The Good Bad Mother (Season 1 Finale), Episodes 13 & 14 Recap & Ending Explained: After a month-long storytelling journey exploring the intricacies of evolving relationships and the deep impact of personal growth, The Good Bad Mother reaches the climax of its first season. In the latest episodes, we get a heartwarming conclusion that sums up the essence of this feel-good K-drama.

In the last two episodes, Kang-ho takes control of his life, mustering the courage to confront pending jobs that bring about a cathartic experience for him and his family. As the tale of tragedies and setbacks nears its end, it also offers a sense of closure for both Kang-ho and Young-soon as they find solace in their shared experiences during challenging times.

The journey brings the mother and son duo closer than ever as they reconcile for all the missed opportunities of being a family. At the same time, Kang-ho embraces his true emotions and expresses them to Mi-joo, solidifying their bond.

The Good Bad Mother (Season 1 Finale), Episodes 13 & 14 Recap:

Episode 13

The episode opens with Kang-ho eagerly waiting for a boat, but the driver runs off after seeing him. He later catches up to the driver and learns that Soo-hyun committed suicide when thugs tried to kidnap her. In order to escape from them, she jumped into the water. The driver apologizes and explains that he has been living in fear of the men who tried to kill Soo-hyun.

Meanwhile, Sam-sik and Mi-joo try to find out exactly where Ha-young is admitted in the hospital. In the lift, they encounter one of Tae-soo’s men, and Sam-sik informs Mi-joo that Ha-young is most likely nearby. They break into the laundry room using Sam-sik’s skills and steal uniforms.

On the other hand, Young-soon scares the detectives (who force themselves inside the house without a warrant) back at the farm by having Andrea pretend to be Kang-ho, with deteriorating mental health. However, the police continue to question the villagers about Kang-ho’s condition. Later that night, a card game turns into an emotional moment when Sung-ae learns about Young-soon’s illness.

Kang-ho meets the investigating officer and hands over Park Cheol-su’s phone for a forensic test. The officer initially refuses, uncertain of Kang-ho’s character, but Kang-ho’s persistence convinces him, and the officer agrees.

Meanwhile, Woo-byeok orders his men to stop Kang-ho to avoid further complications. At the hospital, Sam-sik and Mi-joo devise a plan to free Ha-young. After Mi-joo enters the room, she calms Ha-young down and shows her a video of her drugging Kang-ho’s water. Mi-joo tries to take her out of the room to confess, but Ha-young refuses and reveals that her father is capable of even killing his own child.

Mi-joo then tells Ha-young that Tae-soo has already killed his unborn child and that she won’t back down this time. The three of them escape the hospital, with their Tae-soo’s men chasing them. Kang-ho joins them outside, and the four escape, leaving the captors behind. Although Sam-sik is thrilled with the outcome, the others are scared about the consequences of their actions.

They then seek refuge at the gambling boss’s hotel, where the prosecutor persuades him to protect Mi-joo, Sam-sik, and Ha-young. While Mi-joo and Sam-sik enjoy fireworks, Kang-ho and Ha-young have a chance to talk. Kang-ho apologizes for involving her in his troubles and confesses that he has always loved Mi-joo. Mi-joo overhears this and gets emotional.

Kang-ho then leaves Mi-joo and Ha-young under Sam-sik’s supervision to gather the final evidence against Woo-byeok. Right before he prepares to leave, Mi-joo makes him promise that he will come back to his family. The two share a kiss. The episode ends with Tae-soo completely taken aback when during an aquarium event, Kang-ho approaches him and shakes his hand.

A still from The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Finale.
A still from The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Finale.

Episode 14

We see Kang-ho confronting Tae-soo, revealing his intentions to destroy Woo-byeok for murdering his father and attempting to kill him and his mother. He promises not to expose Tae-soo’s misdeeds publicly and emphasizes Ha-young’s involvement to persuade Tae-soo. On the other hand, Ha-young hesitates to come forward with the truth due to potential backlash, but Mi-joo assures her to trust Kang-ho’s promise to find evidence against Tae-soo.

We then see Kang-ho taking Tae-soo’s warning seriously and gathering as much evidence as possible. Ji-seok meets with Woo-byeok and secretly records their incriminating conversation. Kang-ho interrupts their meeting, shocking Woo-byeok. However, Kang-ho gets arrested for an assault and attempted murder, and we learn that it is part of a plan orchestrated between Ji-seok and Kang-ho.

In the meantime, the villagers are delighted to watch Kang-ho’s media briefing following Woo-byeok’s arrest, and they decide to accompany him to Seoul. On the day of the trial, Kang-ho surprises everyone by appearing in court as a prosecutor. Young-soon prays for her son’s strength during the trial while struggling with her deteriorating health.

The Good Bad Mother (Season 1 Finale), Episodes 14 Ending, Explained:

What happens when Kang-ho appears in the trial?

During the trial, Kang-ho calls Tae-soo to the stand, and Ha-young confesses that she drugged Kang-ho with sleeping pills. Chaos ensues when Ha-young reveals more secrets, including Tae-soo and Woo-byeok’s involvement in Hae-sik’s murder. To everyone’s surprise, Kang-ho brings Soo-hyun’s baby to the court as everyone thinks the baby is dead. Soo-hyun had hidden her baby and committed suicide to protect him. Realizing the gravity of his situation, Tae-soo attempts to flee with Ha-young, but Kang-ho stops and arrests him, leading to applause from Kang-ho’s family. Tae-soo, Woo-byeok, and others involved in corruption and illegal activities are all prosecuted and arrested.

It’s Young-soon’s birthday in the village, and everyone is preparing to celebrate the day with her. Young-soon delivers an emotional speech thanking everyone. She then gives Kang-ho and Mi-joo her and Hae-sik’s wedding rings, wishing them to live happily together. Later that night, Kang-ho refuses to sleep without his mother until he is married. Young-soon requests Kang-ho to sing her a song before falling asleep, and she passes away in his arms. The next day, we see everyone paying their last respect to Young-soon, making the episode rather emotional.

As we come to the series finale, we see all the characters coming around with their lives taking different turns. We learn Gum-ja is having an affair with Hoon-ah while Sam-sik tries to woo Ha-young. At the same time, we see Kang-ho and Mi-joo dedicate their lives to the upkeep of their farm, just like Young-soon always imagined.

The series concludes with Kang-ho finding a letter written by his late mother, who shares her deepest feelings. The letter states that she is apologetic for all the mistakes she committed as a mother and wishes to be a better mother in her next life. Kang-ho becomes overwhelmed reading the letter and begs her to watch over him and his family and goes ahead and finally proposes to Mi-joo with a tiny piglet, just as his father proposed to his mother.

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