Dark Winds (Season 2), Episode 4 “The March”: Recap & Ending Explained – Do Bernie and Sena locate Joe Leaphorn?

Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 4

Dark Winds (Season 2), Episode 4 “The March” Explained: The previous episode of ‘Dark Winds’ showed Chee trying to save his life from the terrifying killer. The man’s threat was looming over the lives of the local residents. So, Leaphorn and Manuelito partnered up with the sheriff’s department to find him. While they could not catch the killer, Joe managed to find the trace of his trailer. Eventually, he located the RV with Bernie and reached there in their car.

Now episode 4 of Dark Winds Season 2, which came out on AMC on Sunday, shows Joe risking his life to catch the intimidating killer. Bernie stands up to the sheriff in order to save Joe, whereas Chee considers a dangerous proposition. 

*Spoilers ahead*

Dark Winds (Season 2), Episode 4 “The March” Recap:

The Trailer

Joe Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon) and Bernadette Manuelito (Jessica Matten) reach near the deadly killer’s RV. He tries to get the message across to Sheriff Sena (A Martinez). But the signal is weak, and it will take a while for them to reach them even if they get the message. Besides, Joe is tired of chasing the man. So, along with Bernie, he approaches the trailer. The killer sees them and decides to escape. He turns off the light and leaves the trailer before the officers can enter. He then starts shooting the van, hoping to kill them

The killer starts riding the police car and ends up crashing it. Joe and Bernie leave the trailer and follow him. Eventually, they reach the trailer but do not see him inside. So, Joe plans to find him by any means necessary. While the two try to locate him, the killer starts shooting back at them. Eventually, he fires all the bullets, drops the gun, and runs away. Joe climbs up the rocks to reach him. With a gun and a torch, he walks among the horses to soon get attacked by the guileless man. The man jumps down while Joe and Bernie almost notice him up on the cliff. Since this man possibly killed his son, Joe decides to risk his life and follow, despite the danger. 

The next morning, Joe wakes up severely injured by the fall. While he tries to look around for the killer, Sheriff arrives there and asks Bernie for Joe’s whereabouts. Joe ties a cloth around his wound and struggles to load his rifle. Bernie stands up to the sheriff to rescue her boss. Sena worries she is risking her life. But Bernie does not back down. Joe follows the footmarks in the sand to locate the man. The killer uses his binoculars to see if Joe followed him. Suddenly, Joe kicks his face and leaves him unconscious. Then, he ties the killer to a rope and holds it in his hand. 

Leaphorn vs. The Killer

Joe asks the killer to stand up and start walking. The man tries to make him lose confidence, but Joe keeps him under control. Bernie joins Sheriff on a horse to locate Joe.  Along the way, the killer starts crying about his sprained ankle. Joe tells him to take off his boot. He refuses to let the man have much respite. The killer keeps making Joe feel they will die in the desert. He tries to weaken Joe’s spirit.

Soon, he offers a huge sum from his bag to let him go. Since Joe does not care for it, the killer realizes that Joe has a personal stake in defeating him. The killer provokes Joe to make him want to murder him. Joe sits him next to a tree and tries to choke him to death. The killer still grins with raving joy. 

The Vines

A still from Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 4.
A still from Dark Winds Season 2 Episode 4.

Rosemary Vines (Jeri Ryan) meets Jim Chee (Kiowa Gordon) in his motel room. She tries to give him extra cash for the trouble he went for her. Chee believes that she is still hiding something from him. Through Chee, she learns that Emerson and Tomas both died because of the scary man. Then, she returns to her car and cries by herself. Chee realizes that she perhaps is doing things out of guilt or pressure. Moments later, B J Vines (John Diehl) walks into Chee’s room with a gun. He assumes that Chee is having an affair with his wife. Chee fights back and says that he started working as a private investigator for Rosemary. B J proposes to take his case and find out if Rosemary is having an affair. 

Sally’s Anguish

Sally (Elva Guerra) goes to the hospital with Emma (Deanna Allison). Emma takes Sally’s baby to the doctor’s room for a check-up. While Sally sits in the waiting room, journalist Mary Landon (Jacqueline Byers) approaches to have a word. She tries to form a connection to understand Sally’s struggle as a mother. Instead of getting out a story, she sympathizes with the young mother and offers her a tissue instead.

Back home, Sally gets emotional. She believes she has no real say in how her life unfolds. She never asked to have a baby with the horrible man. That’s why she feels the baby does not like her. Besides, she fears that her child will hold that grudge against her throughout his life. 

Dark Winds (Season 2), Episode 4 “The March” Ending Explained:

Do Bernie and Sena locate Joe Leaphorn?

Bernie and Sheriff Sena continue their search to find Joe. Meanwhile, Joe walks the killer back to the town and keeps him struggling for his life. The killer makes Joe lose his grip on the rope and runs away. He eventually rescues himself and attacks Joe, who follows him. They engage in a physical fight where the killer drags Joe up the cliff. Suddenly, Joe kicks him down and holds a gun to his face. The killer says that ‘they are no different.’ Joe disagrees. Then, he fires his gun, and the sound informs Bernie about his location. 

Back at the Vines’ residence, B J seeks details about what she has been up to. He tells her not to interfere in his business. B J then rambles about the relationship between a hunter and the prey. In the final moments of a prey’s life, the animal, despite being menacing, resigns to the fate that awaits it. Through that tale, he tries to intimidate her from not getting involved in his business. We also learn how he snatched the wealth from her parents and established his influence.

B J gifts her a neckless that says ‘faith’. Through that, we get a sense of how he keeps her under his spell. Back at the station, Bernie brings the killer and locks him inside a cell. He and Joe engage in an intense staring contest as we hear nothing but their breaths. 

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