Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 7 & 8: Recap & Ending, Explained

Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 7 & 8 Recap & Ending, Explained

Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 7 & 8: Wise men say only fools rush in, but Simone Jackson was a smart woman when she decided to go to New York. As rock n roll started to share space with disco music, the town became a stage for her to shine with its colorful and optimistic vibe. On the opposite side, Daisy Jones could not be more deluded by her decisions.

Getting married to a bon vivant in Greece sounded like a dream until her best friend made her realize that it was actually a disguise to get over the rejection she had suffered. In an attempt to face it, Daisy decided to go on a tour with The Six, and although the tide seemed to be flowing in her direction, this time, she would not let the water knock her out.

Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 7: Recap

“She’s Gone”

As soon as Simone Jackson arrived in the Big Apple in 1975, she went looking for Bernie, a local DJ who gave her a business card a while ago. On that same night, the skillful girl surprised Simone by showing her a piece of music she had made, remixing the singer’s vocals with a disco beat.

It was enough to make them engage in a secret romance and begin a journey to success. Since people enjoyed the tune, the couple performed it live in an LGBT nightclub, then the second hit came out, and they got shows booked all over the town. However, an alarming telegram from Daisy Jones made her immediately fly to Greece with her partner to find out what was going on.

Once they landed, nothing was as it seemed. Instead of being in trouble, the songwriter was engaged to a wealthy man named Nicky and wanted Jackson to be their maid of honor. The news surprised and excited her, though she also noticed something was off. On one side, the man was unaware of Daisy’s involvement with The Six and her talent in composing lyrics.

On the other hand, she was doing everything to forget the old reality, from pretending not to care about recognition in music to ignoring her recent heartbreak. During their weeks together, Jackson tried unsuccessfully to make Jones realize how much she was missing. But in the end, the composer was more concerned about straightening her bond with her fiance than accepting the truth.

After the wedding, Simone had a conversation with Nick in the hope he would convince his wife to go on an American tour. In response, the man saw the request as a threat to their relationship and told Jones that Jackson was in love with her. Later, during a discussion, Daisy made the mistake of bringing up the subject as the disco singer attested that she was scared of Billy Dunne.

Feeling upset, Simone stressed her friend was selfish, then got on a boat with Bernie without looking back. Meanwhile, Nick found Rolling Stone’s article and finally admitted Simone was right. While packing their stuff to go to the States, the man promised his wife things would be different this time; after all, she could always count on him in case someone tried to hurt her again.

Daisy Jones & The Six Episodes 8: Recap

“Looks Like We Made It”

By the time Daisy arrived in The City of Angels, the members of The Six had already given up waiting for her. Although all she needed was to follow their rhythm, the young girl spent most time suggesting last-minute changes, which made Billy lose his temper. In the blink of an eye, the two were arguing again, and the motives ranged from creative disagreements to resentments regarding the magazine situation.

On the other hand, a tour was looming on the horizon, so both decided to leave it aside and focus on the music. The first weeks on the road were marked by sold-out shows and undeniable chemistry between the vocalists, leading the band to the charts with multiple songs as a result of their hard work. For most musicians, it was a synonym for drugs, alcohol, and sex, whereas, for Dunne, it reflected a past he did not want to remember.

The idea of being that close to one another put everyone on edge. Jones brought Nicky along on tour and managed to get Billy jealous just for celebrating with her husband from town to town. Once, after a press conference, the vocalist went as far as to say Daisy was pretending to be happy when she still loved him. Considering the young woman would never admit to such a thing, Dunne then turned his attention to Camila Alvarez.

Unlike her partner, she was willing to forget old distractions and move on, which meant dupping Eddie Roundtree. While the Six’s bass player went through a disappointment, their guitarist Graham Dunne has never been so fulfilled. Noticing that people were mocking him for denying other women, Karen Sirko finally assumed their romance, thus establishing the healthiest relationship in the group.

Daisy Jones & The Six Episode 8 Ending, Explained:

Still lost between euphoria and emotional confusion, Daisy found a happy medium by always getting high. Since it was affecting their performances, Billy decided to have a conversation with Nicky, but they ended up in a fight. Although this occurrence was alarming, in 1977, things came to a head. One night Daisy got so stoned that she fell onstage and injured her leg.

The Six’s frontman then took her backstage, where they argued before she went back to sing Honeycomb, a song he refused to play. After the show, however, Jones finally overdosed. Instead of paying assistance, Nicky ran away, leaving Dunne to revive her. When he managed to do it, tears of despair streamed down his face. Yet the girl looked up and smiled. At that point, it was impossible to tell if she was in love with him or just delighted to see herself in his eyes.

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