The Good Bad Mother (Season 1), Episodes 9 & 10: Recap & Ending, Explained – Who is the father of Mi-joo’s twin children?

A Still from The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 10.

The Good Bad Mother (Season 1), Episodes 9 & 10 Recap & Ending Explained: In the latest episodes of the Netflix series “The Good Bad Mother,” new revelations come to light. Episode 9 delves into Young-soon and Kang-ho’s recollections, revealing a previously unknown side of his life as a young prosecutor. Meanwhile, in Episode 10, Young-soon ensures Kang-ho’s safety and prepares him for the future. Amidst it all, a tender moment between Mi-joo and Kang-ho adds further complexity to their lives.

The Good Bad Mother (Season 1), Episodes 9 & 10 Recap:

Episode 9

The episode begins with the twins finding out about Ha-young getting married and showing the news to everyone. While everyone is shocked about Kang-ho becoming Oh Tae-soo’s son-in-law, they all decide to keep the news to themselves to avoid hurting Young-soon. However, she learns about the information and tells the villagers that people must have the right to live their life the way they want.

Next, we see, Young-soon taking the SD memory card to Sam-sik’s father to open the contents inside. However, the two realize that the memory card is encrypted. Just then, with Kang-ho’s witty thinking, they are able to figure out the password.

Soon they discover the files inside the card are marked date-wise, and it turns out to be Kang-ho’s journal. The journal begins with the time he started going to law school and how much that time had deeply affected his mental being. In one of the files, we learn that Kang-ho had tried to access his father’s suicide/murder investigation report; however, the access was denied.

How does Kang-ho plan to discover the truth behind his father’s death?

When he tried to reach out to the prosecutor representing his father’s case, he learned that the man was Oh Tae-soo. When Kang-ho doesn’t get any help from the detectives, he understands that the only way to find out about his father is to become a prosecutor, just as his mother always mentioned.

The journal also includes his time with Mi-joo and how she completely changed his life with her vibrant energy. We then see him working really hard to be able to work with Tae-soo and finally get access to the trial records. In the meantime, we also learn that Mi-joo also helped Kang-ho figure out the case with clarity.

In the following scene, we see Kang-ho confronting Kwak Sang-cheol, who had falsely testified against Hae-sik, only to discover that Woo-byeok’s threats had compelled him to do so. Meanwhile, we also learn how Young-soon, Kang-ho’s mother, had always desired her child to become an artist like her, but circumstances at the time had forced her to repress Kang-ho’s talent. As Kang-ho gradually climbed the ladder to become a prosecutor successfully, he obtained the reports concerning his father’s death, revealing problematic issues.

He confronted the investigating officer, realizing the officer was also part of the actual problem. However, Kang-ho discovered that Tae-soo, not Woo-byeok, was the mastermind behind the entire conspiracy. He then ends his relationship with Mi-joo, as he can only get close to Tae-soo through his daughter, and that can only be possible if he ends everything with Mi-joo.

Slowly, Kang-ho strategically works on his relationships to get close to Woo-byeok and Tae-soo. While in the midst of all this, he found out about the relationship of Tae-soo with his former secretary, Hwang Soo-hyun. He starts gathering evidence that could link Tae-soo to the child he had with Soo-hyun. Kang-ho then moves ahead with his plan to approach Woo-byeok, asking him to take him in as his legal son.

What does Young-soon do after finding out about Kang-ho’s plan for revenge?

A Still from The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 9.
A Still from The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 9.

On the day of his accident, Kang-ho and his girlfriend, Ha-young, went to meet his mother so that he could hide the memory card in the photo frame and cut all his ties with Young-soo as per his plan of action. He believed that when everything falls into place as he imagined, he would finally be able to spend time with his mother as he always wanted.

We then see Young-soon, completely shattered by this revelation about her son’s dangerous plan. She cannot digest all this information, so she runs away and breaks down, realizing that her son’s bitterness towards her back then had a good intention. Young-soon then burns all the things concerning Kang-ho’s life as a prosecutor in her husband’s case. However, Kang-ho is able to save his ID.

Young-soon then turns to her son and tells him that revenge doesn’t mean to self-harm one-self; instead, it’s about letting go of things and embracing life as it is. She then throws the memory card in the flame. We then see someone discovering the remains of the dead Soo-hyun in the water. It turns out that she was last seen alive on the day when Kang-ho had helped her escape.

Episode 10

After Young-soon burns all the evidence along with the hard disk, Woo-byeok’s men visit the farm and surround them. They even hurt Kang-ho, and we soon see Woo-byeok. Seeing her son in pain, Young-soon asks him for mercy and eventually reveals that Kang-ho’s accident caused him to lose all his memories, making him no longer a threat. However, the ‘baddie’ here doesn’t want to hear anything. She even tells him that Woo-byeok doesn’t know the truth of their relationship. Woo-byeok is more interested now, and just when Kang-ho rises to reveal everything, we see Young-soon waking up from her sleep in panic.

