Previously, on “The Big Door Prize” (season 2), episode 6 showed Dusty taking care of Alice’s dog when she was busy with some other work. He helped the dog give birth to two adorable puppies. The same day, Cass learns about Dusty and Alice’s kiss. So, she asked him to move out of the house for the time being to avoid any complications in their selfploration pact. Meanwhile, Beau decided to go on a date for the first time in years but got stood up. He opened up to Jacob about the infamous barfing incident and how he wanted to pursue rollerblading. Izzy also decided to explore her romantic interest with Mr Johnson’s physical instructor, Freya. Now, “The Big Door Prize” (season 2) episode 7 follows Izzy going on a date with Freya. Dusty helps Alice with her school play, whereas Cass starts her new job at the Giorgio’s.

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The Big Door Prize (Season 2) Episode 7 “Rehearsals” Recap:

After speaking with Mr Johnson (Patrick Kerr), Izzy (Crystal Fox) joined him for a yoga class headed by Freya (Melissa Ponzio). During the lesson, Giorgio (Josh Segarra) sensed Freya was interested in Izzy and told her about it. So, Izzy asked Freya out on a date. Back home, we see her practicing her dance moves in front of a half-covered mirror.

Later, she shows up at Mr. Johnson’s store to find him practicing a magic trick. After helping him get up, Izzy asks him for more details about Freya. She tries to know Freya’s interests before their date. Mr. Johnson asks whether Izzy is going out on a date with Freya because of her Morpho vision. Izzy shares what she saw in the video. The vision showed her driving away from their town. She says she doesn’t know what it means. Mr Johnson tells her to make room for other people in her life, i.e., be open to different possibilities.

Dusty’s Dilemma

Nat (Mary Holland) speaks with Giorgio about her debts. She sells some of the things she has bought in the past. Nat made those impulse purchase decisions after her ex left her. Now that she and Giorgio have to pay back her debts, she thinks of other options to earn. Recently, Dusty (Chris O’Dowd) moved to Giorgio’s house after Cass (Gabrielle Dennis) asked him to move out. So, Nat thinks they should charge rent from this house guest. Giorgio doesn’t want to do that. He appreciates Dusty & Cass’s selfploration pact. That’s when Dusty learns that Cass will start working at Giorgio’s restaurant. He also learns that Trina (Djouliet Amra) has passed a driving test from Savannah (Elizabeth Hunter).

Trina drives Savannah and Dusty to school. Throughout the journey, Trina doesn’t speak a word. So, Dusty fears she is upset at him and tries to make her speak. Trina gets tired and asks him directly about his relationship with Alice (Justine Lupe). Then, Dusty learns that Alice is helping the students with their play, Our Town. Trina and Savannah think Alice is incapable of teaching it. Dusty tries to make a case for Alice. But Trina is in no mood to listen. At the school, he notices Alice struggling to make students interested in the play. So, he pitches in to help her.

The School Play

The Big Door Prize (Season 2) Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained
Crystal Fox in “The Big Door Prize,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Dusty offers his help to Alice for the school play. Alice confesses that she doesn’t know much about theatre. So, Dusty helps them understand the subtext of the play. Soon after, he realizes that Trina might be angry at Alice because he is dating her. So, he asks Trina for any of her issues with the play. Trina and Jacob find it weird to play a father and a daughter since they are dating. She is angry at the father’s character, who is being condescending and annoying. So, Dusty helps her channel her anger at him for the role.

Then, Father Reuben (Damon Gupton) also pitches in to help express their anger more healthily. He uses the fighting skills he learned from his father and from watching wrestling matches as a child. To demonstrate further, he asks for a volunteer. Alice convinces Dusty to participate to help him boost his image in Trina’s mind. It improves both his and Alice’s relationship with Trina.

Cass’ New Job

Cass starts working as a server at the Giorgio’s. Since she has just started working, Giorgio tells her duties as a trainee. He says that she can get promoted to the next role after putting in work for a couple of years. Xander (Seoum Tylor Aun), who rows an imaginary gondola in the restaurant, helps her throughout the day. Cass feels lost as a 39-year-old trainee in Giorgio’s restaurant. So, she and Xander talk about their goals. Soon after, Izzy shows up for her date with Freya. She notices Cass and hides herself behind a menu card. So, Cass gets angry at her.

After Xander offers drinks to the couple, Cass confronts her mother for always undermining her and making her feel insecure about herself. Freya helps Izzy take her mind off the insult. But she notices Izzy being distracted by Cass’s presence. So, she tries to know more about it. Izzy says Cass thinks she is incapable of love. She recalls trying to leave Cass behind once and thinks Freya would judge her for it. Izzy’s Morpho vision also hinted at it. But unlike her assumption, Freya doesn’t care about it. She doesn’t mind that Izzy’s daughter hates her and accepts Izzy with her flaws.

The Big Door Prize (Season 2) Episode 7 “Rehearsals” Ending Explained:

What happens at the end of Izzy’s date with Freya?

After her date with Freya, Izzy left without paying her bill. Cass notices that and gets angry at her again. Xander tells her that many of their guests leave similarly. But, if Cass chooses to follow Izzy, her pay will get cut. So, Cass stays back and opens up about how Izzy made her feel held back and inadequate. That’s why she stopped trying to do anything at all. Xander knows that she is almost 40 years old. So, he asks her why she is still blaming her mother for her present. Upon hearing that, Cass suddenly decides to take charge of her life. She takes off her trainee sash and approaches a guest.

While Giorgio was away, Cass made a customer spend considerably more than what he was going to. She looks at it as her big contribution to the restaurant. Giorgio admits that he wanted Cass to take charge of the restaurant. So, he agrees to make her an assistant in his familio. Meanwhile, Izzy brings Freya back to her house and shows her private dancing studio. Freya notices covered-up mirrors and realises Izzy’s body image issues. She asks Izzy to remove that cloth over them. Also, she makes Izzy feel confident in her skin and feel accepted for who she is. They end their date with a kiss.

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