Dear Edward (Season 1), Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 8

Dear Edward (Season 1), Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: With every other episode, ‘Dear Edward’ shows its characters slowly becoming emotionally mature. The miracle kid Edward is going through the stages of his early adolescence. On the other hand, Adriana and Dee Dee are battling the inevitable nature of their fate and confronting some harsh truths. They deal with the aftermath of the loss of their loved ones. Meanwhile, Sam is confronting the truth about his life, which has now made its way to his consciousness.

The latest episode, streaming on Apple TV+, shows all their messy journeys with its usual brand of sappiness. Let’s find out what happens in the same. Please be aware that there are spoilers ahead.

Dear Edward (Season 1), Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8: Music

After receiving a text from Mahira (Jenna Qureshi), Edward (Colin O’Brien) gets excited to meet her. Jordan continues to appear in his visions and reminds him that ‘we need to talk’ does not mean a good thing. Edward still hopes for the best. Upon meeting, she notes that she cannot keep seeing him anymore, probably because he brings back Jordan’s memories, and she wants to move on from this part of her life. But young Edward cannot stomach that.

Meanwhile, Adriana (Anna Uzele) goes up on the live broadcast to showcase her socialist viewpoint. Unlike her emotional plea in the past, she pledges to emerge as a logical thinker than a naïve idealist from her younger days. That’s when she suddenly gets confronted with a fact that questions her values. While working for her grandmother, she got paid more than other employees. Since she wasn’t aware of this disparity, she denies it. But the proof gets shared right after, making her case weaker for now.

Adriana goes home to face another issue in her life – what she will do regarding Kojo (Idris Debrand) and Becks (Khloe Bruno). He continues to show his unconditional support to her while she struggles to reciprocate those feelings for him. Later, she meets Reverend Eric (Joshua Echebiri) for a friendly dialogue. But someone secretively clicks their photo together and posts it online, creating a rumor about their relationship. Kojo sees it at home and gets upset.

Meanwhile, Adriana, who is oblivious about it, returns to her campaign office to learn this as a piece of scandalous news. Her campaign manager sees it as a golden opportunity for them to use and gain more votes. Adriana does not want to go in that direction.

Dee Dee (Connie Britton) still fights her personal battle. On one side, she is slowly losing her luxurious lifestyle. On the other side, she is fighting the stress that Charles kept his personal and financial situation a secret from them. When a party of buyers comes to visit their L.A. condo, she walks down to greet them. While the agent keeps pushing her away, she keeps sharing details about it. The buyers wonder whether she is selling it because of downsizing. It makes her pain sting even more.

Dear Edward Season 1 Episode 8

Later, in Steve’s (Ivan Shaw) presence, Dee Dee mentions selling this condo to Zoe (Audrey Corsa). She also says that they need to start keeping their expenses in check thereafter. Zoe gets upset by this sudden shift in Dee Dee’s behavior and blames it on her desire for a lavish lifestyle. While Dee Dee tries to explain Charles’ job loss and poor financial management, Zoe only sees her as responsible since Charles always appears like an affectionate father. Dee Dee struggles to break that image for her and also to make her accept the truth.

Meanwhile, Lacey (Taylor Schilling) struggles to cope with Edward’s increasing irritation. While moving his stuff from their old apartment, she did not instruct the mover to handle his piano with care. As a result, it is not in the proper condition to play. Edward is angry because he found comfort in playing it. He also has fond memories of his father teaching it to him. As a result, Lacey feels guilty to have taken this precious joy of Edward’s life away from him.

While Lacey speaks about it in the grief group, Amanda (Brittany S. Hall) pitches in to repair it. She visits Lacey’s home and helps it get repaired. Seeing her in the house, Edward assumes that she also wants a story about the person she lost. She does not. However, she notes her frustration toward Steve and how he treated Brent. Edward empathizes with Steve since he also lost his brother in the plane crash. So, he asks her to cut Steve some slack.

Besides their apologies, Sam (Dario Ladani Sanchez) also texts Vernon (Trent M. Williams) to apologize for his rude behavior during the garage sale. Vernon takes the matter playfully and does not make Sam feel guilty about his behavior. During their flirtatious exchange, he sends Sam a revealing photo of himself and asks him to send one as well. In the spur of the moment, Sam clicks a few of his shirtless selfies and decides to send one of them to Vernon. But he stops himself from the fear of breaking his happy marriage.

John (Carter Hudson) returns to their place and asks Lacey to give their relationship another chance. While she is not happy with people distancing themselves from her, she notes that he made the decision to stay away. So now, it is up to him whether the relationship returns to normal. Meanwhile, Adriana owns up to her past during a press conference. She also does not shy away from taking a firm stance on her policies. However, unlike Kojo’s wish, she is not ready to uproot her life to go to Ghana for his business venture. It feels too orthodox to run for a man to another land. He is not ready to leave his business either.

Dear Edward (Season 1), Episode 8 Ending Explained

After his text exchange with Vernon, Sam continues to take care of his daughter and proceeds with his regular routine with his wife. However, he eventually decides to send one of his shirtless photos to Vernon. While he is away from his phone, he receives a response. His wife sees it, along with their past few text exchanges. She feels devastated by this revelation about her husband of years.

While Edward is happy that his piano got fixed, he decides to correct other things in his life. So, he goes up to Shay (Eva Ariel Binder) and apologizes to her for neglecting her before. While she does not mind forgiving him, she decides to move on from being stuck in this friendship and getting hurt. As a result, despite his plea, she does not let things go back to the way they were between them. He gets devastated by this loss of friendship. As a reaction to it, he takes out the piano from their school’s music room and throws it down the stairs.

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