Deadloch (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: In the fourth episode of the murder investigation series “Deadloch,” detectives Eddie Redcliffe and Duclie finally try burying their hatchets and work together as a unit. It’s Dulcie’s birthday, but the new clue in the case has led her to stray far away from her wife, Cath, which leads to more issues on the home front. Another major turn point is reached by the time the episode ends, and the detectives hit ground zero once again. 

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Deadloch (Season 1), Episode 4 Recap:

The episode opens with Dulcie and Cath in a therapy session with Claire while Redcliffe is in the local sports shop talking to a mannequin and contemplating returning to the shack. Claire suggests that Dulcie should find time to balance her ongoing murder investigation with finding time for her partner.

Redcliffe walks to the police station and is met with the journalist, including Megan – the Tribune reporter who she blurted out to the previous night at the pub. Megan’s report includes claiming that she is incompetent to deal with the case and badmouths her colleagues. We also see Phil McGangus talking to Megan, and it is pretty clear that the town’s men are secretly anti-lesbians.

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Dulcie and Redcliffe acknowledge at the station for the first time, and a slight change in Redcliffe’s behavior is visible. She has let go of her cargo shorts and is properly dressed. Her uptightness and impulsiveness have also gone down as they discuss the case with Sven and Abby. After the realization in the previous episode, Dulcie rounded off the suspects as Sharelle Muir, Vanessa Latham, Skye O’Dawyer, Victoria O’Dawyer, and Margaret Carruthers – all connected to the victims somehow.

They also conclude that the serial killer must have started the killings with something personal. Since Rod Dixon was the first victim, Trent, and Gavin used to work at his sawmill, putting Margaret up as their first major suspect. However, they talk to their first suspect. Abby points out that Sam O’Dawyer had no pentobarbital in his system.

On their way to meet Margaret, Dulcie and Redcliffe take D-tour to see Phil so that Redcliffe can apologize for her behavior the previous night. In the meantime, Dulcie calls the medical lab to find out about Sam O’Dawyer’s toxicology report. Since James is out for TEDXPerth, Kate receives the phone call telling Dulcie that no pentobarbital is found in Sam’s body. However, there was a considerable amount of alcohol present, and there was a mark on the backside of his skull, indicating that someone had whacked him pretty hard, knocking him out in the cold. There is also something shady between Phil and Vanessa (Trent’s Widow), and we are unsure what it is now.

At Margaret’s place, she sees Miranda and her aunt Fay, convincing her to join the scholarship program she runs yearly for less privileged women. Miranda and Fay are skeptical, but seeing the opportunity, they give it a thought. Dulcie and Redcliffe reach Margaret’s estate and engage in a general discussion before Redcliffe stumbles on a coffee table book about the Carruthers family’s history in Deadloch. She inquires why she chose to bury Rod in a local cemetery instead of in the Carruthers estate, where all their ancestors reside.

Madeleine Sami and Kate Box in Deadloch, Season 1, Episode 4.
Madeleine Sami and Kate Box in Deadloch, Season 1, Episode 4.

Meanwhile, Abby, who is at the makeup trial, learns that Margaret supports many local businesses run by women. Just then, Aleyna arrives at Margaret’s place and instantly heads to getting angry at Dulcie for not making her aware of the ongoing investigation process. Talking to her makes us aware that she wasn’t the successor for Rod as the next mayor candidate, which is why Phil is always looking to bring her down and run for the mayor candidacy. It also comes up that Margaret is the one who facilitated Aleyna’s campaign, leading her to become the mayor.

Before Margaret’s estate, they learn that Aleyna, a doctor, might have prescribed pentobarbital to someone. They next go to Cath, who claims to have prescribed pentobarbital to Margaret for her horses, and because she was an ex-nurse, she gave the doses herself. So basically, the three women – Aleyna, Margaret, and Cath have all been prescribed or used pentobarbital, and all are now suspects.

Back at the station, Abby tells them that while doing her makeup trial, Michelle (her makeup artist) told her that Rod (Margaret’s husband) was a grade-A – Misogynist and that Margaret often spent time away from him. Dulcie is not ready to point fingers at Margaret because of her closeness to her, but Redcliffe makes sure that they look into it more deeply.

However, before they can point fingers at Margaret, they realize that she has an alibi and was in Italy at the time of Rod’s death. Back at the station, Michelle tells them how Rod, Sam, and the footie club situation led to her having to shift her party somewhere else. This information lets Dulcie and Redcliffe realize that Rod was not the first victim, but it was Sam, basically bringing their investigation to ground zero.

Sven, who is there with the files of women with a criminal history, points out Wendy, charged with assault when she hit Sam O’Dawyer when she worked at the Carruthers estate. Since Wendy is in prison, the two detectives head to Shearelle (Wendy’s daughter) to find out what she knows.

As Dulcie and Redcliffe decide to pay Wendy a visit at the jail, Dulcie receives a call from Kate, who tells her that she found a strand of pubic hair in Sam’s mouth belonging to a woman. It points to a possible affair in which they try to reason with Victoria, taking her DNA sample just in case. As Dulcie and Redcliffe head to Dulcie’s house, Cath and a few friends pop up for a surprise birthday celebration for Dulcie. Cath is not happy that Redcliffe is present.

The birthday dinner becomes a confession for Cath, who claims she has been jealous and insecure since Redcliffe was assigned to the case with Dulcie. Her insecurities stem from Dulcie cheating on Cath with her partner back in Sydney. While they are having dinner, someone points out that Aleyna has organized a press conference with the press and is possibly going to talk about the Latham murders. Since Dulcie and Redcliffe are not ready to disclose things about the investigation, they run to the conference so that Alyena doesn’t reveal anything substantial. 

Deadloch (Season 1), Episode 4 Ending, Explained:

What do we learn about Sam O’Dawyer?

When the press gets too overwhelming for Aleyna at the conference, Redcliffe steps in to answer their questions. She keeps avoiding the queries, but as they grow aggressively close to pointing toward their investigation, she becomes breathless and passes out.

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Meanwhile, outside the conference hall, Abby secretly talks to Shearelle about her involvement with Sam, as Dulcie overhears them. From their conversation, we can make out that Sam O’Dawyer wasn’t the saint he was portrayed as and was sleeping and exploiting multiple women, including Shearelle.

A shadowy figure is also seen, preparing a dose of pentobarbital, probably for their next victim.

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