If you are someone who keeps yourself updated with the news from the film industry, you must be aware that rumors are swirling about Daniel Day-Lewis‘ potential return to Hollywood.  Day-Lewis is a renowned actor popularly known for his performance in numerous critically acclaimed movies, including There Will Be Blood, Lincoln, and The Last of the Mohicans. The speculations regarding his Hollywood comeback got ignited when Day-Lewis secretly had a meeting with Hollywood legends Spielberg and producer Jim Sheridan. 

Well, considering Spielberg and Day-Lewis’ previous collaboration in “Lincoln,” it is obvious to assume that Spielberg has decided to draw Day-Lewis out of his retirement with their second collaboration. Putting a halt to all these assumptions, Sheridan clarified during an interview why he and Spielberg met Day-Lewis. 

Jim Sheridan clarified Daniel Day-Lewis’ return to the industry

In an interview with Deadline, Jim Sheridan revealed that he along with Spielberg didn’t meet Daniel Day-Lewis to offer him an acting role. Instead, they met him to negotiate about a producing spot for him on an upcoming project about Joe Kennedy. Sheridan clarified, “We were talking about a project. Daniel was only going to be involved if he did get involved as an executive producer, not as an actor. It was on the life of Joe Kennedy, the patriarch of the Kennedy family… we haven’t advanced it; we were just talking.”

Day-Lewis may not return to the screen again, but he could still mark his return to the Hollywood industry as a producer. 

Why did Daniel Day-Lewis retire from acting?

Daniel-Day Lewis started his acting career in the 1980s and ended with 2017’s Phantom Thread. Though there is no sign of his return to the screen, he indeed had his time as an established actor in the industry. He was especially known for his method acting style, as it allowed him to develop critically renowned movies, including The Crucible, The Age of Innocence, and There Will Be Blood. 

But somewhere, it also became a reason for him to renounce acting. Method acting usually involves bringing great intensity to roles, which end up taking a toll on the actor.  It is difficult to assume that Day-Lewis would change his mind and return to screen someday, but you never know.

Considering that Day-Lewis has already decided to return to the film industry, there is a possibility that the actor may make his big screen comeback as well. Moreover, he is only 66 years old, and actors even older than his age like the 81-year-old Harrison Ford still have a flourishing career, so he can potentially mark his return. 

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