Dear Edward (Season 1), Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained

Dear Edward (Season 1) Episode 6 Recap Ending

Dear Edward (Season 1), Episode 6: ‘Dear Edward’ simultaneously deals with different narratives tackling the subject of loss and grief. In the beginning, Edward’s loss became the central focus due to his reputation as a ‘miracle boy.’ There was also a part of his introversion owing to his years of home-schooling.

Now the script is also looking into the messiness of processing grief in characters who appeared to be strong before. Whether that is Dee Dee or John, these characters are opening up about their vulnerabilities and figuring out how to deal with their mixed bag of emotions.

Let’s look at what happens in the latest episode, streaming on Apple TV+. Please note that there are spoilers ahead.

Dear Edward (Season 1), Episode 6 Recap:

Episode 6: Truth

As the title suggests, the sixth episode introspects upon ‘truth’ in one way or the other. Whether it is the truth about the ones its characters lost or the truth about how they are feeling, they go through a journey to come out with some sort of emotional growth.

Edward (Colin O’Brien) finally musters the courage to meet the mystery girl – Mahira (Jenna Qureshi). Shay (Eva Ariel Binder) tags along with him to their meeting at an NYC art museum. They both reach there and wait for Mahira to arrive. Once she shows up, Edward pays her so much attention, which makes Shay jealous. While they all sneak into the museum, he leaves Shay alone to speak with Mahira about his later brother, Dylan.

Mahira apologizes to Edward for leaving a decapitated doll’s head with him. She was confused about how to process Edward’s death and ended up doing it in that confused state. She then confirms that she was Dylan’s girlfriend and that they frequently visited this museum together as a couple. They shared their first kiss there and had their first argument. She shows Edward the places where those things happened. She takes him through an emotional tour of what Dylan meant for her.

During their dialogue, she also says that he does not want to be home-schooled anymore, which surprises Dylan since he had heard about it only on the day of the plane crash. Shay, however, gets mad at him for leaving her on her own, even when she was the one who led him to Mahira.

Meanwhile, Sam (Dario Ladani Sanchez), who lost his high-school friend, Ben, goes up to empty a storage lot. That’s where he stumbles upon Vernon (Trent M. Williams), who is taking out his stuff back from the pile. Sam reveals how they knew Ben. Sam mentions that he needs to shut the place down by the end of that month. Vernon gives him his contact number so that they can speak about losing Ben. But Sam isn’t ready to be open about it to him just yet.

Back at his home, he starts working on his graphic design work. While having a wife and a daughter, he can’t stop thinking about Vernon. So he stalks him online to find where he works. Later that night, he decides to meet him there. Their interaction starts out awkward since he basically cyberstalked him. However, Vernon starts subtly flirting with him right after. So, soon after, he starts having mixed thoughts about coming there.

Dee Dee (Connie Britton) keeps trying to make peace with the financial losses they are going to suffer after Charles’ death. While his death took an emotional toll on her, she is also coping with the sudden revelations of all the secrets he kept from her. Be it his sexuality or his financial woes, she should actually be furious at him. Yet the grief puts her in an emotional mess where she isn’t sure what to feel about him.

After his death, their daughter, Zoe (Audrey Corsa), makes an abrupt decision to leave her education and travel all over the world. Since she has always lived a life of abundance, she does not look at it as a financial burden. Besides, she is also distressed, which is why she cannot focus on her education.

Dee Dee does not have the courage to say that they are not as wealthy anymore. When they go shopping together, she tries to find cheaper options, which surprises Zoe since she never did that before. Even then, she tries to make Zoe choose education over travel. She sees her desire to travel as a way to run away from dealing with emotions. She wants that too. But that is only a temporary solution. She understands that and tries to make Zoe understand it.

Meanwhile, she also tries to deal with the fact that Zoe adores Charles. Should she share what she knows and malign his image? Or should she be the punching bag for all her anger? She struggles to choose.

On the other hand, she comes across Steve (Ivan Shaw) with a bruised face. He went on a bender the night before and got into a fight with some random person. He feels that he deserved those punches for treating his brother badly before his death. So, she listens to him open up about it while getting his wounds cleaned up with her makeup. Later, his fiancée Daphne (Clara Wong) calls Amanda (Britanny S. Hall) to invite her for a meal, as they had planned. While it slipped her mind, she now decided to go since she agreed to come.

