The Good Bad Mother (Season 1), Episodes 11 & 12: Recap & Ending, Explained – What happens after Kang-ho regains his memory?

The Good Bad Mother (Season 1), Episodes 11 & 12 Recap & Ending Explained: The latest two episodes of the Netflix K-drama, The Good Bad Mother, show a terrifying accident at the farm that shakes Young soon to her core. At the same time, after gaining his memory back, Kang-ho set off on his pending mission with Mi-joo and Sam-sik by his side to seek answers on things that have long bothered him and his family.

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The Good Bad Mother (Season 1), Episodes 11 & 12 Recap:

Episode 11

The episode opens with Sam-sik’s mother upset and angry at him first thing in the morning for trying to rob Kang-ho. She is fed up with Sam-sik’s endless ways of humiliating the family with his stupid tactics. On the other hand, Mi-joo, along with her twins, goes to Kang-ho’s house to disclose the truth about her children. However, as she reaches the house, a frantic Kang-ho tells her Young-soon has collapsed. In the meantime, a young girl named Hoang also visits Kang-ho’s place as the potential fiancée. However, hearing the news of his mother, everyone goes inside to help Young-soon, who is lying unconscious on the floor. Everyone then takes Kang-ho’s mother to the hospital.

Once Young-soon gets proper care in the hospital, Hoang introduces herself to Kang-ho. Mi-joo feels uncomfortable seeing the two converses. In the meantime, Kang-ho also learns about his mother’s health issues and immediately rushes to her. He begs her to recover and even promises to change his feelings toward Mi-joo or become a prosecutor. Hoang listens to all this and thinks this is not the right place to find a match for herself.

When Mi-joo consoles Kang-ho, her mother arrives at the hospital and starts criticizing her for being close to Kang-ho. However, we hear a commotion from Young-soon’s hospital room, where she is adamant about leaving. On the other hand, Sam-sik finds a DNA test report and a memory card in a handbag.

After reaching home, Young-soon learns that Hoang has rejected Kang-ho. She is visibly upset and goes to Mi-joo to confront her about the failure of the marriage prospect because of her. However, Gum-ja overhears the two talking and comes out to defend her daughter. She asks Young-soon why she always blames her daughter for Kang-ho’s actions, leaving Young-soon speechless.

What does Sam-sik learn about Kang-ho from the memory card?

While Young-soon is away, Sam-sik goes to Kang-ho with all findings and asks him to unlock the encrypted memory card. Once the card is opened, they find a voice recording of Tae-soo and Woo-byeok talking about removing Soo-hyun and her baby from the picture to avoid any controversy. The recording also mentions that Kang-ho could be involved in this plan. All this terrifies Kang-ho, but Sam-sik promises to find out all the information about how Kang-ho is involved and decides to confront Tae-soo with the evidence.

Next, we see Kang-ho visiting his father’s grave to vent his frustrations, and his mother sees him there. She reminisces about his father and shares heartfelt stories, helping Kang-ho understand how he resembles his father. At this moment, we see Kang-ho finally accepting his mother’s illness. Later, Young-soon meets Gum-ja and apologizes for the pain she caused, breaking down and expressing her desire to live despite her condition. Inside the house, Mi-joo listening to their conversation, she gets emotional.

The next day, Sam-sik confronts Ha-young with the DNA test results, blackmailing her. However, he is kidnapped by Tae-soo’s men and brutally beaten. Just in time, Ji-suk and Cha arrive to rescue him. The news of the recording reaches Tae-soo, making him realize that Woo-byeok may be involved. He later threatens Ha-young, warning her about the outcomes if she ever decides to speak up about it to anyone.

Heartbroken with everything going on, Ha-young disappears, on her wedding night after seeing Kang-ho again. She meets him at the farm, but she gets taken back home by force, and her father berates her for tarnishing his reputation. Meanwhile, Kang-ho and Young-soon share a pleasant meal and enjoy karaoke and a fun-filled night together. On the other hand, at Mi-joo’s home, Ye-jin tells her mother that she doesn’t have to endure her husband’s infidelity for the sake of their family.

Later we see that Young-soon receives a distressing phone call in the middle of the night about her farm in flame. They rush to the farm and find everything, including the pigs, consumed by the fire. Young-soon, shocked and in pain, refuses to leave her beloved pigs behind. However, Kang-ho convinces her to leave the burning place. On their way out, a piece of debris falls on Kang-ho, leaving him unconscious. While unconscious, Kang-ho goes through a flood of memories, remembering the moment of his accident and seeing Ha-young walking away from the scene. In the flashback, he hears his father’s voice to wake up, and the episode ends on that note.

Episode 12

A Still from The Good Bad Mother, Season 1, Episode 12.
A Still from The Good Bad Mother, Season 1, Episode 12.

