Mythic Quest (Season 3 Finale), Episode 10: In the last few episodes, Mythic Quest has been trying to change the power dynamics within its company and make the characters see different versions of themselves. With the turbulence in their relationship, Ian and Poppy struggle to keep their heads together while working on Playpen. Meanwhile, Brad, Jo, and Dana, besides David, are trying to reinvent their current work positions to find the things best suited for them. Now that the season is coming to its end, the characters are yet again charting new territories to make the best use of their talents and potential.

Mythic Quest (Season 3 Finale), Episode 10 Recap:

Episode 10: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Directed by Heath Cullens, the season finale is written by Davis Kop. David (David Hornsby) argues with a higher-level executive after learning that the MQ feature film is getting canceled. He finds it absurd that the loss of a few gamers makes the movie idea unprofitable for the makers. However, he is hurt more because he was happy knowing the movie was in the pipeline. While Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) is depressed since every VC in the town has rejected funding for Playpen, Brad (Danny Pudi) is finally getting permission to work again in finance after his arrest.

In GrimPop, Dana (Imani Hakim) and Ian look at Poppy from a distance while she is sitting inside a closed room, dedicatedly trying to better the code for Playpen. While Dana assumes that Ian will try to get her out of her misery with one of his grand ideas, he accepts that he is clueless about what needs to be done about it. So, Dana starts having second thoughts about her place in GrimPop. Meanwhile, in the MQ office, Jo (Jessie Ennis) comes into David’s office and tells him to fire her. He gets confused by her sudden request. But she describes how it would help him assert his authority over the employees who fear his ruthlessness.

After escorting Ian out of their premises, he had already established a fear about him among the employees. So, as per Jo’s suggestions, he fires her, and she leaves his room to overdramatically narrate how evil he is – to emphasize his heedless approach. As it turns out, it works on the employees who start working diligently. Meanwhile, Brad is not pleased with the lack of challenge in his work and wants to shake things up for himself. Rachel, who got her job as the head of monetization because of him, is elated to get her big fat paycheck and he concludes how easy it was to manipulate her from being a socialist to a greedy capitalist.

So, he leaves the office hoping to find something challenging to sink his teeth into. While he is out, Jo joins him after getting sacked, and they find their evil soulmate. Meanwhile, Dana goes to Rachel’s office and mentions her plan to leave GrimPop and figure out what she wants to do with her life. Rachel is confident that with her huge salary, they can easily afford a living for both. After leaving, she gets in the elevator and joins Brad & Jo. She is tired of working for incompetent bosses and is thinking of being independent. As a result, Jo and Brad invite themselves to become a part of her new venture.

Mythic Quest Season 3 Finale Episode 10 Recap Ending (1)

In GrimPop, Poppy is still enveloped working on Playpen, and Ian cannot think of any way to help her from feeling the way she does. He reminisces all the happy memories they share and seems heartbroken about what has happened to their healthy working relationship. Poppy senses something in the other room, but when she looks on that side, she finds no one. Later, when she returns to their main office, she sees a wrapped gift box on a table. Ian walks in and notes it as a gift for her. She soon learns that it is a piece of Buffalo Chicken Pizza made the way she loves it.

In the past, Ian had ridiculed her for eating such greasy, unhealthy food and felt confident about himself for losing carbs and oil from his diet. Now, he wants to make amends with her and notes that the issue with the brokenness of their relationship is their individuality. He mentions ‘it is what it is’ as a reason. What he means is that neither of them can change who they are, and still as partners, they can be great since they fulfill each other’s inadequacies.

While he can think of big-picture ideas and envision them, she can actually make them happen. They reach an understanding that in fact, they love and need each other. In the end, she makes him eat that piece of pizza and finds a moment of connection. Meanwhile, in the MQ office, David tries to make his employees pumped up for working on the game, and to his surprise, it works. They start to pitch in with ideas and seem enthusiastic about it. However, his joy wanes soon enough when they share their crappy ideas. He can do nothing but eye roll at their mix of derivative and insular ideas.

Mythic Quest (Season 3 Finale), Episode 10 Ending, Explained:

What is the future of Mythic Quest?

Rachel comes to the GrimPop office to meet Dana and to offer her a role as a creative director of Mythic Quest. However, by then, Dana has already made plans to start her own creative studio and does not want to go back to work for David. To Rachel’s surprise, she chooses a conniving pair of Brad and Jo to work along with her. While she is leaving, Brad notes that he will do everything in his power to destroy Mythic Quest and any other game that comes in the way of their game.

In the MQ office, David is tired of hearing all the employees and trying to put on a front as a person who is open to their ridiculously unimaginative ideas. Suddenly, Ian and Poppy walk into his office and start pitching a new version of Mythic Quest with Playpen. The issue with Playpen is that it does not have a wide user base, and since Mythic Quest already has that, it can give established gamers a chance to create a game by themselves. While David is genuinely into this idea, Ian & Poppy ask to be part of Mythic Quest again. Looks like the oddball pair is now in sync with each other and is having fun after getting clarity about their vision.



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