Dear Edward (Season 1) Episode 7: ‘Dear Edward,’ with its sentimental approach, shows its characters gradually moving on from the loss they suffered due to losing their loved ones in the plane crash. While they are past the stage of acceptance, they are now dealing with the aspects of their personalities that they have discovered along the way.

Adriana tries to figure out her relationship with Kojo and Becks while Dee Dee adjusts to her lack of wealth. John tries to process his grief and Lacey’s lack of attention. On the other hand, Sam’s friend’s death has made him question his sexuality.

The acting on the show, which delivers its melodrama in a restrained manner, is what makes all of its narratives work best—especially Connie Britton, whose character is perhaps the most rounded, and she plays with maturity.

Here’s what happens in the latest episode of Dear Edward that focuses on these characters’ discoveries. Be aware that there are spoilers ahead.

Dear Edward (Season 1) Episode 7 Recap:


Edward’s (Colin O’Brien) social anxiety is gradually receding. He is becoming more confident about himself. However, his recent meeting with Mahira (Jenna Qureshi) creates complications in his friendship with Shay (Eva Ariel Binder). He spends his time before bed texting Mahira while she is still sleeping in her room. Shay is evidently jealous of their exchange. She is also not happy that he is not giving her any attention. But she isn’t well-equipped to honestly express her feelings. So she just tells him not to sleep in her room henceforth.

While until then, Edward only sees Shay and her mother, now he comes across her father. When he parks his car outside their apartment, she orders Edward to go out immediately. Later, at one of her sporting events, Edward sits next to her father, who wants her to pursue a sport like a hockey instead, which can help her get a scholarship to a good school.

Edward naively notes that she is so intelligent that she can get admission anywhere. Her father tries to explain the intricacies of race relations in the US. But then stops talking about Edward spending so much time with his daughter – making Edward consider whether that means he likes her.

Steve (Ivan Shaw) spends his night at Dee Dee’s (Connie Britton) LA place – the one she is soon going to sell. With another revelation related to Charles, she makes a hole in the wall to process her anger. Steve empathizes with her and does not stop her from doing so. Later, he comes across Amanda (Brittany S. Hall) and tries apologizing to her for his burst of anger the day before. She isn’t ready to forgive him just then.

Dee Dee, on the other hand, meets her daughter Zoe (Audrey Corsa), who is still persistent on her plan to travel the world. While Dee Dee can sense the financial difficulties, she does not have the heart to tell Zoe the reality. She goes to a garage sale in Sam’s (Dario Ladani Sanchez) backyard to cope with her new normal.

Dear Edward (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

She mistakenly gives an expensive bottle of wine owing to her habit of never checking the price label while purchasing or thinking to gift something. Sam points it out, and she asks if she can take it back. Despite her outward appearance of confidence, there is a clear sense of her attempts to adjust to her new financial situation.

Meanwhile, Vernon (Trent M. Williams) arrives at Sam’s sale and asks him if he can purchase one of the items – just to start a conversation with him. He then sees Sam’s wife and realizes that Sam is not open yet about his sexuality or still trying to figure it out. While Sam’s wife enthusiastically asks Vernon to partake in the sale, he listens to Sam’s suggestion and decides to leave – to avoid any further awkward interactions.

After Akua’s funeral, Adriana (Anna Uzele) and Kojo (Idris Debrand) spend their night together. Even after they wake up from having sex, they are deeply in love with each other. Due to her socialist (more like equal rights-based) beliefs, her campaign manager warns her that she will scare away her wealthy section of voters. Adriana is okay with it since she stands by her values. However, it results on a bad note for her since an opponent calls out this policy, where apparently asking for equal rights is a bad thing!

Later she goes on a trip to the mountains with Becks (Khloe Bruno) and Kojo. They spend time together like a family would. During their conversation, Kojo brings up the subject of his departure back to Ghana. When Becks asks him to tell a story, he makes it about Adriana, who is a princess of New York who could not be with her king from Ghana because of their different priorities. Even after knowing that the people she wants to govern do not want her, she is not okay to ‘move with the king to his happy life.’

Becks is clever enough to understand the subtext in Kojo’s fairytale. So, she tells Adriana that she should come to Ghana. But Adriana asks, why is there just one option? Why can’t Kojo stay in New York? They contemplate sitting around a bonfire. Meanwhile, John (Carter Hudson) is still not okay with Lacey (Taylor Schilling) constantly neglecting him. She points out that he should not be selfish and that there are other people he should think of before he thinks of his grief. There is a disconnect between their beliefs, which results in John moving out of their house for the time being.

Dear Edward (Season 1) Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

During her interaction with Vernon, Sam’s wife senses Sam’s interest in this man. She tries to poke him to speak about his feelings by bringing up the subject of Ben’s sexuality. She says that she believes Vernon was Ben’s partner sometime in the past. Sam tries to evade answering the question by saying he does not think Ben was gay. But you can sense that there is a history between him and Ben (and the repressed emotions) that he is trying to hide from her.

Meanwhile, Zoe comes to meet Dee Dee once again and now shares the plan that she wants to stay back for a while. She now senses Dee Dee’s pain, which she always masks under her cheerful personality. To help her process those emotions at this time when she has finally started accepting them (instead of shrugging them off), she decides to give her company and then go away sometime later.

Edward is meanwhile trying to understand his interest in Mahira, where Dylan’s presence continues to provide him with some bits of advice. Now that she has asked him to meet to have a talk, he is unsure what lies in the future of his relationship with her.

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