Culpa Mia (aka My Fault) is quite confused about what it is. It is a teen drama, a family revenge story, and a tale of underground fights and racing. All this merges together in what is director Domingo Gonzalez’s, Culpa Mia.

Culpa mía (2023) Movie Synopsis & Plot Summary:

It begins with mother-daughter Rafaela and Noah traveling across the country to move in with the former’s new husband. The latter is upset at the move as her life is uprooted, but she then meets her stepbrother.

After initially rebelling with a rather not-so-suitable for the occasion outfit, getting kicked out of a car, arriving at a party, and earning a ticket into Nicholas’ life, Noah gets involved with the new crowd. All this is happening, the proximity leads to romantic tension that sees the duo engage in a relationship.

This, however, has its ebbs and flows. When things finally get clear, and the two decide to do as they wish, Noah’s past, following a series of warnings, catches up with her. This leads to a high-speed chase, a tale of redemption, and an ending. What exactly did go down at the end of Amazon Prime’s Culpa Mia?

Who was threatening Noah?

All through the film, Noah was getting threatening letters sent from anonymous sources. Initially, it appeared as though it was Ronnie. However, audiences later learned that Noah was getting anonymous notes from her father.

Why was Noah’s father sending her threatening notes?

Noah’s father had a violent streak and had been sentenced to prison. Noah’s testimony proved crucial to Jonas’s conviction, as Jonas hadn’t forgotten that and blamed Noah for taking his life away. He also despised her for her role in keeping him away from his one true love, i.e., a steering wheel. Hence, he wanted Noah to know that someone was after her and sent the notes as a method to unsettle her.

What was the scar on Noah’s stomach?

The scar on Noah’s stomach was from the knife attack from Jonas. This was revealed when Nick’s father told him about his step-sister’s old life. It came from the time Jonas cornered her in a wardrobe. This also results in Noah having a panic attack when she is shut in the wardrobe at a party.

Who was helping Jonas plant the notes and get close to Noah?

Ronnie, Nick’s racing rival and friend, was the one who was helping Jonas. The two knew each other as if they had been cellmates.

Why did Jonas double-cross Ronnie?

Culpa mía Movie Explained
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There could be two reasons for this. One: Jonas didn’t intend to split the money with anyone and just wanted to take it to ‘be able to have the best that money can buy.’ Hence, once Ronnie had captured Noah and gotten her to the hideout, Jonas took him out of the picture. Two: he may have been disturbed that his associate was trumped in an illegal race by a girl. That did seem to be a factor, but it’s unlikely to be a bigger reason than the first one. Ronnie was just a pawn and a henchman in this plan.

How did the police find Noah?

Jonas demanded a million for Noah and instructed Rafaela and her husband to wait with the bag at a particular location. Nick showed up there in a car and had the police officer jump in a shotgun. She tried to tell him that this wasn’t one of his underground races. At that point, she probed further to understand whether the toy red car (one that Noah had given him prior to his fight) was a replica of the one he had lost in a bet.

He spoke about how he was upset about that, as he was still paying the insurance. This saw him put the piece together as Ronnie had taken the car and was identified as a person of interest in this case. The insurance tracker was used to locate the red vehicle and Noah’s whereabouts.

What did Jonas do once Noah’s location was discovered?

He obviously wouldn’t have known and continued along on his plan anyways. It was to have Noah drive the car to the location (at gunpoint) and make her watch him shoot her mother. What he didn’t anticipate was a high-speed pursuit with the cops and Nick in his tail.

Who saved Rafaela?

When Jonas was driven past the rendezvous, he opened fire at his ex-wife. She was saved when her husband raised the bag of euros to block the path of the bullet. It seemed feeble but a reflex action that was nevertheless timely and effective.

How did the high-speed pursuit end?

Noah drove the car at gunpoint but ran out of the road as she drove onto a jetty. She used her skills to turn and then found herself facing Nick’s car. She gave him a gesture, indicating the 60-20 rule that they had discussed earlier in the film, and raced towards each other. As they neared a collision, they used the 60-20 to turn. Noah and Nick ducked as they turned, and the car’s windows were parallel to each other. Jonas, who was sitting upright, was shot three times at point-blank range by the policewoman in Nick’s car.

Culpa mía (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Why was Rafaela’s acknowledgment of Nick important?

Once the dust had settled, Rafaela actually stopped the paramedics and lifted the bedsheet from the corpse to see if her husband had actually been killed. She then rushed to Noah and embraced her while mouthing her thanks to Nick. This was a sign of acceptance as she was earlier not so pleased to realize that her underage daughter was sleeping and interested in her stepbrother.

What happened with Nick and Noah in the end?

Noah and Nick spent the night together in her room and had sex. Nick timed his “I Love You” to perfection, which led Noah to question where he had picked it up. The duo claimed that this was just the beginning of their story. As the camera panned out, the two parents looked at the balcony and window. Rafaela then spoke about the need for them to do something to stop the romance.

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