“The Big Door Prize” (season 2) episode 7 followed Izzy’s date with the physical instructor, Freya. While at Giorgio’s, she came face-to-face with Cass and got uncomfortable. She opened up to Freya about her complicated relationship with Cass. Freya didn’t think that was a dealbreaker and accepted Izzy as she was. Meanwhile, Cass spent her first day as a server at the Giorgio’s. Xander made her realize that she should not consider Izzy a problem anymore. So, Cass takes charge of her life and gets promoted to a higher post. While that happened, Dusty helped Alice with her school play.  Now, “The Big Door Prize” (season 2) episode 8 follows the school play that makes way for couples to express their mutual feelings. Giorgio pushes Reuben to express his feelings for Hana. Trina & Jacob confess their love. Dusty makes a surprising decision about his selfploration with Cass.

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The Big Door Prize (Season 2) Episode 8 “Our Town” Recap:

Father Reuben (Damon Gupton) helps the school students to develop their adaptation of Our Town. With Reuben’s inspiration and guidance, they plan to set it inside a wrestling ring. Reuben invites Hana (Ally Maki) to come watch the performance with him. She asks how he got interested in wrestling. He opens up about his vision where he saw his present self playing with his father in a wrestling ring. It made him recall the feeling he had as a child when he used to wrestle with his father. So, he saw the play as a sign to turn his passion for wrestling into something fruitful and cathartic.

Later, Giorgio (Josh Segarra) meets Father Reuben and talks about how surprised he is to learn about Reuben’s interest in wrestling. They spend some time talking about their common topic of interest. Then, Giorgio opens up about his complicated feelings about being in a committed relationship after being a bachelor for most of his adult life. He feels as if he is losing a part of him that made him iconic. So, Father Reuben shares a quote from the Bible to make Giorgio understand the value of humility in one’s life. Even if Giorgio’s potential was to be a Superstar, his vision showed him as a man doing his best to serve others. Giorgio feels unburdened by Father Reuben’s valuable input.

Dusty & Alice

Giorgio realizes the burden of debt on him and Nat (Mary Holland). His accountant, Cary (Jim Meskimen), tells him to sublet his extra room for money. So, Giorgio reluctantly asks Dusty (Chris O’Dowd) to move out of his house. Dusty is surprised to know that his father made Giorgio do this. But Cary sees that as a right decision as Giorgio’s accountant. At school, Dusty tells Alice (Justine Lupe) about it. Alice offers him to stay at her place. Since they haven’t figured out what they mean to each other, she offers him to sleep on the couch. Still, their students and colleagues joke about them being sexual partners.

Cass’s Day Out

After working a while at the Giorgio’s, Cass (Gabrielle Dennis) decides to treat herself with the salary. She and Hana go to Mr Kaplar’s hardware store, where he also offers his services as a beautician. He started doing this after reading his potential on a Morpho card. While Cass and Hana are about to leave, Giorgio shows up there with Father Reuben. Giorgio apologizes to Cass for kicking Dusty out of his house. He starts talking about how he never let Dusty bring any woman there. It quickly starts getting awkward. So, Cass leaves with Hana. Giorgio notices sparks between Reuben and Hana.

Trina & Jacob

The Big Door Prize (Season 2) Episode 8
Damon Gupton, Patrick Kerr and Ally Maki in “The Big Door Prize,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Trina (Djouliet Amara) and Jacob (Sammy Fourlas) change their earlier roles and plan to perform as a couple in the play. So, it makes the rehearsals less awkward. Still, Jacob’s character needs to profess his love to Trina’s. So, it makes him confront his real-life emotions. Once Trina leaves, Jacob opens up to Beau (Aaron Roman Weiner) about his anxiety regarding it. He wants to tell Trina that he loves her but fears that it’s not the right moment or that she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Beau advises him not to worry about what he says specifically but to focus on conveying his feelings.

The School Play

For the school play, Dusty reserves two seats for him and Cass. It comes as a surprise for her. Still, she agrees to sit next to him. Meanwhile, Hana joins Father Reuben in the audience. Just before the performance starts, Giorgio tells Dusty that he has packed all of Dusty’s things in a bag and put them outside his house. Hearing that, Cass offers Dusty the basement to stay. Dusty reveals that he has already planned to stay with Alice. So, Cass gets annoyed by Dusty’s mixed signals. Meanwhile, Jacob struggles to be honest about his feelings toward Trina.

In the play, Trina and Jacob enact the role of two people in love with each other. Be it them or the other kids, they express their anger and frustration through wrestling. Dusty says he came up with that idea. He puts on his new reading glasses to read some details. Cass realizes that Dusty bought them after Alice told him about it. But he didn’t buy them before even if she had been telling him for years. So, during the break, she confronts him. She wants him not to lead either her or Alice on to something without taking any action in that direction. Hearing that, Dusty panics and says they should end their selfploration and get back together.

The Big Door Prize (Season 2) Episode 8 “Our Town” Ending Explained:

During his chat with Father Reuben, Giorgio offered to pay back his favor of valuable advice. Later, he notices some romantic interest between Reuben and Hana. Reuben confesses that he has feelings for Hana. But since his wife passed away, he feels pangs of guilt every time he does something pleasurable. Both Mr. Keppler and Giorgio think that Reuben should let go of that burden. During a break in the school play, Giorgio tells Reuben to express his feelings for Hana. Later on, he keeps sensing the same romantic tension between them. So, once the play ends, he draws attention to himself and Reuben.

Does Reuben accept his feelings for Hana?

Giorgio gets inside the ring and invites Reuben to join him. Hana makes Reuben agree to wrestle with Giorgio. So, Reuben gets in the ring and relives the feelings he experienced with his father. It helps him process his difficult emotions. So, after his victory move, he realizes the alternate path of his life. Hana runs up to him and offers water. Right then, Reuben kisses her. Giorgio gets happy seeing them finally express themselves without any pressure. Later, Jacob and Trina also become honest about their feelings toward each other. While she walks out with joy, Cass & Dusty tell her that they’re ending their selfploration early. But Dusty doesn’t tell Alice anything about it.

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