Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 9: This episode reveals some truths about Do Jun’s character. The reason he is framing Jang for murder is that he has things to hide. The police are interrogating Jang based on Do Jun’s words. Na Young and Jang help each other out. Na Young approaches Jo with a job offer. Jang cannot meet the children and needs to find a way to clear her name off the murder.

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Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 9 Recap:

The episode begins with police officers asking Jang to visit the police station the station the next morning. Jin Seop comforts her, saying it will not be a big deal.

The police officers are interrogating Jang. Do Jun blames Jang for instigating Yu Jin. He tells them there was not  any other reason for Jang to get in touch with Yu Jin after cutting ties with her. He reveals what he feels about his wife to the detectives. He tells them that he had met her during orchestra practice and knew she would always lie, but despite that, he married her. But he had a mental illness as she was delusional and believed the things she had created in her head. When he addressed it to her, she had gone ballistic. She had joined a group about a wife murdering her husband. She had started to assume that he was going to kill her. Do Jun tells the officers that Jang had egged his wife on, making the delusions worse.

The police officers ask Jang if she had received anything from Yu Jin the day they had met. Do Jun says that the night Yu Jin died, Yu Jin had called him home early, gotten him drunk, and asked him how he had planned to kill her. She tried to use the kitchen knife to kill him, and the knife hit her stomach in that hassle. Yu Jin attacked him from behind as he was about to call for help. He had heard Yu Jin call Jang for help. The police officers provoke Jang in multiple ways to make her confess, but Jang asks the officers why they trust Do Jun as the quarrel was between them, and one of them survived. The suspicion should really be on him. Jang tells the officers that she wanted to know why Do Jun was telling such lies.

The other mothers at the kindergarten are gossiping about Jang. The principal asks Jung Ah to volunteer for the pajama party, but she refuses, looks towards Na Young, says some people do not have any better work to do, and asks them to do it. Na Young asks her husband to be Jang’s lawyer. Na Young’s husband goes to the police station as Jang’s lawyer and asks Jang to contact him if the police want to question her again. She asks him about Do Jun but refuses to get involved and leaves.

Jang returns to the apartment to finds the lock’s code changed. The kindergarten teacher tells her that the kid’s grandfather had taken the kids with him. Is Do Jun pressuring the police to detain or arrest Jang? Na Young helps her husband get ready to work and informs him that she needs a new nanny to care for A-rin. Jang tries to reach the kid’s grandfather but to no avail. Jang goes to the hospital to meet Do Jun, but he refuses to meet her.

Do Jun’s father messages him saying he is not sure if they are doing the right thing as the kids are asking for Jang. He informs him that he will be home soon after he takes care of something important. Na Young calls Jang asking for a favor. Do Jun sneaks out of the hospital. Na Young asks her to call Jo to meet her, and Jang asks Na Young about what had happened before Yu Jin died. Na Young tells her that Jung Ah had promised to find Yu Jin’s weakness after Yu Jin had called out Na Young and Jung Ah on their secret. Jung Ah does not inform Na Young of what weakness she had found. Jang asks if it was something to do with Do Jun, and she says that she does not know.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 9
A still from Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 9

An investor is backing off from investing in Jung Ah’s company. Jung Ah recalls the night Yu Jin died. Her brother had taken drugs and was brought home, and she cared for him. Jung Sik is bullying Su Bin to run errands. When Su Bin tries to stand up for himself, he blackmails him into spilling his secret to Jung Ah. Do Jun goes to his clinic, finds a hidden phone he kept, and deletes everything in it. Jang comes to the clinic, waits for him to enter the lift, stops him, and asks to talk.

Do Jun threatens to make Jang pay for what she did. He rushes towards the trash and destroys the phone, and throws it. The police who were supposed to watch Do Jun have fallen asleep. Jang regrets not taking a single picture with the kids. Na Young messages her, thanking her for arranging the meeting with Jo. Jang tries to meet the girls in the kindergarten but is not given permission. She sees drawings of Ji Yul’s class drawings, and after not seeing Ji Yul’s drawings, she enquires with the teacher. She informs her that Yu Jin had torn off Ji Yul’s drawings and taken her sketchbook away but does not know why.

Na Young meets Jo and offers her a job as A-rin’s nanny. Jo is taken aback and tells her she needs time to consider it. One of the mothers asks Ji Yul and Ha Yul if they would like to play in the playground, and the grandfather agrees. She sees he is busy and asks him to leave them in her care, and he thanks her and leaves. She takes the kids to Jang. The kids tell her they are waiting for her and start crying.

The mother and Jang talk about Yu Jin and Do Jun. The mother says she does not know much but asks her to check the trinitie99 group’s anonymous bulletin board. She sees a post titled “I want to kill my husband.” She drops the kids near the apartment and leaves. Do Jun enters a hotel while telling his father that he was out finding evidence to put Jang behind bars. She exchanges look with a woman in the hotel, from the lift to the room. Jang shares her events of the day with Jin Seop. Jang is going through the anonymous bulletin board posts.

The episode ends with the woman Do Jun met in the hotel and entering his room. Jang finds a post written in the same manner as Yu Jin. In the post, the person had written that she had found a video on her husband’s laptop where he was doing weird things with a woman, and her child must have seen the video as she drew those scenes.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 9 Ending, Explained:

Jang seems to be a victim of Murphy’s Law. At this stage in the show, the only innocent person seems to be Jang, but she is being dragged around by everyone for their gain. Do Jun’s reality is slowly being unraveled. He seems to be into kinky things in bed with multiple women. It seems to be an addiction as he rushes to a hotel when he gets out of the hospital. Yu Jin may have found out about this and confronted him. Do Jun takes the opportunity of rumors being spread about Jang and Jang suddenly appearing in their lives to blame the murder on her.

If the police officers diligently follow him, they are bound to catch him in his act. The USB might contain the truth about Do Jun as well. Just like Na Young stepped up to help Jang, we can hope someone from the community comes forward to help Jang escape this mess. Jung Ah’s husband, Su Bin, seems to be reaching a saturation point from being bullied by Jung Sik. The truth about Jung Sik or Su Bin might get out, damaging Jung Ah’s reputation.

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