Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 8 Recap: This pulse-pounding episode will have you on the edge of your seat, captivated by its relentless thrills and non-stop suspense. There is a cathartic feeling in watching the bad guys come crashing down! The episode ends with yet another twist. The show makes you feel like you know what is coming, but it will still surprise you. At the end of the episode, Jang seems to be in trouble again; the entire universe is conspiring against Jang.

This article contains spoilers.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained

The episode begins with Jang’s company reviewing her performance and reputation for her promotion when they receive a complaint mail. Jang meets with human resources and tells them that until the police come out with the results, she should be considered innocent. Ji Yul and Ha Yul want to play with other kids, but Jang cannot be around the other mothers. She calls Ji Ye and lies, saying she is at work, but Jang hears So-won’s voice in the background. Ji Ye was spending time with Jung Ah. Jung Ah tells her that Jang had shown her the message about trading the USB for the money, and she knew it was Ji Ye who had sent it to Jang.

Ji Ye recalls Yu Jin showing the folder in which it is stated that So-won is adopted. Jung Ah asks her not to do anything thereon as she gets in her way. Jang takes the kids on a picnic, and Ji Yul asks her why she is sad. She tells Jang that her mother kept looking at the USB and was sad but never told them why. Jang tells them that people think she is a bad person, and the girls cheer her up, saying it is not true.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 8

The man with the tattoos complains about the noise again. Jang installs mattresses to reduce the noise while thinking that the man looks familiar. The man leaves but comes back and tries to hit her with a baseball bat. Jung Ah visits the kindergarten and secretly clicks pictures of Ji Yul. Jang visits the building’s security guard and confirms that the man with the tattoos is not the son of the professor who lives below her. Jang finds that man’s picture on Jung Ah’s social media.

The doorbell to Jang’s house rings, and Jang panics. She opens the door in fear to find Na Young. Na Young asks her to join hands with her in taking down Jung Ah. Na Young asks Jang to give her husband’s pictures from the USB. She asks Jang to take someone who would be on her side to Herinity Night. The man with the tattoo sees Na Young leave Jang’s apartment and informs Jung Ah that Jang knows who he is. He refuses to work for her anymore, and Jung Ah tries to lure him with money first, but he refuses, and she offers to become a business partner. She asks him to leave pictures of Ji Yul on Jang’s doorstep.

Jang decides to call Da-eum for help. Jang informs her that she had intended to reveal the truth during Herinity night, and she needed Da-eum’s help to find out what Jung Ah’s scheme was for that night, and only Da-eum can do this job as she holds a lot of power.

Jung Ah’s brother asks for money for college admissions, but he wants to use the money to buy “ice” (drugs). Jin Seop visits Jang and tells her that he will try to meet the alums. She tells him that she has found Jung Ah’s motive but cannot figure out if she killed Yu Jin. Jang is doing an investigation on her own. Jung Ah’s brother gets high and drives and hits a tree. Jang asks Na Young if Jung Ah has an alibi. Na Young informs her that she had said she was at a family event and heard about Yu Jin’s death the next day. Jang asks her if the detectives had investigated; Na Young is unsure as they did not pay another visit.

Jang remembers seeing the man with the tattoo the night Yu Jin died. Jang meets the cab driver from the night when she had taken a taxi and asks to have a look at the dashcam. She confirms with the footage that it was the same man. Jin Seop asks Jang to meet him at the site where he had met the alums. Da-eum visits the location of that night’s event. Jung Ah is preparing for Herenity night. Da-eum indirectly warns her by saying she was hoping she was doing things that she could handle.

Na Young and Da-eum eagerly wait for Jang to come to Herinity Night. Jang is stuck in traffic. Jung Ah proposes that there should be rules to expel kids from Herinity Kindergarten. Da-eum and Jung Ah argue. The former asks Jung Ah to give examples of what could damage the kindergarten’s reputation. Jung Ah gives the example of Jang. Jang enters the room at this moment along with Na Young.

Da-eum tells Jung Ah that her example was wrong, and Na Young pitches in by saying that rumors about her death have spread while she is healthy and alive. Jung Ah defends herself by stating that the bigger problem is the guardian’s dark past, and Da-eum cuts her off by saying that the actual problem is the person who had fabricated the past of another person, who has caused damage to the reputation of Herinity Kindergarten.

Jang tells the crowd she can prove how Jung Ah fabricated her past. Jung Ah says she just relayed the message given by her classmate. Jang plays an audio recording of the classmate saying he never posted any such thing and his identity was stolen. Jang confronts her, revealing that she has created a fake account of her classmate and managed all the accounts of people who agreed to her post. She also reveals that Jung Ah had sent someone to threaten her. She shows a picture of the tattooed man and tells Jung Ah that she knew very well who he was. She asks the crowd if they are curious to know why Jung Ah was hell-bent on kicking Jang out. She demands an honest answer from Jung Ah.

Jang finds Jung Ah in the washroom, and Jung Ah tells her that she had nothing to do with Yu Jin’s death. Jung Ah now knows Jang has the USB. Jang confronts her by saying she had seen the same tattoo man the night Yu Jin died, and Jung Ah tells her that he took care of her business and had visited her that night. Jang questions her again, saying that she was lying about one thing about what she was doing that night as she had told the police she was at a family meeting. Jang warns her that this is not over.

Da-eum asks Jang if she would be willing to join the trinitie99 group for exclusive mothers, and after seeing Jung Ah’s face, Jang agrees to join. Jung Ah is hell-bent on bringing Jang down. Jung Ah’s husband informs her that he has not been able to reach her brother since lunchtime. Jung Ah looks for him everywhere, and she receives a call from him asking for help. Jung Ah asks him if he has done drugs, and he admits to it. Jung Ah breaks down and asks him whether he realizes that all of them are doomed if this incident gets out. She asks her husband to stay with her brother while she tries to take care of things.

Jung Ah recalls Yu Jin blackmailing her by showing videos of her brother taking drugs. Jang and Na Young talk, and Na Young tells her that she does not think Jung Ah has killed Yu Jin as it differs from wanting someone dead and acting on it. Na Young honestly tells her that she had wished for something unfortunate to happen to Yu Jin but did not want her dead.

The episode ends with the police arriving at Jang’s house to take her to the police station as she is suspected of attempting to murder Yu Jin’s husband, Do-jun. We see Do-jun stating in a video that he feels Jang and Yu Jin are plotting to murder him.

Happiness Battle (Season 1), Episode 8 Ending, Explained:

In this episode, we get to see Jung Ah getting publicly humiliated. There seems to be trouble in Jung Ah’s little world. Her brother is a drug addict, and all her plots and plans are revealed, causing her to break down. We are yet to see if someone still has her back.

This episode’s greatest revelation is the display of Na Young’s lesser ugly side. Jang, Na Young and Da-eum’s teamwork is fantastic!

Jang is in trouble because of Yu Jin’s husband. A character who comes across as a lovely husband and a great father also seems to have a dark side, and after his wife’s death, he shows his true colors. We are yet to find out what he has against Jang that makes him accuse her of murder. What exactly happened between Yu Jin and her husband that he felt the need to seek revenge on Jang? Let us wait and watch as things unfold.

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