but bad news. He broke the bank by transferring all his money into a crypto wallet, and now he can’t access a single penny. To make matters worse, Bertha, who’s a friend of Amir’s father, also invested her hard-earned savings in Roy’s shady company.

Amir finds out that Roy is busy hiring a team of lawyers to save his own skin and, supposedly, his employees, too. Amir’s had enough of this, so right after he gets the lowdown, he storms over to Roy’s house and gives him a piece of his mind. But Roy is under the impression that Amir should practically worship the ground he walks on because, according to Roy, everything Amir ever earned was basically a gift from him.

Amir’s frustration boils over, and he attempts to suffocate Roy for everything he has done. But Amir’s father intervenes and manages to convince him to let Roy go. Amir reluctantly agrees, realizing that revenge won’t solve anything. As the movie approaches its conclusion, we witness a heartwarming scene between father and son. They sit down for a heartfelt conversation, where they both apologize for their past mistakes. Amir takes responsibility for losing their money to a scammer, and Omar humbly admits that he failed to recognize his son’s potential, especially Amir’s advice about changing the restaurant.

The two decide to make a fresh start. They sell their old restaurant and use the money to purchase a new one. In the closing scenes of the movie, we see Omar working at their new restaurant with Amir by his side. Amir has shifted his full attention to running his father’s restaurant, and together, they strive to create a thriving business and mend their fractured relationship.

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