Yellowjackets (Season 2 Finale) Episode 9 Recap & Ending, Explained: If there’s one show which is sure to leave you with more questions than it does answers by the time the season finale bids you goodbye, that would be Yellowjackets. And let’s be honest, you wouldn’t have it any other way. What else would make you faithfully wait around an excruciating amount of time and haunt the Reddit threads? Before you go on concocting theories of your own, let me share mine with you.

Yellowjackets (Season 2 Finale), Episode 9 Recap:

Eat Your Heart Out

Your therapist might warn you against getting emotionally attached to the Yellowjackets’ characters. But how can you hold yourself back when it’s everything you can do not to let the score get to you while you’re already knee-deep in the quicksand they’ve dragged you into? It’s hard not to ache for Shauna when she’s handed the daunting task of butchering the cold, blue figure of Javi. It is, for some enigmatic reason, harder not to feel for Nat when she’s consumed by the guilt of evading death and being called a good person by Ben. One thing Yellowjackets has guarded its severe characters against is our judgment.

There’s no high horse for us to hop on and scrutinize the unimaginable barbarism they’d had to make themselves capable of. Hunger changes you. It turns a grieving boy into a ravenous maniac taking a bite of his little brother’s heart. It possesses a group of tortured teens and compels them to cannibalize people they’d once cared about. And yet, there’s Ben, refusing to justify animalistic truculence even when his back is to the wall. Would the tree trunk hideout sustain him the way it did Javi? Or would he find it impossible to go on with a missing leg and no one to be at his beck and call? My money is on the latter.

What Do We Do About Lottie?

Shauna’s expertise in wrapping a questionable situation around her little finger doesn’t quite work for Lottie. Although I’m not quite sure how much of that is Lottie’s fault. It’s one of those situations where the possibility of taking it too seriously and embarrassing yourself outweighs your fear of risking your well-being. But that’s not all that’s keeping the group from calling a spade a spade. Sure, they know that it’s better to get her thrown in a psych ward than reenact a hunt that will certainly turn fatal. But you should also remember that Van was eerily close to believing in Lottie’s visions even when they were stuck in the woods. More than that, Van is the least selfish of them all.

So it’s obvious that the prospect of Lottie being locked up within the four walls of a psych ward doesn’t sit right with Van. And Tai agrees. Whether it’s because of the goodness of her heart or just her way of drawing Van in once again is not for us to know. So it’s a partially smoked queen in the deck and a blunt knife to the rescue. How are they ever to escape this when they’re still keeping secrets?

Yellowjackets (Season 2 Finale), Episode 9 Ending, Explained:

Jasmin Savoy Brown in Yellowjackets Season 2 Finale, Episode 9.
Jasmin Savoy Brown in Yellowjackets Season 2 Finale, Episode 9.

Will Shauna And Her Family Go Scot Free?

What use is a man who’s courting you if he doesn’t commit a few major crimes for you? If the tank didn’t bring Misty and Walter close enough, Walter emerging out of thin air to save the day surely seals the deal. He’s a gentleman, after all, looking after and covering for his special ones’ murderous proclivities. Ripping the benefit of the same is Shauna. I seriously don’t know why Kevyn and ‘Stache Mcgee would walk right into the maw of the monster without backup. That’s what you get for aggrandizing yourself and underestimating the might of your enemy. Kevyn’s death is not something we saw coming.

But Walter pulling a fast one on cops he hasn’t even met before to save his love interest is certainly very much in keeping with what you and I assume Walter and Misty’s relationship would be. However, it’s unlikely that Saracusa would wash his hands of his partner’s death and his being blackmailed. He’s not quite proven himself to be the kind of guy who makes light of being outsmarted. But for now, Shauna and her family are safe, if only from the claw of the law. As for her daughter, I doubt she’d want to let go of the gun now that she’s gotten a taste of how it is to hold one.

What Happens To Lottie? Where Will The Survivors Go?

Lottie isn’t one to budge once her mind is made up. Van and Tai going behind the group’s back to call off the emergency assistance surely play a role in how far the hunt escalates. You can feel goosebumps on your skin pop up with each card being drawn from the deck.

Lottie wouldn’t have been reluctant to sacrifice herself if that was what the group had decided. Even a swollen, banged-up Lottie mourned the loss of Javi, who died to sustain the crestfallen soccer players. It was then that Lottie stopped seeing whatever power ran the woods as something benevolent and started seeing it for what it is–a hungry entity who won’t relent on the hunt. And even all these years later, she can’t think of any other way to appease the bloodthirsty wood spirit than the death of one of them. And pulling the fatal card is Shauna. It’s jarring just how far each of them would go to have each other’s back. But the shock doesn’t stem from their unusual lack of self-preservation instincts. It comes from the place where you see them jump the gun and transcend into beings without compassion or remorse.

The only one at Shauna’s mercy is Lisa. A woman who had nothing to do with what they were dealing with yet ended up turning the tide. A death to feed the monster. Without even an ounce of effort from the narrative, Nat’s death brings you back to the wilderness; specifically her coronation as the newly chosen leader of the survivors. If it is a preternatural entity after all, it perhaps wasn’t pleased with its new mouthpiece. If you take the fire that crumbled the cabin as its wrath, it only makes sense that it would come back to take the one who offended it. Rest easy, Nat.

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