Deadloch (Season 1), Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained: In the latest episode of Deadloch, tensions rise to unprecedented levels as the most compelling suspect in the spine-chilling murder case turns out to be none other than a close friend of Dulcie’s. This ignites a storm of conflict in multiple relationships as the town finds itself caught in a web of suspicion. 

As the investigation unfolds, the body count continues to rise, sending shockwaves through the community. Each new discovery heightens the sense of fear and urgency as the once tranquil and idyllic town of Deadloch has become a hotbed of anxiety, suspicion, and hidden agendas.

Amidst the chaos, alliances are tested, trust is shattered, and loyalties are strained. Dulcie, torn between her duty as a detective and her personal connections, finds herself entangled in a web of conflicting emotions.

Deadloch (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap: 

Episode 6 opens with a tense environment in Deadloch as Mayor Eleyna announces that the festivities will continue with a few changes. The press bombards her with questions about the serial killer in Deadloch, but Alyena struggles to provide proper answers. However, due to the bombardment of questions, she inadvertently reveals that the serial killer is targeting only cis white men.

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Meanwhile, Dulcie feels extremely unsettled after learning that Skye is their primary suspect because she considers her a close friend. Radcliffe senses Dulcie’s frustration and asks her to be gentler with Skye during their investigation. However, despite questioning Skye about her alibis, Dulcie detects that Skye is lying.

On the other hand, Abby returns to James after pulling an all-nighter at the lab. She informs him that there is arsine on the cross that Jimmy was hanged on, and she wants James to check if the wreckage from the boat also has the same substance on its surface. James dismisses Abby’s concerns by mansplaining to her and secretly contacts someone to check the information. This isn’t the first time James has taken credit for clues discovered by Abby.

At the station, Radcliffe discusses mapping the timeline of Skye’s whereabouts with Dulcie, but Dulcie appears visibly zoned out. After prodding her, Dulcie begins sketching the timeline on the board. She highlights that the killer, possibly Skye, had a 90-minute window to commit the crime in Jimmy’s case. Since the Loch Nessie is burnt, the killer is likely using a new boat, prompting them to trace the kill radius for potential clues.

During this time, Radcliffe notices something off about the wreckage, potentially mud. She suggests revisiting it and cross-checking it with samples from the beach where the body was found. Meanwhile, Nadia, who is in her and Skye’s bathroom checking if she is pregnant, is startled by a surprise break-in through the window with the word “Killer” written on it. At the station, Cath, concerned about Skye being framed, brings Dulcie an article written by Megan based on Vanessa’s claim that Skye is the serial killer.

Everyone springs into action, and Skye becomes furious with Vanessa for framing her as the killer. Phil McGangus, observing the situation, takes the opportunity to criticize Mayor Aleyna’s handling of the situation and accuses her girl gang of ruining the town’s authenticity. At the lake, Abby makes an important discovery, while Radcliffe and Dulcie deduce that the killer’s “kill-room” boat is likely moored on Carruthus Island.

Meanwhile, Margaret Carruthers refuses Tammy’s request for sponsorship after previously claiming to have taken Miranda under her wing. This upsets Miranda, who confides in her aunt (Tammy’s mum) about how wealthy people have used them as bait for personal gain.

Margaret receives a call from Dulcie, who requests permission to search the island for the potential kill room. Margaret agrees to take Dulcie, Radcliffe, and Abby to the island but warns them to avoid the cemetery due to poisonous snakes. 

Dulcie and Radcliffe explore the island and discover the moored boat. They ask Abby to call the forensics team, and Abby contacts James to inform him about the situation before expressing her desire to break up. However, James dismisses her once again and gaslights her. Abby, still affected by the inhaled gas, realizes she has inadvertently reached the cemetery while on the call. 

Margaret, revealing her dominant side, asks Abby to leave. But, before the scene ends, Margaret picks up an earring that says “Palwa.” 

Nina Oyama as Abby Matsuda& Kate Box as Dulcie Collins

As tensions rise in the town, the residents start antagonizing Skye, which becomes overwhelming for Tom O’Dawyer, Skye’s son. Radcliffe approaches the boat they found on the island and discovers Jimmy’s jacket on it. They realize that the boat, named Windbreaker, belongs to Rachel, who had put it up for sale. 

Upon reaching Rachel’s place, they learn that she sold the boat to Jimmy, and the payment was made by Skye, further fueling their suspicions. Dulcie and Radcliffe apprehend Skye for interrogation, with Cath posing as her lawyer. During the interrogation, it is revealed that Skye bought the boat for Jimmy because he was blackmailing her.

Meanwhile, Abby receives an urgent call from Margaret and rushes to her place. Margaret wants to hand over an earring that she believes belongs to Miranda and was found on her island. She asks Abby to warn Miranda about trespassing on her land. This highlights another dominant personality trait of Margaret, as she seems to be seeking revenge against Miranda for calling her out and declining her offer to join her school.

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During the interrogation, Dulcie is direct with Skye and reveals that she knew about Skye’s return to Deadloch on the night of her father’s death. Although Skye doesn’t disclose the reason for her return, she aggressively asserts that she didn’t commit the murders, despite wishing she had. 

On the flip side, we see Radcliffe shares a moment with Ray, and they decide to go back to Ray’s place for a ‘gruck’ (grief fuck). 

At the beach where Mayor Alyena organized a movie screening, Vanessa (who is a mere front for Phill’s agenda), takes over the beach and protests against Aleyna for not prioritizing the murders of the men of the town.

Deadloch (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending, Explained: 

Dulcie and Cath engage in a heated argument about how their relationship has lost its authenticity. Cath accuses Dulcie of ruining her friendship with Skye, believing that there’s no way to repair it. In response, Dulcie highlights how Cath has consistently manipulated her into fulfilling her own desires due to Cath’s past infidelity in Sydney. As the argument intensifies, Dulcie has a sudden realization that the photograph on her table was taken on the same day as Sam O’Dawyer’s death, and Cath deliberately kept Skye’s return to Deadloch a secret from her.

Meanwhile, Ray and Radcliffe arrive at Ray’s place, where they have a conversation about second chances and the belief that everyone deserves one. They share a special moment together while witnessing the beauty of the southern lights, which leads to pounce on each other like wild cats. 

What does Dulcie find on the beach?

While Dulcie is engaged in a heated argument with Cath back at the station, a man who had previously dropped the hook and chain at the info booth arrives.

Upon discussing the matter, Dulcie deduces that someone intentionally planted those items on the beach to frame Skye as the primary suspect. However, before she can delve further into this lead, she receives a call to rush to the beach, where Vanessa and others have caused a commotion.

The end of Deadloch Episode 6 shows Dulcie trying to handle the protest at the beach as she and the others go into a stare of shock and panic as not one be multiple dead bodies are seen floating in the water. 

Now, since the bodies are now found on the beach, it’s obvious that Skye, who is now in police custody, is not the killer. The episode makes sure that we, as viewers, put our next suspect as Margret, but its too soon to be too sure. Hoping the next episode opens up some concrete clues for us to juggle through. 

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