The next episode begins with Oh Tae-soo meeting Woo-byeok and panicking over Soo-hyeon’s dead body being found. He suggests that Kang-ho takes the blame for everything to keep himself safe. Although Woo-byeok agrees, he starts bullying Tae-soo about his ‘good time’ with Soo-hyeon. Tae-soo kicks Woo-byeok out of anger and warns him not to take him for granted as he still has all the evidence that can ruin Woo-byeok’s reputation. The two reconcile, and Tae-soo promises to support the Woobyeok Group.

On the other hand, the show, at this point, picks up from the time Young-soon received a call about their farm in a fire. Soon the entire village rush to the scene where the fire has completely consumed the farm. In the meantime, when Sam-sik visits Kang-ho earlier, he hears about the fire, so he immediately rushes to the scene and finds people who he thinks must’ve put the farm on fire. He gets severely beaten and left at the scene when he confronts them. We then see Kang-ho carrying Sam-sik out of the fire and everyone rushing out as the farm gets ablaze by the fire explosion.

The next scene is in a hospital where Sam-sik tries to inform the police about the people he saw at the farm. However, Young-soon intervenes and tells the police not to get into any investigation. Mi-joo, in the meantime, talks to Sam-sik and tries to threaten him to blurt out the truth. After much coercion, Sam-sik finally reveals that Oh Tae-soo’s men put fire to the farm. Mi-joo immediately rushes to Young-soo and asks her to report the accident to the police, but she doesn’t want any actions taken and tells Mi-joo that she wishes to leave with her son, Kang-ho.

What does Young-soon learn about Kang-ho and Mi-joo?

However, Mi-joo shares with Young-soon that Kang-ho wanting to be with his mother was the only reason he endured so much pain and hardship. It was her love that supported him all this time. Young-soon realizes that Kang-ho had also mentioned Mi-joo in his journal, talking about how she was the one for him – which is why even after losing his memories, Kang-ho has always been attracted to Mi-joo.

Young-soon then learns that Kang-ho is a father to two children, and Mi-joo discovers that Kang-ho had not abandoned her. The two women realize that Kang-ho had only distanced himself from them to protect them as he battled the dangers to seek revenge for his father’s death. In the meantime, after gaining consciousness, Kang-ho overhears their conversation as the police enter the scene to arrest Kang-ho with suspicion of him killing Soo-hyeon.

We then move to the police station, where the officers show photos of Kang-ho pushing Soo-hyeon’s car into the river and co-relating it to how the same woman’s clothes were found on the night she disappeared. Young-soon gets emotional and almost reveals the truth to support her son. However, Kang-ho’s odd behavior saves the situation. She uses this moment to threaten the police to sue them for mishandling a mentally unstable person, which helps the family in distracting the attention from them.

After reaching home, Young-soon realizes that Kang-ho has indeed regained his memories and immediately apologizes for all the pain she caused him all his life. Overwhelmed with the moment, the two then embrace one another soon. However, Young-soon then beds Kang-ho to leave his rage behind, not seek revenge, and instead run away from the scene. He tells her that running away will not help them as things will eventually unfold on their own. Kang-ho promises his mother that he will work hard to find the evidence against them and use it to his best.

The next day, Kang-ho finds the twins playing, and he goes to them and hugs them tightly. After taking his sweet time approaching Mi-joo, he finally walks up to her and talks about unsaid things. Seeing Kang-ho disclosing his feelings, Mi-joo breaks down in front of him. She even questions how it is fair for anything, especially when he abandoned her while she was expecting at that period. Kang-ho pleads with her not to forgive him and tells her that he still needs to take revenge for his father, and once he has achieved that, he will come back and work on their relationship.

The Good Bad Mother (Season 1), Episodes 12 Ending, Explained:

What happens after Kang-ho regains his memory?

Woo-byeok is frantic about being unable to access Kang-ho and how he has been released from police custody. In the meantime, he also learns that Soo-hyeon was actually never inside the car when Kang-ho pushed it into the river. Woo-byeok loses his temper after being double-crossed by Kang-ho like this. On the other hand, Kang-ho visits his office and drives off in his car, which was hidden all this time as per his plan. Simultaneously, we see Mi-joo finding out about the video where Ha-young drugs Kang-ho’s water before the accident. She takes it to Sam-sik and asks him to accompany her to Ha-young for a confrontation.

Next, we see both Sam-sik and Mi-joo trying their best to locate Han-young, and suddenly Mi-joo remembers that she had met Han-young before and where she could be at the moment. They then rush to Woo-byeok Medical Centre feeling positive that Han-young is most likely admitted there. On the other hand, we see Kang-ho searching for Cho Yeong-jae, an important person in his mission of revenge. While searching for the man, Kang-ho comes across an unexpected boat named Gwangmyeongho, out of nowhere, which may have all the answers he is looking for now. The episode ends on that note.

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