What does Young-soon plan to save her son’s life?

The next day we see Young-soon hatching a plan to get her son a suitable partner, hoping it will help him. She tells Kang-ho that they will get new pigs so that he will be responsible for running the farm. Kang-ho, however, questions her if he will ever be able to become a prosecutor again. Young-soon gets nervous and diverts the question by saying they should forget their previous life and focus on finding new happiness through the farm. Even though Kang-ho agrees with what his mother says, he is still confused and curious about his mother’s sudden odd behavior.

Later that night, Young-soon asks help from her fellow neighbors in the village to look for potential marriage prospects for her son, telling them it will lead to more stability in his life. The villagers are confused but eventually agree to help her. In the meantime, Mi-joo learns about Kang-ho inheriting the farm and searching for a wife.

The next day, Young-soon prepares Kang-ho to meet a prospective partner and explains to him, with his mental age akin to that of a 7-year-old, that they are looking for a friend to live with him and help manage the farm. Innocently, Kang-ho wonders if this person will be like Mi-joo. Young-soon scolds him, revealing that Mi-joo already has someone to love, and assures him that she will find someone even better than Mi-joo.

The following scenes in the episode at this point of the series show us how Young-soon and her village friends help Kang-ho look like an eligible bachelor looking for a life partner. They make Kang-ho wear his prosecutor’s outfit, and he even wears a tie that means special to Mi-joo. However, soon after getting done with the chaos of finding a wife, as per his mother, Kang-ho rushes to meet Mi-joo.

On his way to meet Mi-joo, he notices someone harassing her. Kang-ho immediately takes control of the situation and fights off with the man leaving Mi-joo completely surprised by his sudden superpowers. Amidst the chaos, a motorcycle approaches, triggering flashes of Mi-joo’s accident in Kang-ho’s memory. He pulls her close, causing them both to fall and him to sustain an injury.

Concerned about his well-being, Mi-joo panics, but Kang-ho, recalling their encounter at the hospital years ago, assures her he can take the exam next year. They then share a kiss. Later, Young-soon brings up the incident with Kang-ho, who is drawing hearts on pigs’ faces. Realizing his injury from the motorcycle incident, she scolds him for being reckless. Kang-ho explains that he did it to protect Mi-joo and then unintentionally says things Young-soon told him years ago about the accident.

Young-soon realizes that the episode has hurt her son deeply as he remembers everything in detail. She wishes for Kang-ho not to regain his memory until he gets married, believing it will prevent him from seeking revenge for his father’s death. On the other hand, we see Kang-ho confessing his feelings for Mi-joo.

Why does Sam-sik get arrested?

Meanwhile, Woo-byeok gets ready to meet Kang-ho face-to-face. At the same time, the discovery of Soo-hyun’s body raises suspicions among the police, who realize it was neither an accident nor a suicide. Meanwhile, Young-soon arranges to meet another potential wife for Kang-ho, unaware that his drawing of “her” is Mi-joo.

Next, we see Sam-sik getting arrested for selling the diamond set he tricked Kang-ho into giving him while getting drunk earlier. The villagers are left devastated as the village has maintained a crime-free place for the last twenty years. However, Kang-ho claims that he gave the set to Sam-sik as a gift, clearing his name – except for Young-soon.

She returns home and scolds Kang-ho for giving away the diamond set. However, Kang-ho tells his mother that he wishes to be a prosecutor and is not interested in getting married or running the farm. Young-soon is speechless after hearing what her son has to say. However, Kang-ho explains to her that he has worked really hard to improve his life for her happiness. He questions her why doesn’t she want him to follow his heart.

The Good Bad Mother (Season 1), Episode 10 Ending, Explained:

Who is the father of Mi-joo’s twin children?

Young-soon feels sad and goes to meet Mi-joo, tells her about the “blind date,” and orchestrates the situation to make her responsible for Kang-ho’s feelings. She urges Mi-joo to talk to him and convince him since he needs to marry as soon as possible. Suspicious of the situation, Mi-joo demands the truth. Left with no choice, Young-soon reveals the truth about her deteriorating health issues.

However, there is entirely another truth behind Mi-joo. We soon learn that Kang-ho is the father of Seo-jin and Ye-jin, a secret known only to Mi-joo and her friend. With two babies without a job, Mi-joo learns that Kang-ho has been in a relationship with Ha-young. Eventually, she leaves her children with her mother with no money or place to live. In the present, Mi-joo finally discloses the truth to her mother, who is understandably confused but grateful that no one else knows.

Mi-joo’s mother begs her not to tell anyone else and is against her daughter staying with Kang-ho, as taking care of someone unwell would be exhausting. Angered by her mother’s pity, Mi-joo asks her not to feel sorry for them. The next day, it seems like she wants to tell the truth about her children to Kang-ho; however, in the meantime, Young-soon tries to get Kang-ho ready for his blind date.

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