Episode 5 of Dark Matter involves a lot of verse-jumping with Amanda and Jason trying to get him back to his world. If the previous episode was of any clue, the two of them are now trying to master their emotions and conscience in order to control the box. Meanwhile, the ‘other’ Jason’s story takes a backseat other than a very important decision that he is about to make, threatening Jason’s wish to get back home.

The following article will explore the events of episode 5, ‘Worldless.’ Please be aware of spoilers.

Dark Matter Episode 5 “Worldless” Recap:

After learning about mastering their mind in order to get to where they want, the opening of episode 5 finds Jason trying to talk out his emotional state and opening a door only to lead a rush of water fill in. Both of them struggle to breathe before Jason is finally able to close the door. This is where Amanda and Jason realize that the mind is a tricky place that simply can’t be controlled from getting overwhelmed. Amanda makes Jason realize that they need to calmly think their way through and then regulate their emotions in the box because it can’t be lied to.

The two of them wait it out in the corridor and share stories from their respective childhoods. We learn that Amanda’s mother suffered from bipolar disorder while Jason’s had cancer. This is where Amanda also tells him about the people who went into the box before the ‘other’ Jason did. She briefly mentions Blair before they pass out and wake up inside the box, rested and ready to go. Since the drugs have worn off, they speculate if the world has been chosen for them as they open the door. Both of them are also really hungry because of overdosing on the drug and visiting numerous worlds. So they decide to step out anyway.

When they open the door, it is not in superposition, and they are back in the Velocity lab. Only this time, it feels abandoned and almost destroyed. They look around for food to no avail before they sense that someone is looking out for them. They hide as the person shows up with a gun and before anything bad could happen, the person turns out to be Blair from Amanda’s world.

They tell Blair about their situation as she offers them some food. She tells them about her current world, which is overtaken by some kind of flying hybrid between a bird and insects that have multiplied to form a swarm of lethal killing machines, bringing the world to a standstill.

Why doesn’t Blair want to go back to her world?

Amanda offers Blair to join the two of them as they try to reach Jason’s world. However, Blair seems to be scarred by what the box can do and wants to prepare herself before entering it again. She also asks Amanda what she wishes to do once Jason finds his world and goes back to his life. Amanda doesn’t have an answer but of course being ‘worldless’ is something she has to think about too.

Dark Matter Episode 5: Recap & Ending Explained
Amanda Brugel in “Dark Matter,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Meanwhile, the ‘other’ Jason is busy showing Leighton what the multiverse can do, slowly trying to get his money his way. The manipulation is subtle, but we can see that Leighton is hooked on the entire scheme. The ‘other’ Jason trains him about clearing his conscience before entering the box and how he can lead it to the place he wants. He also sells him on how the drug can wear off and he will need more ampules to navigate, basically asking him to pay for them.

On the other hand, Blair gives Amanda her studies about the box and bids them goodbye. She warns them about the intruding factors that can hinder them from getting to the correct world.

In the box, we see Amanda breaking down on realizing how the ‘other’ Jason could be so cruel for treating everyone else as nothing for his own good. Jason tells her how Daniella’s pregnancy led him to make one of the biggest decisions of his life and how he saw two paths that both seemed right to him at that point in time. While he doesn’t want to validate the ‘other’ Jason’s choice, he basically tells Amanda what might have led him to have the biggest regret in his life.

What does Jason try in order to get to his world?

Taking Blair’s advice and the focus it needs to control where the box takes you, Jason writes about his wishes, thinking that a written emotion would work better than the one in his mind. For a moment, as they open the door, it feels like Jason has arrived in his world. The box has taken them to the same abandoned warehouse where the ‘other’ Jason had drugged him the first time he met. However, as the two of them head out, they find the streets empty, with no one in plain sight. Jason gets into a car and drives to his house just to make sure that he is in the wrong world.

When he knocks on his door, a really sick Daniella opens it and tells him that their son is dead upstairs and the authorities haven’t come to take his body yet. Before Jason can make sense of the situation at large, an army tank carrying two doctors arrives and checks the two of them to see if they have caught the virus, too. This is where they realize that this world has suffered from a pandemic (something that reminds us of our situation during the COVID-19 breakout).

Jason pleads with the doctors to take care of his wife (Daniella of this world), but they refuse because all the healthcare facilities are packed with affected patients, and they cannot help her. So they give him five vials that will help Daniella die without suffering. Jason is deeply disturbed by having to see his wife die yet again, even though this is not his world. He quietly walks up to her and hands her the vials before leaving.

After returning to the box, Amanda questions Jason about what he was thinking when he opened the door to this world. It’s obvious that he was thinking about sickness, which was coupled with the thought of his mother getting chemo, eventually leading them to a place where his most loved people were in distress.

Dark Matter Episode 5 “Worldless” Ending Explained:

Does Jason get back to his world?

Dark Matter Episode 5: Recap & Ending Explained
Joel Edgerton in “Dark Matter,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Determined to do it right, this time, Jason opens the door again, and they get out to a world where everything seems right. To make things intriguing, the creators double the happening with that of the ‘other’ Jason talking to Daniella in Jason’s house. He is telling her that he is aware of how his recent decisions may have come as impulsive, hurting her greatly. He promises her that he will not do it again and tells her that he will be making millions through Leighton.

Meanwhile, Jason sneaks into his home, gets a knife (in case he needs to fight the ‘other’ Jason), and heads up to their room. There he finds Daniella, but she is not the one from his world. He is surprised by how scared Daniella is to see him as she calls the police and refers to him as her ex-husband. Charlie, in this world, is stronger and more protective of his mother, which could only mean that the Jason in this world is an abuser who is in prison.

So Jason runs away from there, and when he notices a police car arriving for him, he asks Amanda to take them to a safe place for the time being. This is where Amanda arrives at her mother’s place, who is shocked to see her daughter. The Amanda of this world has recently passed, so to get some kind of closure, she consoles her mother about her well-being as Amanda and Jason rush away to the box in her mother’s car.

Will the ‘other’ Jason close the box forever?

The ending of the Dark Matter episode 5 sees the ‘other’ Jason arriving back to his world to get the ampules that he wishes to sell to the Leighton of Jason’s world. When he arrives, one of his assistants tells him about the ‘real’ Jason and Amanda’s escape into the box, which was followed by the ‘other’ Leighton’s imprompt choice to go into the box as well.

When the ‘other’ Jason returns to Jason’s world, he is ready to sell the 50 ampules to Leighton of Jason’s world. However, his reaction shows that he is now worried that Jason might find his way back to his world. Thus, he decides to seal the box after Leighton of Jason’s world is inside it with the ampules.

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