Deadloch (Season 1), Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: The latest episode of Deadloch is funnier with how the investigation lead keeps jumping from one suspect to another. After Eddie’s press conference stunt, the town is in utter panic and shock as a new dead body gets discovered.

Eddie and Dulcie continue to investigate; however, they don’t get the correct lead to follow through and, on top of it, are given a 12-hour ultimatum to find the Deadloch culprit. Can they nail down the right suspect this time or continue to be in the loop of a murder investigation as new dead bodies get piled up?

Deadloch (Season 1), Episode 5 Recap:

The new episode of “Deadloch” opens with Dulcie, Abby, and Radcliffe being driven into town by Cath. They are all hiding beneath a large tarp on the back of the truck, possibly to avoid the media after the blunder we saw in the previous episode. Meanwhile, Aleyna, having her morning sprint in the lake, notices another dead body. When Ray calls to alert Dulcie about the dead body, Dulcie and Radcliffe reach the location and find Jimmy’s body on a cross.

The police set up a perimeter around the body and try to figure out more clues about how Jimmy got there. Dulcie deduces that there is a possibility that the cross was brought in on the beach with the high tide. However, since there are no footprints on the beach, putting it up would have required the strength of a strong woman. Since there is apparent Christian imagery at work, there is a possibility that the killer also attends the local church.

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Just as James arrives at the scene after his TEDXPerth speech, he deduces that Jimmy’s death is also related to the other murders. As Dulcie and Radcliffe head to investigate more about Jimmy’s whereabouts, Dulcie receives a call from Commissioner Hastings, who gives them an ultimatum of finding a suspect within 12 hours, or he will send in a replacement for the detectives.

They first go to St. Drago’s, the local church, and meet the Father. They ask him if anyone has confessed their sins, but the Father says that no one has ever confessed to something so extreme. However, he helps them figure out that the Christian imagery in the murder doesn’t signify Jesus’ crucifixion but rather the thief who was crucified alongside him. Since this thief died as a sinner, Dulcie deduces that the killer’s motive was to make Jimmy’s death signify the same.

As Dulcie and Radcliffe leave St. Drago’s, they are again bombarded by the media. However, before the media can ask them questions, they all receive suppression orders from their superiors, instructing them to stay away from the case. Dulcie also notices Victoria leaving the premises. Just then, Abby calls them from Jimmy’s place and tells them he had called Vanessa numerous times last night. She might be their prime suspect since there are creepy photos of her plastered all over his wall.

Firstly, they visit Vanessa Latham and ask her about her whereabouts and her call with Jimmy, but nothing substantial comes out. On their way out, Dulcie notices Skye entering her home and decides to question her, asking Radcliffe to accompany Abby, who now has the list of regularly attending women from the church. While Dulcie is talking to Skye, she notices something strange about Nadia, who double-checks with Skye before telling Dulcie where they were last night.

Meanwhile, Radcliffe and Abby are at Michelle’s parlor, following the list given by the priest. There, they learn that Michelle has been taking Mike’s mother to the church, and Jimmy once tried to masturbate in front of her, which made Mike angry. They return to the station with a fresh new suspect in hand and inform Dulcie about it. Dulcie, who is hesitant to pursue this lead due to the killer’s profile being that of a woman, tries to stop them. However, with time ticking against them, they decide to investigate further. At the station, we also learn that Abby might be pregnant.

Deadloch Season 1 Episode 5
Kate Box as Dulcie Collins, Madeleine Sami as Eddie Redcliffe, Tom Ballard as Sven Alderman, Nina Oyama as Abby Matsuda & Naarah as Sharelle Muir

The two of them then visit the Footie club to check on Mike, who works there. Mike is connected to all the people who got murdered in some way. On the football ground, a fight breaks out, and Mike gets really angry when young teen boys shout at the girls, saying homophobic slurs. Just then, Sven, who gets locked up by mistake in the local pub’s bathroom, calls Dulcie and Radcliffe for help. When they break the bathroom door, they realize that everyone bullied Mike for being gay, and Sven confirms that he did not show up when the town had the DNA testing. This further makes them doubt Mike could be the killer, so Radcliffe gets a warrant for a search. Meanwhile, Abby gets her period and sighs in relief that she is not pregnant. She then goes to James’ lab to get the cross that was delivered to the station earlier for a check. However, James blows her off and demeans her again.

Tammy, Miranda, and Faye discuss how Margaret and her family are a bunch of self-centered snakes who would help the less fortunate only when it does them any good. On going through Mike’s house, Radcliffe discovers Pentobarbital sitting in his medicine cabinet, making them sure that he is the killer.

They sit with him and try to reason why he did it and hid ‘those things’ at his house. Mike assumes that they are talking about the dresses that he likes to wear every now and then and confesses that it is not a crime to wear them. Michelle rushes into the interrogation room and supports his stand for dresses, making them eventually confess their love for each other. When they ask him about Pentobarbital, he tells them that they bought it off the internet ten years ago for his mother, and it was never used.

Deadloch (Season 1), Episode 5 Ending, Explained:

Who is the prime suspect in the Deadloch murder investigation now?

After they let Mike go, Sven checks for his alibi and finds that a lot of people had seen him doing the check post duty that night. To confirm, he even dropped a list of people he stopped and verified. As Sven had set up an info shop earlier, someone had dropped some chains as some kind of evidence. When Radcliffe looks at the evidence and rechecks the list that Mike had dropped, she realizes something, making her run to the pub to check with Mike. Meanwhile, Dulcie, who had gone to drive Cath back home after she ate too many oysters, overhears her saying something about Skye and Nadia’s fight over the IVF money that Skye had blown away. Dulcie also figures something out and rushes to the station, where Sven is reading the screenplay that the Father faxed earlier.

The screenplay is about murders that happen and has the O’Dawyer family’s proxy names mentioned in them. Dulcie and Radcliffe zero in on the suspect, realizing that the chain and Mike’s list match up to the prime suspect being Skye O’Dawyer. Abby, who is in her school’s chemistry lab, also picks up on the smell of the wood, which hints towards a cook’s work. The ending of Deadloch episode 5 finds Vanessa Latham speaking to Megan and telling her that it was all Skye’s doing.

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