Steve gets surprised to see Amanda at his place, especially due to the fact that they slept together the night before. Still, they go on to have a meal together. Daphne starts asking her about Brent with harmless curiosity. She also mentions how Steve always cared for his brother and wanted him to have the best. She gets angry hearing that since when Brent had approached him, Steve verbally abused him and denied helping. Hearing that, he starts defending himself and tells how heartbroken their mother was seeing Brent’s awful state. Seeing Steve not apologize but rather stand by his actions, Amanda storms out of their apartment, enraged.

Meanwhile, Adriana (Anna Uzele) struggles to maintain a healthy balance between her personal and professional life. After giving Kojo (Idris Debrand) and his niece, Becks (Khloe Bruno), a place to stay, Becks starts feeling a close connection with her. Kojo fears that she is looking at Adriana as her mother after Akua’s death. He sees Adriana commit to being at an important event for her election campaign while already having promised Becks to be present for her play, which is supposed to be at the same time. Kojo advises her to distance herself from Becks, considering they will be moving back to Ghana pretty soon. So, she decides to go to her work event.

However, Becks gets emotional, seeing that Adriana is not there. Kojo tries his best to console her. By that time, Adriana has a word with the reverend at her work event, which makes her rethink her priorities. She believes that she doesn’t have to choose between personal and professional. She can make time for both. So, she decides to go for the play. While Becks can’t control her joy seeing her, all the kids flock around this future senator due to her recent fame.

Meanwhile, during their grief group meeting, Linda (Amy Forsyth) talks about her financial struggles being a single mother. Because of it, she is getting paid lesser and lesser, which affects her ability to pay her share of the rent. Lacey (Taylor Schilling) feels bad for her and offers the stuff she had gathered in case she has a baby with John (Carter Hudson).

Dear Edward (Season 1) Episode 6 Recap Ending

Later, Linda comes to Lacey’s place and has an awkward interaction with Edward. Then she enters to be presented with stuff that will be perfect for her child. She apologizes to Lacey for earlier saying that she has a baby that she did not expect in front of her. While she wishes Lacey to be hopeful and keep all that stuff to herself, Lacey offers all of it for the time being. In case the situation changes for her, she will take it back.

During their dinner together, Steve shows up from Colorado, who is not doing well himself. Seeing Lacey taking care of others more than his, he rushes back to his room. Lacey follows him. Since she has also offered Linda a place to stay for the time being, he feels that he has no space there for himself. By that, he also means the emotional space that he needs to grieve the loss of these people who were also dear to him. He feels neglected by Lacey, who sees Edward’s situation as more pertinent since he is so young.

Meanwhile, at the dinner table, Linda speaks to Edward about the day of the plane crash. She shows him her partner’s photo and asks whether he saw him. Edward gets angry because people keep asking him things from this traumatic incident. Linda lashes out at him since any person that is asking him is only looking for a piece of memory about their loved ones. Since he survived the tragedy, he can provide those details. After saying it all out loud, she suddenly realizes how immature her behavior was and apologizes to young Edward. But by then, he understands the importance of being mature about it and shares with her a brief memory he recalls of her boyfriend.

Dear Edward (Season 1), Episode 6 Ending Explained:

Edward’s dialogue with Linda makes him look at Mahira’s emotional state in a different way. He calls her and tells her all that he can remember about Jordan from their journey on the plane. She opens up about her memories right before they boarded and gets emotional. He also gets a chance to speak about how much Jordan meant to him. He shares his dreams and desires that he wishes to live with him. In the end, he also starts crying. We sense that he has finally managed to take at least a tiny step to process his grief.

Meanwhile, Adriana and Kojo get over their differences about how they should take care of Becks. Later that night, they get in the same bed and have sex with each other. While they take that dare, Sam is not ready to take a leap of faith with Vernon. So, he decides to leave the place without even telling him.

On the other hand, Steve arrives at Dee Dee’s place uninvited. He opens up about not being able to help Brent when he most needed it. He feels guilty and considers himself the cause of Brent’s death. Dee Dee empathizes with his emotional struggle and invites him inside. On his way, he sees holes in one of the walls and realizes that she is also processing the loss of her husband in her own messy way.

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